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BMW X5 Shaky Noise At The Front Right Wheel

DMK119DMK119 Member Posts: 2
edited January 6 in BMW

Hi there, I have noticed a shaking noise at the front right wheel of my BMW X5 Since last week.
I have checked the steering racks, there's no any issue found.
What could be the problem?


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    DMK119DMK119 Member Posts: 2

    I have also checked the front shaft.

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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,751
    Shaky noise? Do you mean a rattle or banging sound? Do you have to be on a rough road to hear it, meaning if you are on a smooth road, you don't hear it as much?

    With any noise the description is really only enough information for a technician to drive the car, experience the symptom and then test/inspect to locate the source. I could guess a dozen things, but the only thing that is important is what is wrong with your car right now. Guesses will have you wasting money.
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