Kia Sedona Oil Changes

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Owners manual says either 5w20 or 5w30, but does not exactly say which one.

Shop manual online says 5w20 preferred, but 5w30 acceptable.

Many oil "gurus" maintain that 5w20 oil recomendations are based solely on fuel economy (read ) But other people maintain that SOME engines are designed for ligher oil and running 5w20 in them is better.

Anyone here talked to Kia service people about this? Anyone run both grades of oil? Did you notice a difference in terms of fuel economy or engine noise?

The issue of solid lifters that may need adjustment at 60k miles worries me some -- so I'd like to get the oil right on my new Sedona.



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    Our 2005 Sedona w/3.5L we have always used 5-20 as suggested except when it's really warm and then I go to 5-30. Tell you the truth, if there is any difference we won't ever see it in Florida in June or July as opposed to the midwest all the rest of the year. Gets a pretty dismal 17 mpg city 22 highway no matter what, with my wife driving at a usual "soccer mom" pace.

    Now then, anyone know why a midwest Kia dealer would recommend an oil system flush at 12,000 warranty check in a 3.5L 2005 Sedona that has had all oil/filter changes at the severe service schedule of 3000 miles? Just had to go through that with our dealer today. It's on his "schedule" even though it's not in the owners' manual.

    I recall some Kias had big-time sludge problems and even some engine failures from it a while back, about the same time Toyota had toubles. Anyone got ideas about this other than my dealer needing another $75 in service writes for each Sedona?
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    You have a dealer that is trying to screw you. Modern oils with that frequent of changes are not going to leave any sludge. There are a few "sludge" forming engines out there, but they sludge when given the wrong oil and/or waiting too long to change that oil.

    I don't know about the 3.5 being prone to sludge, but even if it were, your frequent oil changes are going to bail you out, unless you are just plain abusing that engine, or putting some sort of total crap oil in it (and by crap, I mean oil that is not the correct oil or not rated by any institute.
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    I recommend 5w-30 Mobile 1 full synthetic.
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    Hi all;
    Picked up a used 2004 KIA Sedona on 08/14/07 with 27,700 miles. It's now at 30,500 mi, and I'll be changing the oil in 2 weeks.
    The 2004 Sedona's owner's manual says 5W-30 is for temps less than 40 degrees F. 10W-30 for zero to 95 degrees. I went to the KIA website and saw the same thing.
    I also noticed this in my brother's 1997 KIA Sephia manual, and my dad's 2000 Sephia. On the other hand, my 1991 Ford Festiva and my 1997 Ford Aspire (both rebadged KIAs) did not have the limitation on the 5W-30.
    Is this obsolete info? Why is it still in the manual and on the website.
    I'm "old school" and I still think 5W-30 is too thin for summer. This only reinforces my belief.
    Has KIA issued a correction on this? Or is it still official?
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    Where is the oil filter on this vehicle? And specifically , where do I access the filter?
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    Hello drnickerson,

    Just did my first oil change (others by dealer) on my 2006. Used a filter cartridge from fram which came with new o-rings but not a new crush washer for the drain. I will get some from KIA dealer next time I am there. has a great tech site you can get to from the home page > Kia Owners > Service Information > sign up > then go to "shop" for an on-line service and trouble shooting guide. Try the link below, you may not have to sign up. I was told by a mechanic at my father-in-laws auto shop that the deal with the torque wrench is all about not over-tightening and ruining the filter canister body. I just tightened mine very hand tight and have had no leaks in about 1K of trips.

    George in Wisconsin. :)
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