Honda CR-V Pricing, Supply, Demand and Availability



  • nearmspnearmsp Member Posts: 90
    Well, I have a Garmin Nuvi 360 but the bluetooth utility in this is very poor. I was thus looking for something more robust like in the RAV4 limited.

    To add to another "illegal" activity in CA - to fix any device (such as a GPS unit) to the windshield:)
  • mazz303mazz303 Member Posts: 7
    My dealer told me that my car had a build date of 1/31, i finally got a VIN number but not an ETA. Can anyone help me about when i should be expecting? I was hoping to have by 3/1. :(:cry:
  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    Our CRV had a build date of 11/07/06. It arrived at our dealer on 12/27/06. I am sure the holidays factored into this time frame. So what I am guessing that if this is typical depending on the actual day of your build you should see yours almost any day know. Hope this helped. :)
  • fairsailingfairsailing Member Posts: 3
    EX-L supply virtually gone in this market, and general CR-V supply very limited, a few EX's. Very small discounts from MSRP at this point. Paid $595 under MSRP at Burnsville Honda for an EX-L w/o nav, no mandatory dealer add ons. Nice experience.

    Their only EX-L was on hold when I called, dealer owner's wife was trying to make up her mind if she wanted this one, called on a Thursday I think, released to me the following Monday, drove down to look at it, immediately placed a deposit. Still wrapped up from shipping, not driveable.

    My POS Subaru had died at the beginning of the worst 3 week cold snap in several years here (and this is MN). Would have willingly paid MSRP, thankful that this dealer took a highly professional, longer term approach to the negotiation, and didn't get greedy when they could have.

    Highly recommended. And an outstanding vehicle to boot.
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