Volkswagen Eos Navigation System

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I bought the 3.2 two weeks ago and really enjoy it. Lots of comments from people on the street. One caution, don't waste your $1,800 on the navigation system. You can do better by going to an eletronic's store and buy something for under $500. The Eos naviagation system doesn't tell you street names. It will simply say turn in 700 feet. If the street is a state highway it will say turn in 700 feet onto state highway ###. Where I live no one ever mentions a state highway by the number, but by the name of the street. I've owned other cars with navigation and they are light years ahead of the VW product.
If you are looking for a great ride and a quiet ride with the top up, then the Eos may be for you. If you enjoy driving with the top down and the side windows up, you will still have a quiet ride.
If you are in the market for a convertible, the Eos is a must try!


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    I am very surprised to read this...We have a 2006 GLI w/NAV
    and street names are displayed on the map...
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    2009 Models will get the touch screen HDD based RNS-510 unit. Has at like 10 GB of storage for songs. Another 10 GB for GPS. SD card slot comes with it. Can record music from CD or SD card. MP3, WMA support. The list goes on and on. The tiguan will get it first then the rest.
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    Some more pics of it. Very nice. Will work with the EOS but could depend due to CAN BUS version. They are making some versions for other vehicles as well.
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    Also a premium bluetooth kit might come out. That kit will integrate with the RNS-510. Looks like a cool unit. The USA version will get Sirius support. This unit can be ordered but no maps yet. At least not until the Tiguan is here or the 2009 models come out. That's when a readily available map is ready.

    Touch Screen Operation
    Much improved TFT display
    400 mHz CPU
    Standard map display, or 2D or 3D
    Audio Playback in MP3 or WMA formats
    SD Card Slot for MP3 data which can be copied to the hard drive
    30!! GB internal hard disk for
    Videos while not in motion. It will play both audio CDs and DVDs
    The DVD Maps are from Navteq not TeleAtlas
    CD Changer, IPOD Interface, Analog and DVB-T Tuners can be connected (TV is Europe Only), Sirius Radio for USA.

    If you are willing to want to have DVD's while in motion you can get a special german adaptor but this is probably. This might be a great option for those who have the Current EOS navigation unit. Then they can get a far superior unit. The USA unit has some mods but it's pretty much identical to the European version.
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    Who makes this thing, and will it sound better than the stock factory unit?
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    Siemens VDO. They make the this unit for VW. Supposedly it does have better audio but it should give you more features. This is an OEM unit. There is also a backup camera. No word on US maps. The USA version has been spotted but nobody has maps for it yet. People have had to program it to work with their sound system. This unit should pretty much bolt right in. Some antenna adaptors will be needed. For those with factory CD/iPod will have to swap the CD ground and AUX ground to ensure maximum sound quality. Even rips music off the SD card as well.

    This unit is called the RNS-510. The tiguan will get it first. When that car comes out then you could probably get maps for it.

    One more thing it supports sirius and HD radio in the USA version.
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    The factory cd meaning factory CD Changer. Still no maps.
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    Do you know who manufactures the current stock radio?
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    Most likely blaupunkt does. Here is a hint. Most aftermarket stereo companies make the stock radios for most cars. Although Panasonic and clarion had made some but it's probably blaupunkt. Siemens for the RNS-510 and maybe others.
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    Still not avaliable. The Skoda bluetooth module works with it. really nice kit. Requires vag-com coding but will work with the RNS-510. Even has touchscreen phonebook, dialing, caller id and 6 preset numbers. The USA RNS-510 may even have Bluetooth audio capabilities. Then you can stream music from a compatible cell phone. The Antenna on the current system does work fine. No maps as of yet but the Jetta wagon and Tiguan are the first vehicles to get it. Which means maps are coming out soon. When the units come out then the maps will. Skoda is a Czech car company owned by VW. They don't sell to the USA though :(. Hope this helps.
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    Now avaliable in the USA. You can order it for 3499 USD. Still need antenna adapters. Bluetooth will also be avaliable. For those with the Terrible MFD2 which is the current GPS system then you can easily retrofit this. Dynaudio users will have to use VAG-com now VCDS to program it to have it work. VW dealers should be able to do this as well. If you have the standard system then it bolts right in. Non GPS users will have to install an antenna but thats fine. Maps will be 199 USD. This new unit will have Sirius Traffic reports. Also Bluetooth audio will be in the new USA Bluetooth module. A european one is avaliable but it wont have Bluetooth audio. Sirius is built in the unit so all you need is a VW sirius antenna and your good to go.

    Part numbers:

    3C0 035 684 (RNS-510)
    4E0 035 608 K (twin connector)
    000 098 707 (Twin adaptors)

    Antenna wise you can just go to the dealer and get the 07-08 GPS antenna which is the same thing as the RNS-510.

    Bluetooth will also need programming but thats fine.

    Hope this helps.
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    $3499 will buy a pretty nice aftermarket system.
    But of course, then you loose that all important OEM look. ;)
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    Of course the street price will be lower. Then there are those Czech republic sellers who I will not mention.
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    The RNS-510 maps won't be out until july. July is when they will release them. Tiguan will get them earlier. The units are already avaliable. Of course they can be used as nice touch screen radios with bluetooth capability until the maps come out.
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    Part number is 3C0 035 684. The sirius antenna will need an extension so it can be plugged into the built in unit. Also antenna adaptors and the twin antenna will be needed as well. If it has Dynaudio then it needs VAG-com aka VCDS programming. VCDS 803.0 beta will be needed. Also it will be needed for the bluetooth and display. There are 3 different displays. Highline, Sport line and premium. It's now avaliable in the US for ordering. No maps yet. Still 3499 but one vw parts site is selling it for a couple hundred less. Hope this helps.
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    For those interested in one VW might offer an accessory kit for the RNS-510. One person saw a video that mentioned it.

    Also the unit will have Real Time Sirius Traffic. Skoda bluetooth works great but VW will release a similar unit with Bluetooth Audio. MDI is another fantastic addon for the RNS-510. It replaces that terrible iPod adaptor or CD changer. Requires some wire harness modding but it works much better. USB thumb drives work as well. Supports USB, Aux in, and iPod. Works with all ipods with a dock connector. Works with the Shuffle, Mini, Nano, iPhone, and iPod Touch. No 1st and 2nd gen iPods. 3rd Gen should work but it does work with the 4th gen. MDI comes with a USB cable but the iPod cable is optional. It has full on Can BUS integration so you can see the info on the MFI.

    Hope this helps.
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    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Here you go. Some pics of this unit. Aux in cable is also optional. Not officially out yet but will be in May. There is a factory harness but it's not in the ETKA yet. The price is ok but if it officially comes out then it might be less.
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    For those who are having iPod troubles with their 09 EOS with Navigation then you are using the wrong cable. You can't use the iPod sync cable with USB. You must purchase 000 051 446 C. That is the MDI aka Media-In iPod cable. Gives you full integration of the iPod. Shows song info and displays the nav's interpretation of the iPod/iPhones interface. It's not that expensive. You can get it at your local dealer's parts department for about $38 to $55. Most people pay about $45 for it. Some dealers have it in stock but they usually have to order it. It takes about a week or less to get it. Once you get it disconnect the USB, plug in the Media-In iPod cable, and enjoy your iPod with the awesome RNS-510 navigation system.
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    I have a 3G iPod (30GB) and it does not work. But this was the last iPod to have Firewire power (4G and beyond were USB power). Even with a charge from elsewhere, the Nav System and iPod both freeze up when connected, then unfreeze when disconnected. I have a 2009.5 Tiguan with Nav, which is the absolute latest Nav system version (revised in mid November 2008, my car was built in week 5/ early February).

    So, does anyone know where I can find a list of which iPods work with the 000 051 446C + RNS-510? I want to get a used classic or video to keep in the car 24/7 like I did the 3G with my old Mercedes, but don't want to get one that won't work.
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    You must use the the newer version. It only works with 4th gen and up iPod units. The ones that only charge over USB are the 4th gen Nano, 2nd gen iPod touch, 120 GB classic, and the 3G iPhone.

    Here you go for the compatibility list.
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    Can you still use the iPod controls with this connection? I have found that other systems just don't actually work as well as the touch controls on the iPod touch. It would be nice to be able to use either interface.

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    No. You must use the headunit. Now, if you have the Nav system, it works very well. There is no need for using the iPod controls (except there is no On The Go).

    If you insist on using it the old fashioned way, hook it up via mini-stereo cable to the aux input, connect a power adapter to the power port, and voila. But I don't know why you'd want to do that.
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    Navteq has released version 2M for the RNS-510. You can't use this in a MFD2 nor can you use a MFD2 map disc. It's about $199 but there is no copy protection and you can resell this disc to another owner fairly easily.
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    My wife and I just picked up our 09 Eos. We are very happy with this car but it was the only one on the lot and we didn't want to wait so we took it! The only problem is that we do a lot of traveling and it did not come with the nav system. We are thinking about having a unit by Rosen installed. The cost is just under the dealer price for the factory system (1799.00). Anyone out there have any experience with this system?
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    Changes are coming to RNS-510 that will greatly enhance it. Changes include SDHC support for newer units, HD Radio Subchannels, Speed Limits, displays a clock when not in use, and maybe voice command.
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    Any idea when this will happen? I just got an '09 Eos but got an "IOU" to have nav added. I'm tempted to put off getting that done if this'll be sometime soon....
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