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I have owned my 2000 4.7 V8 Tundra for 6 months and in the summer had no problems. Now into a Canadian winter my fan is breaking apart. Now on my third fan I am running out of ideas. I have diagnosed that at about 5-6 thousand rpm my fan sucks back to the motor at the top of the blades and contacts my coolant hose at the thermostat mount. This is about a two inch movement!! Has anyone seen this or fixed this problem of course the dealership says impossible but my eyes are not playing tricks on me.
Please Help


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    I think it would be better if you take your car to the shop for proper checking. It sounds like your tundra is experiencing a serious condition, something I have not experienced with my own tundra.

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    My 2000 Tundra V8 has been leaking for about a year. I had it into the dealer when it was still on warranty in 07 for a lot of repairs and I thought they fixed it.

    Today I noticed it was hissing again and then the check light came on. The gauge was on HOTTEST. I am going to put coolant in and water on Monday and try to drive a few miles to the dealer.

    It just got off warranty. I have not had to do many repairs, but is it time for a new truck? Is not garaging it the problem? It only has 75K on it.

    Thanks any help appreciated.

    - A girl and her truck
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    If you're going to attempt to drive to the dealer...

    Fill with 50/50 water and coolant and drive with the radiator cap OFF. That way the system won't be under pressure. I wouldn't recommend driving too far.

    A leaking radiator is no reason to buy a new truck. However it is as good a reason as any to buy a new one.

    Though I don't recommend it, I've seen some people add black pepper to the radiator to stop it from leaking.
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    Well, I could not get the cap off the coolant jug. So I called roadside assist and they said they won't do things like that either but that they would tow for free.

    When the driver arrived, he did take the cap off, pour in 3/4 gal coolant and let me start it up to put it on the flatbed... the check light went out but you could see it was leaking.

    At dealer: waterpump was broken but I drove out with a new 5.7 Tundra. :P :P :P :P :P
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    Congrats on the new truck.
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    A girl and her truck! I love it except, I have to fold down the left mirror to get it in the doorway of the garage, and then it just barely fits in the middle bay which is deeper than the left or right bay. My garages are not small either.

    Up to now, the A8 occupies that middle bay, but since I don't want tree junk causing mildew between the cap and cab like it did on the 2000, I am going to have to garage this monster. The cap is coming next week and it has a removable front window so I should be able to keep that area cleaner.

    People wonder why I would want such a vehicle. Some say I am fulfilling some sort of fantasy here, however...who needs a man when I have this piece of equipment underneath me? :shades:

    I was barely up to 100 miles on the odo today when I was caught in a tornado like storm. The rain was so fierce you could not see. But I was high and dry and safe in my big truck!

    No man necessary. :shades:

    PS - you might have heard we had that rare F2 that killed a woman here in NH a few weeks ago. the weather has been nuts.
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