End of year dealer discounts this year?

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According to dealers, this year, perhaps because of COVID and the UAW strike (supply & demand), the remaining inventory of NEW 2023 Civics is sold out or just about sold out, with the only models left being a few more expensive models (Sport, EX, Touring and Si) with bundled options. From looking at inventories at dealers online, this seems to be true. I definitely can't find the model I'm looking for.
I'm looking to buy just the base model, LX. And so, I guess I'm looking at a 2024 Honda Civic LX hatchback instead.
10 years ago I saved a lot by buying my new Civic in December. The question is, will those discounts even be available this year? If so, how much? If the 2023s are sold out, then there's no incentive for dealers to clear those. But, will dealers still have quota incentives to get rid of 2024s in December of 2023?
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