Comparing Costs of Leasing vs. Buying and EV vs. Gas Car in Los Angeles, CA – Need Guidance

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Hello everyone,

I am exploring options for a new car in Los Angeles, California, and need your expert advice on multiple fronts:

Leasing vs. Buying: What are the key considerations when choosing between leasing and buying a car? Are there specific online calculators or tools that can help me evaluate the costs and benefits of both options in my region?

EV vs. Gas Car Leasing: I'm also interested in the cheapest car lease options for electric vehicles (EVs) and how the cost of miles driven for an EV compares to a gas car. For example, if the cost of leasing an EV car is $400/month with $5,000 down for 10,000 miles, and a gas car is $200/month with $2,500 down for the same 10,000 miles, which one will be cheaper when considering the cost of gas vs. electric?

Calculators and Tools: Does anyone have any suggestions for online tools or calculators that can help me work out the above comparisons, or guide me to resources to evaluate these specific scenarios? Your recommendations for both leasing vs. buying and EV vs. gas comparisons would be incredibly helpful.

I truly appreciate your insights and guidance in making an informed decision.

Thank you in advance!
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