2008 Porshe Cayenne First Drive

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"Porsche's redder, hotter chili pepper"...sounds like our editors like the Cayenne's changes for 2008. Read the article and then tell us what you think.

First Drive: 2008 Porsche Cayenne


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    2008 Porsche Cayenne S or 2007 BMW X5 4.8i? I think I would have to flip a coin.
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    porsche is a better vehicle in every sense,currently drive m3cic, and A6 in the winter, would love new CS when i can afford it, new engines and body blow the X5 away, 4.8 is fast, but overall porsche is better.
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    I own a 2001 X5, which I will most likely replace with one of these in the next year or so. I have recently driven both. Thoughts:

    - The new X5 is definitely bigger than the old one, and bigger than the Cayenne. It felt and drove "big" to me, compared to my current X5.

    - The X5, as has been written, is very gadgety. The Cayenne has plenty of technology in it, but feels like a simpler automobile to drive. Then again, the X5 has a few nice features, like Bluetooth and a good iPod interface, that the Cayenne does not offer. Which you prefer is up to you.

    - The X5 interior is arguably nicer.

    - I think it would be best to compare a Cayenne to a Sport package X5, and the only X5 I was able to drive was not a sport package. That said, the X5 felt to be very softly sprung and "washy" compared to the Cayenne.

    - The engine sound is beautiful in both vehicles but somewhat more present in the Cayenne cabin than in the X5.

    - The X5, in my opinion, offers some more appealing interior/exterior color combinations.

    - In the V8 trim, the as-equipped price and performance are roughly equal. I am unaware of comparative dealer latitude in price.

    - The X5 is now available with a meager rear seat, and of course the Cayenne is not. As a result, the storage space without the rear seat is larger in the X5 than in the Cayenne.

    It still seems to come down to this - these are two highly competitive vehicles that appeal to the same buyer profile. The Cayenne, as it always has, focuses on performance at the expense of other areas, but the sacrifice is not significant. The X5 seems to focus on refinement and comfort, especially compared to the previous X5 incarnation, but only when sitting next to the Cayenne - compared to any other SUV it would seem to be performance focused also.

    I am leaning toward the Cayenne, but either vehicle is a good choice. They are two of a kind.
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