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Saturn S-Series Maintenance and Repair

Do I need to do anything other than disconnect the battery to disable the airbags on this car so I can replace the ignition lock?



  • i know the neutral rev lmiter is at 4 grand but everthing is plugged in and no fuses are blown
    i also replaced the throttle position sensor but it still throws a code for it
    please help
  • carman26carman26 Posts: 2
    The horn on my 1996 Saturn SC1 sedan started going off one day incessantly. After touching the horn button it stopped. I visited several mechanics, who said that I need a new horn.

    I bought a new horn (the one with the two mounting sites). However, my Saturn horn has a three-wire relay cap. I cut that off (per seller at AutoZone) and have tried "wrapping" each wire on one mount while the other is attached to a cable that is attached to the grounded horn. Nothing works.

    QUESTION: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!?!?!? How can I get this work!?!? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!
  • Yes.
    Pull the SIR fuse and disconnect the SIR power plugs for the bags under the dash.
  • Since your old horn works incessantly, I'm betting it's not the problem. My money is on the horn switch inside the steering wheel or the horn relay.
  • 1995 SL2
    188k miles
    A/C works fine, good pressures
    Blower motor good (bench tested)
    Blower resistors good (bench tested)
    Blower relay good (bench tested)
    Blower switch good (bench tested)
    Alternator output checked
    Battery checked
    All fuses good

    Turn on A/C and blower runs fine for about 5 minutes then it slows down and sometimes stops. Same results on any blower speed. Blower light dims as blower speed decreases.
    Solutions anyone?
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Take the negative cable off,take the air bag fuse out. Check your key first, worn key's will cause problems. Compair your key with another.
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Connect a DVOM to Ground and check the following terminals of the blower switch for voltage with the switch in each position.
    Speed Terminal
    LO E
    MED D
    MED2 B
    HI A
    Is there voltage at all terminals ?
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Back in 1996 Saturn had a problem with the relay in the horn. They had a Bulletin in 1996 for the repair. And on some occasion's the horn buttons get stuck (in the air bag) and causing the horn to stay on
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    I can help but I need your CODES
    Do you have a E11 IN ENGINE CONTROLS ?
    That will tell you, you have a transmission code set.

    For starts right down your codes (engine & trans) and clear them. Drive the vehical till your code comes back and check to see what reset.
  • My 98 SL1 With 195,000 miles is having EGR probs. I keep getting codes (P0405 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor A Circuit Low) and (P1404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Pintel Stuck Open) I have taken my valve off numerous times and cleaned the carbon build up from it and made sure the pintel works freely. I even changed the coolant temp sensor. Can anyone please tell me if i need to repalce the valve or is there something else i can do to correct this ongoing problem?...
  • Are you having a Drivability problem ? If so what speed ? You incountering a Starting problem ? You have a scan tool to view data stream in reference to EGR operation.

    What you can try to do is remove the EGR valve from the vehical look into the ports that EGR controls and make sure that you dont have a blockage it one port. One thing to try is with the valve removed start the vehical. Caution you need to keep you hand on the Key to shut the car off cause it will rev to the rev limiter. CHECK YOUR OIL LEVEL FIRST !

    With the valve removed start the vehical you will here exhaust leaking and if so shut down the vehical. You know the port is open but how much ?

    Make further inspection check the electrical connector and then what I recommend you to do after that is get a new valve from Saturn
  • Thank You
    I will try the things you suggest and see how i make out before purchasing a new valve from saturn being they are pretty darn expensive. not having a starting problem, but sometimes a driveability prob at different speeds either going up hills or initialy starting out...seems to lose power and sort of bog down on me.
  • if the horn was going off, it works fine. i just had the same problem, it was with the wiring b etween the button on the steering wheel and the fuse in the engine compartment. rather than take the entire dash apart and replace a mile of wiring i just ran a new hot wire from a 15 amp fuse in the car with a push button switch on the dash inline through the firewall and hooked up that wire to the hot end of the horn. ground the horn to itself.
  • anyone know how to remove the ignition? key broke off inside and anyone can start it with a knife now.
  • What: Year, Make, Model do you have?
    There is a repair that can be done but you need to go to Saturn. Tell them you need a new key cut and a Ignition lock cylinder coded.

    NOTE: You will need to have your Driver's License (FOR THEFT REASONS) and your vehicle identification number, Registration card. They will need to go into there system to get your key code for your Vehicle so the new key will be the same. And with a new key cut if you have a second key put the two together and see if your second looks the same or worn. If the second key is worn REPLACE it.

    For the repair you need to keep in mind if your not sure how to do it's best to go to the Dealer. Why brake more that what’s broken. Ignition lock cylinders are not and easy repair.
    Again what Year, Make, Model do you have ?
  • it's a 96 satur sc2 DOHC. i bought a cheap stock GM replacement cylinder, it's about the same size, but i dont want to spend a whole ton of time taking the stering coloum assembly apart just to get to an impass. the root of the problem is that about 2/3 of the ket is broken off IN the keyhole, if ther is an easy way to get that out id appreciate that info as well. thanks
  • i need to replace o2 sensor 2 in bank 1 (bank 1 sensor 2). Anyone know which one that is?
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Help me help you- what do you own ?
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    To all that post messages:

    First thing you need to do is always post your current vehicals informatiom for every responce. It's most helpfull. I don't know what you own.



  • 1996 saturn sc2 DOCH 1.9l
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Thank you
    OK now you do have two (o2 oxygen )sensors.

    The Primary oxygen (O2) sensor is located in the exhaust manifold just off the head and that is a 1 wire sensor.

    The Secondary oxygen (O2) sensor is located down by the exhaust system converter and that is a 3 wire sensor.
  • leodogleodog Posts: 7
    Saturn SL2 may be multible problems. The engine revs really high and stalls when you put it in gear. When you do get it going it sounds like it is in 2nd gear. Suspect it is the trans. control, but don't know where it is located. Sattech Help Me. Thanks
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Hello: leodog
    Your SL2 what year is it ?
    Engine revs high, all Saturn's came with Tachometer's what RPM is it going to ?
    Is it hitting the rev limiter ?
    Is your (SES) light on ? Service engine soon
    Note: If the engine isn't running correctly the trans will not perform properly.
    I believe you can go to your aera parts store and ask them they will pull codes for you. Wright them down.
  • leodogleodog Posts: 7
    Thanks. This car is my sister in laws and I haven't got much more info. The car is a 1997. It didn't sound like it was reving high enough to be hitting a limiter. I have a scanner but haven't got there yet. Where is the trans control unit on the car? I need to drive it too. I was wanting to disconnect the tcu just to see if it changes anything.

  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    NO S-SERIES Saturn's had a Transmission Control Unit. That was all controlled by the PCM. Powertrain Control Module. Before doing anything pull your codes first(Engine and Transmission) write them down. Compair your notes and see what reset.
  • leodogleodog Posts: 7
    thanks again sattech - I'll let you know when I do
  • trying to bleed brakes after changing both front calipers, only the left caliper bleeds.the right acts like nothing is going thru (air or fluid). Is there a special procedure involved?
  • sattechsattech Posts: 32
    Hello; TENPINARM
    My question to you is:
    Do you have ABS or NOT ?
    But here are the bleeding procedure's for both systems.

    With out ABS:
    Front Right,Rear Left,Front Left,Rear Right

    And with ABS:
    Right Rear,Left Rear,Right Front,Left Front
  • I appreciate the fast reply and I just found a pinhole leak in the left rear brake line. Murphy's hanging around here too much.
  • I need help! I have a 1995 SL2 Saturn. It is stuck in park. Sometimes I it'll come out of park and that is if i let it run a while. Or like now I can't even get it out of gear. Not sure if this is a major problem. Don't want to spend a ton of money fixing a 1995. Thanks for your help!
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