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BMW X5 Maintenance and Repair



  • zizozizo Posts: 1
    I am new to this group and i need a great favour from all of u, actually iam a mech. eng. and i work for a BMW dealer what i want is that if any one did have any prob. with his X5 or heared about any prob. concerning this beautiful machine he can either contact me on this list or send me an email at [email protected] so i can try to find a solution for the prob. and get ready for it in case it comes to where i work .
  • I have owned Mercedes, currently BMW and the Toyota LandCrusier, Nothing on this continent surpasses the LANDCRUSHER, as championship desert races have shown for years, but to its defence, the X5 is brilliantly designed to perfection, for its purpose, in this market, and we all know how much 4wheeling we do. I must agree Mercedes is a much larger company and has a longer history than BMW, but BMW has a 12yr statical history of better quality build vehicles, higher resale value, better performance, and owner appreciation, if anyone has any questions are concerns about how the X5 is going to do in this market believe me the players at BMW are grouped around a table, listening to every comment ever made about any of there vehicles, making sure that everyone becomes a true BMW LOVER. Look out for the new X3 built in comparison to the Jeep Cherokee and for either the out of this world X5 M-Power version or the exotic BMW X7, BMW knows what there doing.
  • tnk40tnk40 Posts: 1
    I own an X5 4.4 and after 3 months of use, when I turn on the air conditioning, there is a foul odor for the first minute or so of operation. I called the dealer and they said they have had a few complaints and that it should go away.

    The weather is starting to get cold, so I haven't used the a/c that often lately and will probably have to wait and deal with it in the spring/summer. However, has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did your dealer do to fix it?
  • bmwgalbmwgal Posts: 2
    The x5 is great in snow and mountainous terrain as long as you do not get the sport package.
  • bmwgalbmwgal Posts: 2
    I am a BMW client advisor - If I can help you purchase a new or preowned BMW, please email me at [email protected]
  • I am recent buyer of a X5. BMW offered an interesting buy/lease option that brought my month payment to less than $500. Not bad,though I agree the car is a bit costly.

    However, I do like the way this car drives. It has more than enough pickup, and has a much longer driving range than the Acura SUV. I have been average 20-21 city highway which isn't at all bad. I am also the unfortunate owner of a Range River LWB so this car feels like a jet compared to that.

    My wife is interested in the Acura version. How does it handle compared to the X5?
  • I am recent buyer of a X5. BMW offered an interesting buy/lease option that brought my month payment to less than $500. Not bad,though I agree the car is a bit costly.

    However, I do like the way this car drives. It has more than enough pickup, and has a much longer driving range than the Acura SUV. I have been average 20-21 city highway which isn't at all bad. I am also the unfortunate owner of a Range River LWB so this car feels like a jet compared to that.

    My wife is interested in the Acura version. How does it handle compared to the X5?
  • I also have had a problem with the remote locking system. I haven't bothered to get it fixed because it fails about one in ten times . It doesn't bother me to open the car manually when this occurs. I wonder if it has to do with electronic keying system not properly registering the information on the key when you turn it off.

    The car has also stalled a few times, also on a turn at vey low speeds. This has happened twice inthe last 5000 miles.

    But I really love this car. My kids are off to college my hauling is limited to grocery bags. Anything larger, I lower the rear seat,

    But if I had kids I would probably opt for the Acura with the 3rd seat.

    Great forum. Very helpful!
  • I understand that the stalling situation has a fix that can be done at a BMW dealer in 15 minutes or so. If yours has done this I would take it to the dealer and have them put that fix in.
  • jaws31jaws31 Posts: 1
    My 2001 X5 4.4i came with 18 inch wheels but the spare is a 17 inch wheel. The dealer says an 18 inch spare will not fit in the well as the cover would not close. Any experience or suggestions.
  • Somone commented that the Sport packages is NOT desirable for snow driving. Why not?


  • alingaling Posts: 598
    It depends on which model of the X5 you are referring to. The I6 X5 with the Sport Package has 18" wheels mounted on all-season tires. These are just fine for snow. The V8 X5 with the Sport package OTOH has 19" wheels mounted on high performance tires. These tires are NOT for driving in the snow/ice. You'll be asking for trouble if you do since braking and cornering will be significantly compromised.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on remote car starters for the X5 ?? I hear they are great for the cold weather - but should you get it installed by BMW when placing your order or after the fact??
  • I agree. Do not drive in snow with high performance tires. I did and learned the hard way with a Z3. At just 20 mph - I skidded and came to rest on an embankment with $7,000 damage. The X5 is a different car altogether, but, high performance tires and snow do not mix.

    I believe BMW has a tire exchange program, for the Z's - check into it and see if it is available for the X5 also.
  • the A/C in my bmw's stink also for some reason for the first 30sec or so.
  • I have a 4.4i with sport package and drive to Vermont on winter weekends. MY choice was a set of Dunlop SP Winter Sport M2 tires (265/55HR18) mounted on a set of 18” BMW Star Spoke design (#69) alloy wheels. These are the wheels that come on the X5 3.0i with sport package option. IMHO the second most attractive wheel for the X5, the most attractive being the 19 “ Y spoke design (#63) that I will be putting back on in the spring! The Dunlops handle and look great, but I have yet to try them in the snow but I have been told that I will really be impressed. I didn’t go down to 17” wheels because I don’t like the look (and flex) of all that rubber sidewall on an X5.
  • I have been fortunate enough to not have experienced the problems with my new X5 that are written in this forum. However, I have had the unfortunate experience of getting in an accident in my new X5. Within three months of purchase, someone crossed over the line and broadsided my car, pulling the front bumper off and damaging the side of the car. My car has been in the shop for the last 45 days due to problems in getting parts. All parts being produced for BMW X5's are being used for assembly -- no parts are being allocated for repairs of the car. Because of this, my car will be out of service for at least 2 months, if not longer. I contacted BMW of North America and was told that there is nothing they can do as the popularity of the car requires them to build more and not "worry about what has been sold". As a longtime BMW owner, I find this unacceptable and will be selling the X5 as well as the other BMW I own. I just wanted to make sure the other owners out there know that if you get in an accident, you are out of luck with BMW. Funny, given the large advertising push they are doing surrounding the safety of the car.
  • Just took a road trip in our X5 and not problem w/AC until we arrived at our destination and then re started the car. Stink isn't the word for it. Had to leave the windows down. The next morning was fine, no problem. I fear this may be a recurring feature after a long road trip.
  • delaplane - you mentioned that you took advantage of an "interesting buy/lease program". I was wondering if you could share the terms with us.
  • I'm interested in buying a X5 what can I expect on if I lease or buy? I plan to get the activity, climate, and premium packages this makes the car at a total cost of $46,210. This is a lot of money for a car, any thoughts?
  • I have been shopping for a SUV(SAV) and am reluctant to buy the BMW because of all the roblems I have read. Stalling, on a new car is not acceptable, let alone in a $50,000 new car! You must feel like the BIGGEST FOOL when this happens! It does turn the right heads, and that is about all I am looking for is a superficial auto to make people envious, as my off roading is only in mall parking lots, and city parking garages, but won't feel too envious when I break down and have to drive a Ford loaner, or the like!?! My choices are between Lexus RX 300, nice but common, and this SAV, and I am now leaning for Toyota reliability. Does anyone have anything good to say about this car/SAV?
  • Go to Wal Mart or K-Mart, or any auto parts store, and buy the AC odor remover spray, various brands! It takes 3 minutes, and works great! Make sure your remote door locks work at these places!!!
  • Oh my god, it's a valley boy.
  • No valleys in Chicago! Just pot holes!
  • Solara11, one of my best friends in Dallas has the X5 and I could not believe his story. I am so disappointed I am reluctant not to shop BMW for any car...was considering 330 convertible. He has had numerous problems with his X5: bad gasket...rear brake related; defective seat belt retractor; defective fuel tank sensor(s). The last one took months for BMW to get parts, and he was constantly in fear of running out of gas. On one visit, they schlepped him over to a "rent a car" place to get his "loaner"...which in this case was a Jeep Cherokee (the $20K version). When he finally escalated his disappointment 3 months ago, NOT ONE WORD back from BMW North America...the dealer has all but ignored him...esp. the service manager. All this for a 3rd time 7-Series repeat customer! Never would I expect this shoddy treatment from Lexus...where I will continue to buy my cars, thank you. Sorry to bend everyone's ears with this rave, but I was simply astounded by BMW's treatment of a "valued" customer, let alone the lack of quality of the X5.
  • If you want to turn heads, get the LX470. I own both the LX and X5. The LX turns more heads than the X5. The X5 is more fun to drive. The new ones have had the software updates so they should not stall. I have had no stalling, stereo, gas gauge or fit and finish problems. I've had 2 problems, sunroof needs seal-wind noise and the motor for the tilt/away steering wheel needs to be replaced. Does not affect driveability. My LX has had two problems, tilt/away steering wheel motor was replaced and the CD changer was replaced. If you enjoy driving, the X5 totally outperforms the RX300.
  • How much wind noise do you have from the X5 sunroof. I notice some noise at 70 mph+ speeds and closing the slide reduces the noise. Is that a normal amount of noise?
  • My noise starts around 40 mph and it's loud. Closing the sunshade reduces the noise about 90%. The dealer was able to hear it the minute he drove about 40. They ordered the seal. A piece was missing, not installed at the factory. At 70+ mph you will get wind noise around the mirrors, and the roofrails. This shouldn't be too loud. You shouldn't get it from the sunroof. Next time you are in for servicing let your dealer know. Air leaks around the sunroof eventually turn into water leaks.
  • Thanks for the description. I will have my dealer look at it.
  • I have a BMW X5 that has 11K miles. It seems to burn about 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles. The dealership says this is normal. I question that this is normal. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem??
  • I have a BMW X5 that has 11K miles. It seems to burn about 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles. The dealership says this is normal. I question that this is normal. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem??
  • This is NOT normal. I have an M and it requires 1/2 qt every 5K to 6K miles. Our X5 is new and required 1/4 qt after 2K miles. I've heard varying descriptions of when these engines require oil. You are the first that I've heard that needed 1 qt in 1K miles. Good luck.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    My '91 Mercedes 560SEL (beautiful car) started to use oil after 50,000 miles. I kept it until 82,000 miles. It got to the point that it was using a qt. every 1,000 miles. I found it disturbing that I could run out of oil between oil changes. If my new car starts using, I'll kick it out of the garage! So far, my '00 Mercedes E430 and '99 Jeep Grand don't use a drop between changes. I'll never believe that using any oil between changes is normal. Mark
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • whnwhn Posts: 2
    Take this as you see fit.
    I had a colleague, whose father owns a MB dealership in the Bay Area. But interestingly enough, he purchased a BMW 540i 6-SP.
    His reasoning, MB's quality and design no longer lives up to their historical standards and reputation may otherwise suggest.
    To quantify our qualifications: we are designers, who have practiced and traveled extensively all over the world, and do understand and appreciate the complexity involved with quality fabrication when we see it.
    BMW have done an exceptional job in its design developments and quality control in the last 15 years to earn its reputation and in surpassing MB in resale value.
    Having said all this, I do wish that BMW (hopefully, you are listening in Munich and/or Spartanburg)(amongst other auto manufacturers) will endeavor to do a much better job in providing the consumer with broader options in upholstery/trim options.
    Case and point: does any self-respecting designer really believe that burl (or poplar) wood (light or dark) go with light grey or black leather. Contrary to popular believe, consumers do not always know what is best for them. In these instances, the professional has to take the lead in providing the needed objectivity and judgement for esthetic value.
    Try staining the poplar with ebony stain to match the black leather interiors. For the grey interiors, consider metallic trims with perforations, patterns, brushed aluminum in various shades of greys. By the way, the gloss finishes aren't working either.
    Personally, I would prefer no wood or high gloss trim at all. This in fact is one of the issues that is keeping my decision to order a new 530i or x5 from being a snap.
  • Interesting. I would think Design issues would take a back seat to Engineering issues. Form follows function.
  • whnwhn Posts: 2
    True...we were presuming that BMW's performance is superior over the MB to begin with. At least for the sporty crowd, who are interested in the total package.
  • I'd like to relate a story on how I became acquainted with the X5 and why I'm considering the purchase of one.

    On Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I were headed from LA to Carmel for 4 days of vacation. As is my usual M.O., I like to rent a vehicle I'm interested in for any road trip (I consider it an extended test drive which will show you SO much more that the usual around-the-block test drive most dealers offer).

    Anyway, I had a ML 320 reserved for the voyage, but the rental car company failed to have it for me when I showed up on Wednesday afternoon. After much negotiating, I asked if I could have the Silver X5 I saw outside as a replacementfor the ML at the same rental price. To my amazment, they agreed, and I soon drove off in 4.4 liter bliss.

    This vehicle was LOADED. As far as I could tell it had every available option; so many, in fact, that I needed most of Wednesday evening to research the owner's manual.

    While on the 101 "freeway" northbound to Carmel on Thursday, I experienced firsthand just how well DSC-X worked. We we travelling about 75 in the left lane, when some young girl in a Camry entered the freeway and proceeded to slide over three lanes; attempting to put her little toy in exactly the same spot of highway occupied by my $60,000 rental with the $5,000 deductible. Needless to say, the horn failed to alert her. The only option was full-on braking and movement onto the shoulder.

    There I am...under full braking, half the car on a sloped shoulder covered with gravel and the other half on dry, clean pavement. To my AMAZEMENT, I still had full steering, traction and brake modulation control, and managed to get the X5 back on the road with no further hysterics (and she just drove on in my lane as if nothing happened).

    Upon reaching Carmel, I found the nearest BMW dealer and requested information on the X5. During the trip, the Nav system proved to be an INCREDIBLY useful tool, although "the [non-permissible content removed]" (as my wife calls her) got confused as to our location occasionally.

    I'm probably going to buy one in spite of my usual predeliction of avoiding first year models. It may not have saved our lives, but it sure prevented an accident, and that would have certainly ruined our vacation!
  • your experience. Perhaps the M class would have done as well, I don't know. I had a close encounter with my X5 and a 3X4 foot metal panel that fell off a truck. We were doing about 70 MPH when this lethal piece of metal came rushing towards us. In panic mode, I simultaneously slammed on the brakes and turned hard left into the center median. The metal panel went flying past us and I was able to regain control. I'm convinced that the DSC-X system moderated my oversteer and correction. I have been in similar situations before and it was a lot scarier without the X5 control system. It is so easy to overcorrect the steering wheel. If safety is a priority for you, see the crash test results of the X5 as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It's the best performing vehicle of any size or class ever crashed in their 40 MPH offset test. Good luck.
  • I had a very similar experience driving home to Alabama from Texas on I-20 last saturday. In Monroe, LA a metal chair flew off a truck one lane over, landing about a car length in front of my ML55. As you did, I braked hard & turned left into the wet grass median with both left tires, but was able to maintain control & steer back into the road without incident, well, except for the shrieking from my wife & 17 year old daughter. The M Class & X5 are a world apart from most SUVs, in safety especially.
  • bgm2bgm2 Posts: 15
    I am considering either getting the all-new '01 Denali or X5 3.0 w/ Sport and Premium package. I have read the posts here and think that BMW will rectify issues of the '00 models. I have driven both and am leaning toward the Denali. I'm curious to see if anyone here as seen/driven or thought of the '01 Denali and how they think it compares to the X5 (outside of the fact that the X5 maneuvers a tad better).
  • ...what is a Denali. Have I been under a rock? There's actually something else besides the Acura, MB and Lexus that is worth comparing to the X5? Bgm2? Anybody?
  • and I have NO idea why it is being compared to the X5. Talk about comparing apples and tomatoes, IMHO, of course .
  • Wassat?
  • bgm2bgm2 Posts: 15
    Don't get me wrong-- I like the X5. But the X5's chassis is nothing more than a car (hence a carlike ride and carlike safety) and owners might think they are driving a truck. I'm considering getting the 3.0 motor vs. the all new '01 Denali which has a 6.0 liter V8 with 320 hp and is faster, carrys more with the same gas mileage. Yeah, you are paying for the prestigious BMW nameplate but the '01 Denali gives you a true truck. I'm still considering the X5 though--don't get me wrong :)
  • knowing what you want and what you are getting. I have a truck...a '99 4Runner. I want a car like vehicle. My days of offroading are over but I still want the utility of having room for the pups, some luggage, and a kick [non-permissible content removed] driving machine.

    There is no comparison between a Denali and any of the luxury sport utes. They are not truck platforms. The difference between the ride and how each vehicle drives is like night and day. I don't understand the comparison any more than I do the LX470.

    It's all on what you need, though. How could our opinion matter? I have no clue what your needs are...I only know mine. Sorry, but I think I am less than helpful to you. Good luck in your purchase, though...whatever you choose! :)
  • bgm2bgm2 Posts: 15
    You're right--everybody has different needs. I'm just saying to anyone who is considering an X5 should drive the new Denali. It really does not feel like a big SUV and have had friends who are German car drivers remark that it is impressive. Here in Dallas they are just getting to the dealers. Have a great day!
  • Did you say no Luxury Sport Utility vehicles are built on a full frame, or "Truck Platform"? That eliminates not only the Denali & Escalade, but also the LX470, all RR's, LR's & the M Class. I suppose the only SUVs that fit in this narrowly defined "Luxury" class are the RX/Camry & X5/5series, & the MDX/Odyssey. I guess that's one way to look @ things. The Denali is truly not in the same class as these 3 car/suv hybrids, in some areas it lags behind, & in other areas it is superior, but they are all very nice vehicles. Many people will cross-shop them to meet the need for a multi-purpose people mover with all-weather, & boat towing capability. Now, I for instance own an ML55 & truly enjoy it, but I have a Yukon Denali XL ordered, these two will greatly compliment one another for my daily usage. Is the ML55 superior to the Denali, well that depends on the task of the day! Good luck to all...
  • There are truck based vehicles and car based vehicles. The luxury segment including the X5, RX300, and MDX are more car like in their driving prowess. The Rovers, LX470, Cadillac's newer entry, the ML's, etc. are truck based vehicles. The differences are HUGE in their purpose, how they handle, and in most cases, their size. No matter that they are called luxury segments I still think you're comparing apples to tomatoes. An SUV is not an SUV is not an SUV just because they look like an SUV.

    If I want to do serious offroading, I am NOT going to want any of the car based vehicles because they are not going to be able to perform very well. They simply are not made for the Rubicon Trail. If all I want is to have some added utility, a little higher seating position, all wheel drive, and comfort in knowing that the vehicle is safe, I am probably going to go with one of the car based vehicles.

    It's all a matter of purpose and personal taste. My point was that to ask us which is more suited to a given person is pointless. I have my opinions about vehicles and I know what my needs are. But I certainly can't compare a vehicle like the X5 to the Denali because in my opinion they are completely different classes, serving completely different's all a matter of PERSONAL taste and preference.
  • bgm2bgm2 Posts: 15
    I'm just curious on your overall impression in deciding on ordering a Denali? I was really impressed with the power, driveability and features (the only American car I am considering). Being that I'm 29, single and have no kids, I am also considering the X5 3.0.
  • ss_x5ss_x5 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a X5 3.0i to replace a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser. I looked at a number of SUVs in the same price range, including the Tahoe/Yukon as there were no Denalis available. They are nice vehicles and I'm sure that the Denali is even nicer, but there were several things that I didn't care for compared to the X5:

    - Handling. The Yukon/Denali handles well enough for a big SUV, but it still has a ponderous truck feel to it. I've been driving big SUVs for years and even owned a previous generation K-Blazer (renamed Tahoe) and I've come to believe that there is not much that can be done to make this type of vehicle handle really well. The X5 doesn't handle as well as a BMW sedan, but it's as good as many cars and better than some.

    - Interior. Okay, I'll get flamed for this but I think the current GM truck interiors are awful. They have a squared-off 1980's look and feel that I find inappropriate for a high-end SUV. Even the Escalade suffers from the same interior, they just try to cover it up with bits of wood and some chrome. The X5 has an outstanding interior that looks and feels like a BMW should.

    - Styling. The Denali looks pretty good, but I think that GM was way too conservative when they redesigned the big SUVs. At least GMC used a front end that matches the rest of the body, unlike the Escalade which looks like the front was grafted on. The X5 is not perfect, but I haven't seen another SUV on the market that I think comes close to it.

    - Economy. Okay, gas is cheap here, even with the price hikes. However, I can reasonably expect to get 17-20MPG in the X5 while I'd bet the Denali would come in at 13-15MPG.

    - Performance. GMC claims 8.7 0-60 for the Denali and BMW claims 8.6 0-60 for the X5 3.0i with automatic transmission. Not much difference and only a head-to-head race would indicate which is quicker.

    Overall I think that I made the right decision, but if I had kids or the need to haul stuff frequently, the Denali would be better. As many have said, it comes down to what works best for you and any opinions, mine included, should be taken with a grain of salt.


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