Changing tire size on a Dodge Durango

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I have a '00 DD and currently am running 31x10.5x15's.I don't know the rear gear size,but i am wondering if i can put the larger 33's on the 15's? I don't off-road much with it but with the bigger tires,i would certainly feel more confident if i did! Plus,my wife is stuck on the idea that the Durango's are suppose to look beefy.On a different subject,i was wondering what can be done to my DD to keep it more stable on the road.Example:it jumps sideways when i hit bumps on the road.image


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    Well, for the highway bumping you should get new shocks. The stock shocks are stiff from the factory. I switched mine out for the Monroe Sensatracks. They are great and pretty well priced at Sears. The larger tire situation, my D now is a 2k3 and it has 16" rims. I just put on 285x75x16 tires. Basically a hair under the 33" you want. had to raise the front with some torsion bar twists and modify (cut) some of the wheel well to make room. All in all it looks great and I have no problems going anywhere.
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    I just got a new body style 2500 HD 4x4. I would like to change to a new rim and tire combo. Without lifting it further, will a 32.5 x 10.5 x 16 fit??? any help ..thanks in advance.
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    i have a 99 stock suspension went from 31x10.5 to 33x11.5 no problems or mods :shades:
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    I just purchased a sweet 2004 Ram 1500 Quad, Hemi 5.7, with 26,000 miles, all bells and whistles included. It has aluminum alloy wheels and 20" tires. I was told standard tire size should be 17" and I might tear up the gear ratio. Help, I need factual input before I do damage. Thanks. :confuse: :shades:
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    Asked the guy at 4x4 place here in lexinton NC said that as long as the tiers are the same size it dose not affect anything but speed sensor and that can be rest for tier size so that speed omater is correct
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    I would like to know if there is something I can do to reset or correct the speedo since I changed the tires from the factory 235/75/15's to 31x10.50's. Is there a way to train or program the computer? How much effect will the tire change have on the brakes, transmission, etc? I have rear wheel anti-lock only, not 4 wheel antilock brakes.
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    I have a 2000 DD and I have 31/10.50/15 bfgoodrich A/T now, I want to upgrade to a bigger size. I am willing to twist the torsion bars to gain a little room. How big can I go? I am going to keep my same rims because they dont look to bad. I was thinking either a 32/11.50, 32/12.50, 33/11.50, or even a 33/12.50. Is a 12.50 going to stick out to far? The Lift Company told me to fit a 33/12.50 i need the 3" body lift. I dont want to go to that trouble, so I was wondering is the biggest I could do without a lift. Perfect scenario would be a 33/11.50..
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