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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Accessories and Modifications

bnk99bnk99 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
i have a 2000 monte carlo ls.3.4 ltr.i want to know if i can install a ss model exhaust system on my car.will it fit?anyone that can help i would appreciate it.


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    bobby21bobby21 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the jacking points are for the 2003 Monte Carlo SS? :mad:
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    dboyuptdboyupt Member Posts: 1
    will a 2006 chevy monte carlo front cap fit fit on a 2005 chevy monte carlo.
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    mfaguemfague Member Posts: 1
    :mad: I have a 3.4, come to find out, modding this car is very hard. So my ultimate question is, where can i find performance parts for my car, and also can a 3.8 throttle body spacer fit on my car? can i modd my car so 3.8 parts will fit? HELP ME PLEASE!
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    chrisb24chrisb24 Member Posts: 1
    I removed my stock mufflers and replaced them with a section of exhaust pipe. I love the sound but it has a little hesitation on the preformance. I also added a K & N Airfilter system for extra horse power and better fuel mileage, has anyone else done this to thier Monte Carlo?
    I was thinking that I just need to put a good preformance exhaust system on my car like Magnaflow to help give back the back pressure that I took away with taking the stock mufflers off and that might take the engines hesitation away. Has anyone else done this to thier car and if so what happened?
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    giggdagreatgiggdagreat Member Posts: 2
    yea it will fit you just will have to run seperate excaust pipes aka duals
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    digdug32digdug32 Member Posts: 1
    anybody know a good site other than craigslist to try and sell some old monte carlo parts. i have a trunk lid, hood, wheels and t tops from a 1986 monte
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    pattyl1599pattyl1599 Member Posts: 1
    how should i be able to determine wich amplifier i will need for my 2000 monte carlo?
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    camacho94camacho94 Member Posts: 6
    What would you be needing the amp for? Did you need it for a subwoofer, or for the speakers inside the car?
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    webs01webs01 Member Posts: 1
    the key is stuck in the egnition wont go all the way back to off please help.

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    aboudreauaboudreau Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Is it possible to change the 97 3100 V6 of a Monte Carlo for a 3100 V6 out of a Malibu?
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    montecarl02montecarl02 Member Posts: 6
    check out this site; http://www.milzymotorsports.com/ By far the best place to mod your 3400. Theres mods out there, you just gotta look. The 3400 can be built up to smoke the 3800. Very strong engines, as with most 2000+ montes, the wiring system is where most of the big faults come from.
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