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My 2005 Sportage is very difficult to keep from getting fogged up. When the temp is below freezing I can never see out the second row windows or the rear window. I notice no difference in the air quality when I push the button to recirculate cabin air or leave it in the default position for fresh air. The dealership could find no problem with the mechanism but I have a feeling the recirculate air button is on whether the light is illuminated or not. Any ideas?


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    conditioning. If you do this the temperature will be regulated from the outside to inside air and your windshield will clear up. It depends on what the humidity is in the area you live. The last few places I've lived I've needed to use my A/C with my defroster to keep the windshields clear.

    In the Pacific Northwest, where we bought our Sportage 4x4, I didn't need to use the A/C because of a higher outside humidity level. Give it a try and get back to us, OK?

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    Thanks for that suggestion. Unfortunately, I've tried every combination of control, including that one. Are you suggesting that outside high humidity would make my interior conditions better? Last night I was driving in -19 C conditions with 67% humidity and my front windshield was clear in the bottom 2/3rd and the front side windows were clear only enough to see the mirrors. I'm convinced the fresh air intake is blocked, always closed, or something like that but I have no knowledge of how that system works. The book that came with the car doesn't give any illustrations of the air circulation system. Thanks again for the idea. Don in Edmonton.
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    might indeed be clogged, Don. Oh, well, I thought I had an easy(and cheap)answer to it. :(

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    Problem: If I'm driving with the AC on, after an hour the air from the vents becomes less and less cool until it is essentially the same temp as the air in the car. So I hit the AC button and let just the fan run for 10-15 minutes, then hit the AC button again (to turn it on), and the air blasts out cold! It stays cold for 20-30 minutes, and then the "coolness" fades again. And so it goes. One dealer (when I was on the road) replaced the AC motor (which was clogged with ice). Local dealership has said a number of things, including "It's a flaw in the vehicle," "It can't be fixed," "We might be able to fix it, but we'd have to take out the dash and can't guarantee...." Does anybody know what's going on?
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    ... replaced the AC motor (which was clogged with ice).

    YOu mean the blower motor? I cannot see how it could be covered with ice, please explain...
    ....One thing is not clear: does the air flow change during that event? Ice forming on the AC evaporator could be a factor, meaning the detent valve being set at too low a pressure and causing too low a temperature, hence icing....and it would then restrict the air flow...then it might indeed be a "common trouble" with that series of vehicle, as the dealer said....with the consequence as he describes about taking off the dash...but is that a fact...I do not know, anyway, it seems that changing the motor did not solve anything, did it?
    ....when it works, do you have the feeling that the air is VERY cold..? that is, colder than you have experienced with other ac equipped vehicles. That is a tricky question, not very precise as a "feeling"...but if it verifies something you might have tought of, it would point in the direction stated above. It would be a gross mistake from the manufacturer then ....
    I'll ask the question to the local dealer here...just to see their reply...also, will check for any report in CONsumer's report and other agencies...
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    My fan on my 2001 kia sporatge is not working . Can that be my blower motor?
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    Folks, I had a problem with A/C getting cold then sputtering out. Landed in Antigonish Nova Scotia after traveling from Calgary. There is a Temperature sensor under the dash that needs to be replaced, we also experienced visible cold vapor from the vents, this took about four hours to replace and was covered by warranty. The dealer in Antigonish was great and informed me my timing belt should be replaced at 96K, on the way back from Cape Breton I had 98K on my vehicle and had the belt replaced for $400
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    i have a 2001 kia sportage and my heater blower works sometimes and sometimes it dosent does anyone know what could be causing this? thanks for your help brandy
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    I have been having a problem lately when I turn on my Air Cond on my 2007 Kia Sportage. It runs cool for a while and then the coolness fades out and the air is at the same temperature as inside the car. I see a note from Midnighttaxi on 11/2009 where he says there is a temperature sensor under the dash and he had to have his fixed and it was still under warranty. Mine is under warranty until 60,000 and its at 54,000 right now. Do you think this could be the problem? Also,, I noticed when Im sitting at a stop light , my temperature gauge shows a little hotter than usual cuz usually the dial is right in the middle between hot and cool where it should be. What do you think? The heater works fine.
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    My 2007 sportage compressor cuts in and off at 20 secs intervals, I am told it could be the temperature sensor. Please. I need your opinion and answers to the following.
    What is the correct R134a charging quantity?.
    How best to replace a temperature sensor?.
    How does it look? (pic or drawing).
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    It sounds like your evaporator is freezing the condensation and blocking the airflow. this is usually caused by a faulty thermostat inside the HVAC unit. A way to test this is to get a good refrigerator thermometer or one for testing A/C, and put it at a vent in the flow of air, set A/C to max air. If it gets below freezing or really close to freezing before the A/C compressor cluth kicks out, this is most likely the problem. These are usually set at 34f and up depending on make and model. Good luck.
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    Hi! I know that it has been 3 years, but I need to ask anyway...did you ever get a response to this post? I am having the same problem with my 2007 Kia Sportage and the dealership has not been successful in fixing the problem. The service manager told me that he was unaware of a sensor for the Sportage A/C unit.
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    Hello Allsmiles:
    Not sure what your symptoms are but the problem I had was with a clogged cabin air filter. You would find it inside and on the left wall of your glove compartment. As soon as I switched out the filter the problem was history. Good luck, Don
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