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Used Isuzu Trooper To buy or not to buy?

laparka55laparka55 Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
Great site -- I owned a 92 troop for 175000 miles before selling in 03. Now looking at a 01 with 60000 mi.-- asking price $9700. I've been out of the 'isuzu' loop for awhile but a little reading up has me concerned about oil usage and tranny issues -- two problem I never had with the 92. So.....not being a mechanic, anyone have suggestions for what I can do to at least recognize a potential lemon.

Thanks in advance, Scott


  • I own a 2001. I just had the timing belt changed at a little over 100K miles. Before that I had 1995 for a 140K miles before totaled by rear ended. Before that I had a 1984 Trooper for 201K miles, sold because I wanted the modern convenience of air conditioning.
    I shopped really hard for my 2001 Trooper, I found it at the last moment before letting my wife talk me into a sedan instead. I had a hard time to find it because I wanted one with a 5 speed manual transmission. I have not had an auto transmission trooper, and I like the fun of shifting when I drive it hard.
    The 1984 Trooper used no oil at first, but after 30K miles it started to use a little, after 100K miles I had to check it every 1K or 2K miles for worry of low oil.
    The 1995 never seemed to use a drop of oil, unless I was using it for long periods of towing a 4000lb. boat in the heat of summer.
    My 2001 uses some oil, I can usually make it between 3K oil changed without adding, by by 3K miles it will be between 1/2 and 1qt. low, but still show up on the dip stick. When driving 2K miles at higher altitudes last summer, it used no oil. While getting to and from the mountains at 75mph all day for several days it used a quart in 2.5K miles.
    To me having to check the oil is not a problem. I can hear when starting or just after starting that the oil is a little low by how long it takes the lifters to fill up. So, when I hear it I check it. I also watch the oil gage closely.
    If the Trooper is for someone who will not hear the oil level or check the oil every third or fourth fuel fill up, or if you want to go 10K between oil changes, it might not be a good buy.
    If you want a whole lot of fun off road, and to have "the fun car to ride in" for your small children, then a Trooper is a great buy, even with keeping after the oil.
  • How much did it cost to replace timming belt? I'm looking at a 2002 Trooper for sale in my neighborhood. I haven't inquired about it yet for fear that since they don't make them anymore, I can't find parts. please advise :confuse:
  • Timing belt change alone was around $400 or $450. I also had them change the water pump and timing belt tensioner since they had the front of the engine apart. They changed the serpentine belt because it needed it, I did not specify that, but I trust my mechanics. I also had an oil change on the same visit. Total cost was around $750, but numbers like that don't stick in my head. I remember experiencing a little sticker shock at that price, but also noticing that the labor was less than half and they worked most of a day to get it done. I know I have maintained my Trooper's engine the best I can. We also have a minivan. My wife considers my old Trooper more reliable than a newer minivan.
    Due to my work location that day, my wife dropped off and picked it up. I asked her if it felt any different driving it after the work was done, she said not much difference, but that it seemed very peppy.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    I just had mine done in January...Memphis, TN suburb. Cost right at $350...they quoted about another $200 to get the water pump at the same time. This was on a '00 Trooper LS 2wd.

    Local dealer had quoted about $850 for timing belt and water pump.
  • I have a 1994 trooper it will only go 20 mph.I'm going no were fast have anyone out there had this problem IF SO WHAT'S THE SOLUTION!
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    Only 20mph????
    Please provide more details. Is your engine running well? Are you in 4x4 low range? Are you towing a mobile home?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sounds like 4x4 Lo-range....

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