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Tahoe Ignition, Injector, Other Problems?

shawnoshawno Posts: 3
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
My '99 Tahoe has missed a bit a low idle but ran great at highway speeds until the other day. I was driving up a mountain and dropped out of overdrive and the truck began shaking violently. I thought it was a flat but ruled that out quickly and decided it was the engine or transmission. I slowed to pull over and it stopped shaking. The check engine light came on. I got out to inspect. Nothing obvious. Drove it at regular speed to the dealer where they suspected cadalytic converter. The error code was a misfire on cylinder 4. They ruled out the cc and then said my injectors were dirty. They flushed the injectors and test drove and had another engine light with shaking. This time cylinder 3 was misfiring. They wanted to replace all 8 injectors for $1300. I started to do it but then hesitated. Why would 2 injectors fail at the same time? Not likely I imagine. Do you know what might cause this? What else should I look at first? If it is injectors, does anyone know a do-it yourself guide to replacing injectors on a Tahoe? Thanks in advance.


  • Does anyone know how to select a fuel injector? I work for BorgWarner and we make injectors - I could probably get them cheap or free. But if there is a better product I would like to compare. How do I pick? :confuse:
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I can guarantee that your fuel injectors is not the problem. Your dealer is just trying to make a buck on you!

    You probably have a crank shaft position sensor or cam shaft position sensor gone bad.

    Crack shaft position sensor is easy to change at least in my '04 Tahoe (I don't know how '99 is but should be about the same..?). It requires removing the starter motor but it is not too hard to do. Also, any garage can do it for you.

    I think the sensor cost about $65.

    I would definitely change the crank shaft sensor first before doing anything else.

  • Thanks - I'll look into that first. It sounds a load easier than injectors. Thanks for the advice.
  • I've got a 2004 Tahoe, and it suddenly started missing. It has a rough idle, and when I kick it down on the road, black smoke puffs out the exhaust for a few seconds.
    A mechanic has checked the plugs, and wiring, it all seems fine. THe computer he used showed number 1 and 3 missing, 1 is the worse. HE switched the modules and it still missed.
    We noticed when it first starts up, it doesn't miss.

    Any ideas?
  • kenmoosekenmoose Posts: 2
    This is a late reply and you may have the problem fixed by now but maybe this will help someone else. I had the exact same problem and the deal wanted to blame the injectors. My father-in-law ask about the fuel filter. I said surely they checked that first. Guess what, wrong. Since it was fairly easy to get to I decided to check it. It was so stopped up. A quick trip to AutoZone and an hour later and all was well. The filter is on the drivers side easy to get to. Later I had to replace my fuel pump and was told the bad filter may have caused the pump to over work causing it to go out early. At the time of the trouble I had around 80k on the Tahoe.
  • ckccckcc Posts: 1
    Very important to change the fuel filter, my dealer advised 15 - 20k changing. I have 52k on my 04, and had to put a new pump on it yesterday..If I had replaced the filter sooner, I would have about $900.00 extra dollars in my pocket. They had to clean the injectors as well.
  • woodyjwoodyj Posts: 6
    Sorry to post this message kinda late. But I had same problem with my 2003 Suburban. Sounds like your Main Coil Wire Harness connectors are bad. This is the wire harness that connects to the the 8 individual coils that are connected to the spark plugs. The dealer gave me same crap about replacing fuel injector wires. I don't know where they get certified if they don't know how to troubleshoot and actually fix problems.
  • I have had a problem starting my yukon for about six months now. The weird thing is every time i contacted onstar when they were still analog and had them do a diagnostic check it started up right when i got off the phone. now they cant do one since they have gone digital and i cant start my yukon. everything engages from the relays to the starter but it doesnt turn over. I sprayed quick start in my intake to see if it was the fuel pump but got nothing. i replaced the battery and still nothing. i got a spark plug tester and its not producing any spark on one. my father keeps saying its the ignition cylinder and it might not be getting the right ohms so the factory security system wont let it start. I even hooked up an obdII to it and not one code came up at all. there are no lights or anything that show on the dash. the only thing it says when i turn the key to on is SERVICE BRAKE BOOSTER and STABILITY SYSTEM OFF. What else is there to check before i change the ignition cylinder?
  • As I was driving to San Antonio from Austin at 75 mph my Tahoe suddenly stalls. I moved to the emergency lane and put it in neutral and it started fine. A couple of hours later while still driving to get to Laredo, It stalls again at 75 mph, I put it in neutral and starts fine and I continue to Laredo. After getting to Laredo it stalls again and it starts fine. What could this be. My engine light turned on so I go to Autozone they check it and say that my oxygen sensors are bad?????? I think they are wrong. Has anyone ever had this problem??? Please help!!!!!!!!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Let me get this straight. You have definite problems which set an error light, you go and have the computer read and it calls out an error code pointing to an oxygen sensor, and for some unknown reason you think they are wrong.

    Why don't you buy an OBD2 reader, clear the codes, wait for your next failure, and then read the codes yourself. Then you can do your own diagnostics and be comfortable with what the computer is telling you happened.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think they are wrong.

    What makes you think they are wrong?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have had a problem starting my yukon for about six months now. The weird thing is every time i contacted onstar when they were still analog and had them do a diagnostic check it started up right when i got off the phone. now they cant do one since they have gone digital and i cant start my yukon
    Obviously there is a connection might try calling OnStar and tell them what your problem is. They may be able to help out. There have been many other posts on this forum about OnStar related problems that have affected the vehicles.
  • well i did call them and seen what they can do but they said that they cant do anything unless i take the truck to the dealer and have them put the digital box in it and pay for a year subscription of onstar which would come to be like 200 plus. that would be the last resort to me and its hard to do that since it dont start right now. thanks for the reply though.
  • doug01doug01 Posts: 5
    I have a 01 z71 tahoe with the 5.3L. The vehicle runs ok under very low load and idles fine. When i try to accellerate the vehicle jerks like i am flooring the gas and then letting off. The engine is also ticking very bad (sounds like a vehicle totally out of timing). I am lucky to get it up to 65 or 70 on the highway... Any ideas? I am thinking maybe the camshaft positioning sensor, but i am not sure. I hate to just start replacing items..
    Thanks for your input.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Your symptoms with loud ticking could indicate a more major problem, bad valve or camshaft. I'd get it looked at before you have portentially more serious damage done by that problem deteriorating.
  • I have a 04 Suburban that did the exact same thing on a trip to Florida. I also took it to Autozone and the said I had a lean code on Oxygen sensor. I found in other forums that this is happening when fuel tank is between 1/2 and E. Therefore I filled up every time we stopped on way back and did not have stalls on 770 mile trip. I would like to know what is causing this problem. I need help also.
  • i have a 95 s10 chevrolet pickup 2.2 has been skipping for some time now i have change plugs, wires.i have went back and pulled the plugs ,and found one that was not fireing so i replaced it, still haveing same problem,put new computer in did not help put in new injector and now the number one plug is filling up with gas and will not is just that one cylinder is the only one haveing trouble with. tried hooking it up to get reading ,the computer would not read,i have done everthing that anyone could tell me to do,so please if you have any answers for me,tellwhat i must do
  • jameltjamelt Posts: 1
    I had this same problem on my 2002 Chev Suburban 1/2 ton, V8. What happens is the solenoid next to the gas tank doesn't release the vacuum created in the gas tank after you have been driving for long time without stopping. If it stops on you just get out and unscrew the gas cap. If you hear a release of the suction then that is your problem. The dealership can hook up your vehicle to a computer and tell you if this is your problem.
  • I have a 97 tahoe with the 5.7L motor. It started missing while driving down the road. and then cut off. Code P1345, came up, Manufacture control error. Replaced Distributor, new computer and new cam sensor. Fuel pump comes on and theres fuel at the top of the intake. But the is no gas to the injectors. If you put a little gas in the throttle body it will fire up. But when its going it dies. Please Help! Thanks
  • kimykimy Posts: 1
    I just experienced my 03 Yukon stalling on me today. I was at a stop sign and when I went to gas up to cross the street, the car started to jerk back and forth and had problems accelerating. I was right in the middle of the 4 lane street and this was a very scary experience. I put the gear in park and turned the car off. The car sounded fine when it started up again so I stepped on the gas pedal, but then it started jerking again. The steering wheel locked up on me, the car stalled, engine died, and I put it in park and started up the car again. I noticed that everytime when I would come to a reduced speed, the engine would die and the steering wheel would lock up on me. Has anyone had this problem before? Please help me?
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