Nissan Qashqai (Rogue)

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Newbie here. I'm getting a ticking sound, and I'm not sure exactly what it could be, or what I can do.

I should point out that this happens even when the engine has warmed up.

Here's a video showing the noise

I've already taken it to my car garage and asked them to take a look, and they said nothing was wrong (

I've also tried tightening the bolts on the fuel injectors, as my neighbour said it could be that. A bit of gas leaked out into the engine bay area, i tried to soak it up, but I'm guessing it's safe to start after it's dried?

Any suggestions?


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    Trying to figure out a noise from a video alone is unlikely to be accurate. Using tools like a stethoscope, or even a hose or a screwdriver to help listen to and pinpoint the source of a sound will yield more accurate results. It's possible you are hearing the high pressure fuel pump, since the frequency of the sound and the fact that the clicking appears to be the loudest when the pump is centered in the video. GDI high pressure fuel pumps are noisy. That's why most of them are wrapped in foam (black in your video) to try to muffle the sounds that they produce. If you can use one of the other methods to pinpoint the noise to the high pressure pump and if there are no other symptoms consider it normal.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I've got it booked in for another look at the garage.
    I should mention that the sound seems to go away when i give the car some revs.

    I'll try and do the screwdriver/hose method myself.
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    After doing the screwdriver test (using a torque wrench) I'm 90% sure it's build up on a fuel injector - I'll report back after my car comes back from the garage
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    Build-up on a fuel injector? Are there drivability symptoms to go along with the noise?
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    Build-up on a fuel injector? Are there drivability symptoms to go along with the noise?

    No, the car drives just perfectly. I've added some fuel injector cleaner fluid into the fueltank. Let's hope after 50 miles or so, the problem starts to go away. The car garage said the sound is fine, that it sounds exactly the same as another identical car that they have. I don't fully trust them though, as they are the car dealer's engineers who I bought the car from. I still want a second opinion though... it's still under warranty, so I'll take it to the official car dealer soon. Will report back! Thanks everyone who's commented so far.!!
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