Acura TSX Heated Seats

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I have a 2004 Acura TSX with heated seats. The seats seem to work directly with the temperature setting for the interior temperature. For example, if the ineterior temperature is set high the seats will be hot. If the interior temp is set low the seats will be luke warm. In my opinion, these settings should be completely separate. Anyone else have this issue?


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    Funny....i never paid attention actually....ill check it out and let you know :shades:
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    I emailed your question to a friend, who is a acura service manager. His answer was: They are completely separate. Only two settings-high and low. The switch determines the amount of voltage to the pad (in the seat). It would be difficult to have a resistor that would precisely gauge the amount of voltage to the seat i.e. 72 degrees as opposed to 78 degrees. It is possible that if you keep them on high to long it will go to the low setting by themselves.
    Need more help-his email is [email protected]
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    The high position is always too hot! Burns the buns!
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    stop driving around butt naked. (LOL)
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    lol, exactly right!! :blush:
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