My Rodeo stalls out randomly...

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Recently, my 2000 Rodeo has started stalling out at random stoplights and stop signs (mostly when I take my foot off the brake to start going again). We put in fuel injection cleaner, cleaned the throttle body, changed all the spark plugs, changed the fuel filter, and changed the pcv valve. Now it runs REALLY well except for the random stalls. Any ideas on what's wrong and/or how to fix it? Thanks!


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    Mine does the same...2000 Rodeo LSE with 105,000 km !
    Does anybody have a solution???
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    Problem solved on my Rodeo.....Intake gasket was leaking. Check with engine running,take a propane torch (unlit of course) pass it by the injectors and if your engine runs smoother your intake is leaking.
    If everything else fails light the torch !!
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    LoL at lighting the torch. :D

    Neat trick.
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    Thanks for letting me know! I'll probably have that problem eventually. I love the torch idea! :) Funny I found your reply today, I was going to email you that we fixed mine by cleaning the EGR valve which was badly sticking. I actually drove it the 40 miles to work this morning for the first time since Christmas.
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    My rodeo sport does the same thing runs great on interstate and going down the road excpet for Idling situations. I have used three things of fuel cleaner. changed the PCV valve. I have been trying where the Thottling body is to clean it and also where the EGR Valve is to clean it.
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    Someone else solved their stall problem by fixing the leaking intake gasket. You might want to try that.
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    I was going to try that also, but still need to know where the throttling body and The EGR Valve are located to clean them also. Where is the intake Gasket also.
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    My 92 ran so bad and after a while would barely start. I discovered that it was tied to the throttle body fuel injection. Drove me nuts, but found that if I pulled the ecm fuse, then started the engine, shut it down, put the fuse back, then did a reset sequence (depress accelerator slightly, start engine, run for three seconds, shut off for ten seconds, then restart) it went back to normal and has run fine for months.
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    99 Rodeo with 190,000 miles. Been a great vehicle. Now she'll fire up in the AM with no problem,usually, or when engine is cold. After driving a few minutes or when the engine is warm and I stop and turn it off, and then restart while warm it will not idle or will be very erratic until it dies. And has now started stalling and getting progressively worse. Will always restart, so far, but will not idle until in gear and kept at 1000rpms. Occasionally will rev also. My codes are saying running lean in bank 1 and 2. From time to time will also misfire on cyl 3 but not always.The other code that comes up occasionally is EGR insufficent flow.I don't want to throw in parts wrecklessy. I am thinking maybe the MAF or O2's. Anyone have other ideas, seems to have plenty of power and is fine as long as driving , perhaps idling a little low
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    Have you had any luck resolving? I'm having exact same problem with my '98.
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    I think I might have similar issues, I have a 99 V6 and I was getting the EGR engine light I replaced it, and now sometime it will fire but not stay idling unless I rev engine and put in gear, once running it's fine. Anybody find a solution?
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    On my 2001 Rodeo Sport it was the Fuel sensor, and on that model was covered on the power tran warrnity. Has been fixed for almost 2 years but before that it was hit and miss for almost 2 years.
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