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I'm the owner of a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue GLS. Love the car, not the problems.

Firstly, no matter what I try, the "Change Oil" light won't go off. I've tried pumping the accelerator (with the keys in the on position but the car not started up) three times slowly, quickly, etc. Any recommendations?

Another issue: Once in a while, the service engine soon, tracking off, brakes, and anti-lock lights will come on. Along with this, the steering is not as smooth (just harder to steer). It only happens once in a great while, though - but if it's a problem with the sensor, would the steering still be harder?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.


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    The key thing with the "change oil light" is after you pump the accelerator 3 times (within 5 seconds) is to wait 3-4 seconds until the "change oil light flashes" and goes off. this procedure does work.

    You need to replace your wheel sensors. Very common problem with the Intrigues.
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    thank you! Do you know about how much that would run me?
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    Do a search on this forum. I know it has been discussed a few times but i'm not sure if anyone ever put a price on replacing the wheel speed sensors. On another forum, someone did mention that to fix the problem, they had to replace the entire wheel hub assembly.
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    The sensors is built into the bearing/hub and the unit has to be replaced to correct the problem unless it's a chaffed wire etc from the unit; the unit is pricey.
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    I went home last night and tried doing that multiple times, waiting a bit after each time I did it. No luck. I'm taking it in to the dealership to have them check everything out in a couple of weeks.
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    It will be cheaper to take it to an independent mechanic. Replacing the hub assembly is not a complicated job. I saw on Ebay where they are selling these hub assembly for about $99 a piece. Make sure you get the right assembly for your year Intrigue as they changed the design in 2001. The part from a GM dealer will likely be twice that price. Also check places like GMpartsdirect.com and rockauto.com. They sell official GM parts for less.
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