Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)

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Things just keep getting spicer in the SUV market.
I must admit, Hyundai is delivering what I have
wished for. Lexus did it first, but at a much
higher cost. I love the utility that a SUV brings,
but I can't stand their trucklike ride. Honda
Toyota, and Subaru have tried to fill that void,
but to me those offering's are toys.The Forrester
is just plain dopey looking. I simply won't ever
drive a 4 cylinder again. Back to the Santa Fe,
this thing has style. Hyundai isn't skimping on
features either with 170 HP DOHC V6, 4-speed auto
w/manual sport shift control, 4-wheel disc
brakes,16" alloy wheels, power everything, and AWD
system that should prove to be far better than
playing that "should I put it in 4WD or not game".
You also get that sweet 10 year/100,000 powertrain
and 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.
All this for less than the cost of a CRV.
Unbelievable! I only drive about 8,000 miles a
year, so if this puppy lives up to my
she'll see 10 years before 100,000. That's awsome.
The warranty ran out on my Taurus before I even
broke it in. Check out this beast out at,

Ladyblue, please do not freeze this topic as their
is no other discussion on this vehicle. Geez give
it some time!


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    I don"t consider the Santa Fe a poor man's car.
    If a rich man uses his money foolishly he becomes a poor man soon.So the Hyndai won't have the image
    of a Beemer if it has the enjoyment and durability
    why not save yourself 25 grand and get the Hyundai.I test drove a Sonata and I felt it was as good as anything else on the road for under
    20 grand plus the warranty is the best.Just wander
    how much they will undercut the Ford Escapes price.If equal most people will go with Ford.
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    i agree the Santa Fe is not a poor mans car. I feel that it is a good substitute for someone who cannot afford a Lexus RX. That would be me! I think this vehicle will be directed at folks that dream of owning a RX. I built a new 3 BR. house last year for 90k. I'm not about to fork over half of that for a vehicle, unless I win the 10 Million on tax day.
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    Yep, you're right. This is the only Santa Fe topic now. There was another one a while back, but it must have been deleted. Carry on!

    Community Leader/SUV Conference
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    About 2 months ago, I went to the Los Angeles Auto Show and I saw the Santa Fe. It looks so nice, especially in the metallic orange paint. The person from Hyundai says it would come with either a 2.4L 149 hp I4 or a 2.7L V6. Horsepower is expected to be 185 instead of the Sonatas 170. The price should be from $18,000 to $25,000 Also, the wheels don't look like the one at
    It has 5 spokes. I believe the Santa Fe would be a really good selling SUV. Worried about reliability? It comes with America's best warranty- The Hyundai Advantage.
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    The Santa Fe is really nice. I also saw it at the auto show. A PERFECT alternative who wants to break away from the Toyota/Honda Mold. More power than both of them, and probably more room. I had a Hyundai Elantra when they 1st came out as a commuter car. In 1.5 years, I put 100K miles on it and only maintenance was all the money I shelled out for it. It is reliable.
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    interesting you have any other data to support the Santa Fe's reliability? It sounds like an interesting SUV>
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    You put 100k on it in 1.5 yrs.When did you sleep?
    Sounds like a taxi cab.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    My uncle does that in company owned Mercury Sables, he gets a new one every 2 years. Question for guys that seen the Santa Fe at the Auto show. How big is it? I have the mini brochure from Hyundai, and it looks significantly bigger than the Grand Vitara. (Mike 542) Did someone tell you that the 18" Chrome wheels were not going to be an option, or are you just getting that from the brochure?
  • tigerskintigerskin Member Posts: 10
    well, the name comes from my initals, 3 horizontal scars on my back, and the trips and activities I take to the jungles.
    100K in 18 months, yes. We commuted a lot, and I drove three times up and down the east coast. We wanted to keep our more expensive leased cars with less miles.
    I saw it. it is about as tall as the grand vitara, but significantly longer, wider, and looks heavier overall. Could not sit in it, but I saw the interior inside. Much more room than Toyota and Suzuki. Dash looks laid out well.
    I cannot tell you about reliability, because they are not out. I can tell you that is is based off of the Sonata, and borrowed some styling cues from the Tiburon.
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    Here is a good web site for some photos and specs.

    My wife has a Tiburon and it is a fun, fast little car. I own a Forester and am very interested in the Santa Fe.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    Initial reports were that the Santa Fe was getting a 185HP to 190HP version of the Sonata engine. My Hyundai brochure says that it will only have 170hp which is only 7 HP more than Sonata. Question, Why would they go through the trouble of transforming a 2.5L to a 2.7L V6 for only 7 HP gain. I think 7 HP would easily be gained by retuning the exhaust. I don't wanna blast through the hills in this thing, but I don't wanna be stuck in second gear when this thing is loaded with A/C going tracking up a grade either. Edmunds gave poor reviews of the Sonata 4 cyl. and V6. Adding 500 lbs. and AWD to this powertrain doesn't look promising.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    I guess the 18" wheels is a bad idea, when im crying for performance, huh..
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    I just saw information on the Ford Escape and
    loaded it is $25K,not cheap.It is due outin June.
    When is the Santa Fe due and how much?I drove a
    Sonata and think it is as refined as any car,but
    then my normal ride is an Explorer.
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    Here is a link that will give you a better look at the Santa Fe. You also have a chance of winning one.

  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    I was told by a hyundai sales manager that they will hit the lots in July. The sante fe pricing is listed in their brochure between 17K and 21K. I expect the difference between dealer invoice and MSRP will be at least $2000 like the Sonata. So, you should be able to purchase a fully loaded one for 19,500 easily. The dealership that I worked at for a couple years now sells Hyundai's and I am able to purchase anything on the lot for $100 over invoice. My only concern is the powertrain. I remember going on test drives with customers in the old 160hp explorer's, and the transmission was constantly shifting to maintain speed on inclines. In addition, the vehicle couldn't get out of it own way, and the ferocious roar from the engine bay was unbearable. The fact that Hyundai is offering a 4 cyl. as standard motor, wants to make me believe that the V6 will be quick. Lets hope so!

    boltguy, thanks for the link, wonder what our chances of winning are?
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    I am comparing both vehicles but found out FORD
    is having trouble with the automatic transmission
    for it's V6.Is there any way to find out any teething problems for the Hyundai Santa Fe.Any
    Hyundai owners care to comment on their dealers
    service centers positive,or negative?
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    The Hyundai person on the autoshow said those 18" chrome alloys won't reach production. Also coupe2001, the Sonata has 170 horsepower and if you add 7 will be 177hp. I emailed Hyundai and they told me the Santa Fe will have 185hp in California, and 190hp in other states. I guess it is because of emission requirements. No fair!!!
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    I used to own a 1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS. It had over 50,000 MILES and no problems. But... it was in a severe car crash. When I was driving up a hill this 4 ton garbage truck on the other side of the road lost control, crashed through the center divider and crashed OVER my Sonata. Luckily, I wasn't hurt except for a seatbelt scratch.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    Hyundai, must have printed the wrong HP in the brochure's their sending out, or upped the figure during design changes. I must say 190 HP is promissing providing that new transmission handles it well. (tomsr)Ford seems to have great difficulty developing new auto transmissions. My 96 taurus debuted a new transmission and all the critics slammed the transmission. The cars shift points are not predictable when try to make a manuever in traffic. Sometimes you get this huge rush of power, and sometimes you get nothing, almost as if you shifted from 1st to 4th in a manual transmission. It's easier once you have owned the vehicle for some time, but you never get used to it. In the 1997 Taurus Ford made changes to the transmission to correct the problem. I really like the Hyundai because of its all wheel drive system. There is alot more to go wrong with a push button 4wd system like ford's than Hyundai's simple AWD approach.
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    Can't wait to see one in person! I am waiting on delivery on my 2000 Tiburon but I am thinking about an SUV to replace my beloved Escort in a few years and this one takes the cake so far. Does anyone know anything about gas mileage on the Santa Fe?
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128

    I cannot find where it tells the hp in the Santa Fe brochure. The guy at Hyundai says ABOUT 190 hp, though. And, the Santa Fe's gas mileage should be just a bit worse than a Sonata. The 4 cylinder is less expensive and uses less gas. But, then of course...a V6 is much more powerful.
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    Try this new Santa Fe link.
    Click on the image and a new frame comes up.
    Pics, virtual tour, etc.
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    Has anyone seen the specs on how high the Santa Fe is? I am wondering how well it will do off-road. I had a Geo Tracker that I took everywhere even on Jeep trails. Then I sold that for a Subaru Forester. The Forester is lower and I am afraid to take it too far off-road.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Member Posts: 100
    I haven't seen the Santa FE in person, but I would estimate by its photo that it is comparable to the Grand Vitara in ground clearance. Hyundai has commented that they want to outperform the competition at a lower price, so I can't see it sitting any lower than its competitors. The biggest worry for Jeep trails is that the Santa FE will have an AWD system, and no low 4wd gear. If you love off roading, I would suggest raising your Forester.
  • jjayjjjayj Member Posts: 7
    Has anyone been able to obtain a Santa Fe brochure? I have asked for one via the Hyundai Web site, via the URL in the above message and also asked for one at a dealership. So far no luck.
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    I happened to stumble upon the Santa Fe over the Memorial Day weekend, and as far as the brochures goes, I have requested one from the Hyundai Web site. I hope that it arrives before the vehicle arrives at the dealership. From all the phone calls that I have placed in the last couple of days, I good guess is that they will arrive at the end of June. If anyone knows more, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease fill me in!!!
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    I got a full color brochure at the LA auto show.
    The vehicle was there too and looked very nice.
    My neighbor works for Hyundai in the trailer
    manufacturing division in Mexico.He seems to be
    very familiar with the auto division since they fly him to the Orient for his job.He said it will
    be available in September and loaded it will
    MSRP for $22k,and unless it is overwhelmingly
    popular it will be discounted.
  • iwantmytibiwantmytib Member Posts: 5
    I requested a brochure from the link up on post #22 and received it in the mail less then a week later. It isn't too extensive but there is a prepaid postcard on it to send back should you want to get more information on them when they arrive at dealerships.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Member Posts: 338
    I like the looks and ordered a brochure and it looks good on paper. have to see what it is like in the "Flesh", so to speak. However, no V-6 and it is about the size of a CRV. If you go to Carsdirect you can compare all the stats side by side with the others in this class. However, as far as looks go it is a "Looker" and has a the 5/60k warrenty.
  • drimpledrimple Member Posts: 47
    The base Santa Fe is a 4-cylinder, but the Santa Fe will be available with a V-6. It is bigger than a CRV, as it is based on the Sonata platform. I talked to a salesman at the dealership I bought my Sonata from, and he has actually seen a Santa Fe in person. He says the size is comparable to the Lexus LS400 SUV and that it is a really nice SUV. So far, only 10 have been allocated to the Midwest, and none of those to the dealership in my town. They are hoping to get one or two by the end of the month.
  • jjayjjjayj Member Posts: 7
    I wondering when Colorado will see it's first Santa Fe. It seems that this SUV has been a long time coming. If it is bigger than the CRV that would be nice. I have a Forester and wished that it was bigger. I do get concerned about gas mileage though.
  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    In the "Automobile - Spring-Summer Buying & Leasing" guide. The following specifications are given on the Sante Fe. Ground clearance 7.4 inches for the 4 cylinder; 8.1 inches for the V6. Milage 20/27 for the 4; and 19/26 for the V6. Power 150 bhp, 156 lb-ft of torque, 1200 lb towing for the 4; 185 bhp, 187 lb-ft of torque, 2500 lb. towing for the V6. Length x width x height 177.4 x 71.7 x 65.9. Wheelbase 103.2. Cargo capacity 30.5/77.7 cu.ft. (rear seat up/down).

    jjayj, This is a lot more cargo space than the Honda CR-V or the Subaru Forester.

    Check out the following web site and follow the links to the Sante Fe web site. Also bone up on your Korean!! It does have the headings in English, but the VR tours make it worth it. Then click on the picture of the Sante Fe, which will take you to second page, then click on the Sante Fe picture again and you will then be in the main Hyundia website from Korea. Try it out, it is worth it.
  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    Natescpe, did you check out the 2 video files under the photo gallery? I am also looking to purchase something new in Sept. or Oct. I currently have 292K on my '86 F-150. It still runs great hit 115 mph last Saturday morning, while driving to work. When it hits 300K, time to get something new.
  • iwantmytibiwantmytib Member Posts: 5
    for all the links! I am (so far) very happy with Hyundai and am looking forward to checking out the Santa Fe in person. Is there a date locked down for delivery to dealerships that anyone is aware of? Also, any ideas on exterior colors and interior upholstery? Will leather be available? Thanks again!
  • wukwukwukwuk Member Posts: 17
    Ditto on the availability question. As for colors, I know one of the links above lets you choose colors and see them on the Santa Fe. Can't wait to see this in person myself. I want to compare it to the new RAV4 coming out in the fall.
  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    I to am trying to find out deliver dates. Probably a lot sooner on the West Coast than here in TX, because of the ships docking at the CA ports first. I have heard from mid August to late October. I too am very interested in seeing it in person. I missed the one at the auto show here in January.

    Julie, for colors check out one of my previous posts. Follow the links, and you can get to the color selection, and it looks like leather seats in the pictures. A guy I work with found that link for me.

    Has anyone read any real reviews? I have only seen one or two 2001 preview magazines that have even mentioned it, most of the magazines have a photo and that is it. Each magazine that has had something has had less than 3 paragraphs on it. If anyone wants copies of what I have found, I can scan it in send it. Just let me know. If anyone has read anything, please let me know, as I am in the market for a new vehicle in the next 2 to 3 months and this one has definitely gotten my attention.
  • jjayjjjayj Member Posts: 7
    Still no sign of the Santa Fe out here in Colorado. I see plenty of other Mini-Utes running around. I saw my first Vehi-cross thing the other day. I was not sure what to make of that.

    Thanks for the info brutherford! I wonder why the V6 has more ground clearance than the 4 cyl? Not that I am complaining. With the higher ground clearance, more HP with little loss on the MPG, I think the V6 is the way to go!
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    If I were Hyundai, the Hyundai Santa Fe I4 4WD and V6 4WD should have the same ground clearance as the V6. The 2WD I4 and V6 should have less ground clearance.
  • mercedesdebestmercedesdebest Member Posts: 5
    I hope Hyundai is listening to this because, a 4 cylinder 4WD with only 7.4 inches of g/c would be a real loser. Yes, hopefully those g/c specifications are wrong, or "OH NO!"

    Another suggestion is to have Toyota's PreRunner, or Nissan's Desert Runner. Those "runners" are really two wheel drives, with four wheel drive suspensions and ground clearance.
  • heckel2heckel2 Member Posts: 19
    I was wondering the closest dealership to us is like 60 miles away I know they offer roadside assistance but was wondering if they would pay 100% of it since it is so far away. Not sure about the santafe or the new rav 4 they tell me its going to look like the lexus 300. Would appreciate any feedback
  • boltguyboltguy Member Posts: 94
    In regards to the roadside assistance, it doesn't matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada. You can be traveling across the country or at your local supermarket. All you do is call, and a tow truck will be there to tow it to the nearest Hyundai dealership (not necessarily your "home" dealer) free of charge.

    The other great thing is this: the roadside assistance covers virtually any mishap for 5 years and unlimited mileage. All of these things are covered: accidents, dead battery, keys locked in the car, mechanical breakdown, running out of gas, flat tire.

    That aspect of the warranty alone makes it a great one. Not including the 5 yr. 60,000 mi Bumper to Bumper and the 10 yr. 100,000 mi. Powertrain warranty.

    By the way, I think it looks alot like the Lexus SUV.

  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    The current newsstand issue (dated October 2000)of Motor Trend's Truck Trend magazine has a review of the Sante Fe, and they state at the end of it that they are going to have a "follow up with a complete road test in an upcoming issue." I have checked out, but this article is not yet listed on the web-site. In addition, is going to have a review coming out soon. It finally looks like the media is getting interested.

    The article does not state anything about the Sante Fe that the rest of us do not already know. They do call it an "inexpensive alternative to the Lexus RX 300."
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    In San Diego at the closest Hyndai Dealer to me
    about 10 miles they have a grey one on display.
    They won't let you drive it though. I sat in it
    and did overhaul look. Last week I sat in an
    Escape. My opinion is, it seems bigger and much higher quality than Escape.They said should get
    a bunch of them last of September.I found one road test of it in Canada.Tester said it seemed
    slow off the line.I'll give up a little zip for
    a 5 year warranty.Is it unamerican to want more
    bang for my buck.The Tribute is still under
    consideration too.
  • teamjdcteamjdc Member Posts: 12
    and specs?

  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    Teamjdc, the price range is being listed in all the magazines as starting at $17,000 and fully loaded in the $22 or $23,000 range. I too am wanting to find out what price dealer invoice and options pricing will be. It seems like Edmunds and the other automobile web-sites and/or magazines are at a loss for information on the Sante Fe. There seems to be very little press on the vehicle.

    For some spec's see one of the earlier posts, I posted what was listed in the Automobile Spring and Summer 2000 Buying and Leasing Guide.

    Check out The Hyundai Connection web-site, at the General Forum, there is some more information and people are stating that they are beginning to see transport's with Sante Fe's loaded on them out in California.
  • brutherfordbrutherford Member Posts: 18
    TomSr., at the main Hyundai Korean web-site; it shows that the two front seats can be laid back totally flat, thereby making a "bed." I was wondering if you noticed if the US market Sante Fe that you examined in person, has that same capability?

    The web-site also shows a video clip with a third backwards facing seat, that fits into a recessed depression and can be totally closed up and covered over. It would only seat very small children or could be used with the tailgate open as a good chair to fish from. Did you happen to see if that was possible on the one you saw? Not having the capability to read Korean, I do not know if it is an option in Korea and other foreign markets or if it is standard equipment on the vehicle. I also do not know if there are any US safety requirements against backward facing seats for some unknown safety requirement.
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    This model on display did not have 3rd row seats
    but could easily have been designed in since the
    area behind the rear seat has a panel you lift up
    and there is a storage bin which lifts out.It comes with a first aid kit stored there but the size of the area is adequate for a seat to be
    fold into it.The spare is suspended beneath and
    uses a screw mechansism to lower it.The wheels are 16 inchers and has 4 wheel disc with ABS.They had no prices yet but in keeping with tradition they should undercut competition, I hope.There was
    no window sticker.I don't know what the power
    output will be. Some say 2.5 [email protected], others say [email protected]'d like to see a comparison of
    Santa Fe,Tribute,Escape.The Toyota Highlander will
    be much higher priced I'm sure so it is not
    competition.For reliability predictions visit
    the Sonata site,people have been pleased with them.
  • damax07damax07 Member Posts: 32
    Perhaps you should take a look at this page.
  • bluewindsbluewinds Member Posts: 100
    Based on KOREAN VERSION which is sold in Korea...

    (STANDARD model)--us $ 17,500
    standard features

    2656cc v6 dohc 24v engine
    5speed manual transmission
    power&tilt steering
    power mirror,lock,window
    variable speed wiper(it works depends on vehicles speed)
    16"wheel(cast aluminum)
    rear wiper & washer
    roof lack
    fog lamp
    full flat seat
    60/40 folded rear seat
    6way adjustable driver's seat
    rear seat arm rest
    dual cup holder for rear seat
    under tray of first raw passenger's seat
    seatbelt pretentioner with load limter for first row
    electronic controlled rear view mirror
    overhead console(map lamp, digital clock, built in sunglass case)
    two story-center console box
    fire extinguisher
    standard a/c(rotary type)
    remote security system
    power outlet
    and so on...

    full option........
    driver side power seat with heating system
    power sun roof
    8-VCD Changer
    4speed steptronic automatic transmission
    and so on......
    --->US $ 24,000

    but if you choose ABS+LEATHER(included in power seat)+power sunroof+4speed steptronic a/t+climate conrol+am/fm cassete cd = it's almost US $ 21,500

    Usually hyundai change their standard features for North American version, so I'm not sure if the american version will equip these kind of things...

    Because of my poor english skill maybe you guys can't under stand what I write here......

    Anyway, Sanfe will be an affordable suv....
  • lxownrlxownr Member Posts: 16
    Pricing from these post's seem to be in $17,000. to $23,000. How would this compare to thu "Pumbaa the Talking Pig"... Aztek..???

    The Santa Fe is "Pamela Sue Anderson" to the
    Aztek.."Rosanne Bar".. anyone agree..???
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