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2001 Mountaineer makes weird heavy rattling/knocking sound while coasting

SaffyreSaffyre Member Posts: 1
edited November 2023 in Mercury
I drive a ratty old Mountaineer (2001) and it makes a knocking/rattling sound when coasting. The sound goes away when I apply the brakes or accelerate. I'm a broke @$$ single mom that's been driving the same sh!tb0x truck for 5 years. I'm usually not to bad at figuring out what the hell is wrong with it, but this one has me stumped. Someone help a girl out, will ya? ;)


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,764
    With any noise, it really has to be observed first hand and judged by where the sound appears to be coming from. Then the suspect area of the vehicle has to be inspected. If a source is discovered then you could be advised of the cause. If not there are other tools and routines that can be employed to help locate the source. (Chassis Ears) There is no way to just say what the problem is from the description alone. At best it is only enough information to assist the technician in recognizing if an observed sound when the car is taken on a road test is possibly the one of concern or not.
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