Hyundai Azera Starting/Stalling Issues

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I have a 06 Azera I live NY since this cold spell has hit the car will not start with the remote in the AM after sitting over night. I have taken it back to the dealer three time and they have reset the system and replace a chip in the starter but it will only work for one day then it’s back to not starting anyone have clue to why this maybe happening


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    Is your remote starter an original equipment item? If so, which model do you have? I have an 06 Limited with Premium Pkg. and I don't remember that being an option. You are right that it has been cold here in the NY area. Wishing for a remote starter!
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    I had it installed after market buy the dealer it is a nice option to have I have the same model you do
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    What was the approximate cost and did it require the car to be at the dealer for any prolonged length of time? :confuse:
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    The cost was about $500 and it done in a day
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    I also have an 06 Limited and it was not an option so I had mine installed after market as well- $265. I love it and have had no problems with it. We are in Ohio and also battling this gruesome weather, everything closed today including all govt offices.
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    Hi mac32 I also live in NY and in fact I also had the remote starter installed by the dealer as well. At first I had the same problem you did, but after going back to the dealer twice or so the problem was solved. At first, I would remote start it then the car would power up and it cranks but won't start. Then they finally realized that the chip from the key was not placed in the close enough where the ring (around the key) can get the singals. After they placed the chip in a better spot my problem was solved and so far is been six months without any problems with the remote starters. Hope this helps. :)
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    what brand remote starter do you have?
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    I have a 2007 Azena (7000km). When I start it the first time everyday, it shakes (the engin sound normal) for a few minutes until it idles normally. Hyundai mechanic said that this is a normally behavior for an azera.
    You input is appreciated.

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    After disengaging the starter, I suspect I could set a full wine glass on any horizontal surface and not spill a drop as the engine runs...
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    Same here. Like a poster somewhere on this forum noted, if I didn't watch the tach I would not even know the engine started.
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    Note that there is a TSB concerning the cam chain tensioner on the Azera.
    The tensioner is hydraulically controlled and uses a ratchet mechanism to hold it in place when the engine is shut down ( it would otherwise retract due to loss of oil pressure ).
    The teeth on some of the ratchet mechanisms wear or shear and do not hold the tensioner in extended position. This causes a rattle of the cam chain on startup until oil pressure extends the tensioner. This would explain a slight rattle for a few seconds after startup.
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    Thank you all for you responses.

    My Azera shakes for about four minutes only when it is cold, then it smoothes out when it warms up (or idles down). During the day, I hardly notice the engine started as some of you mentioned. I have heard of the problem with the oil reaching the mechanism which last a few second only.

    How can I access the TSB?

    Thank you again.
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    TSB # 06-20-002 Part Update, (Timing Chain Tensioner)

    Go to the link indicated below. You can print a copy for your dealer in PDF format.

    Azera is 1 of 3 Hyundai models listed with same problem.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you very much.
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    When I brought home my new 2007 Azera I noticed that the engine was quite noisy. When it is started for first time in morning, it has a loud mettalic clang for 3-5 seconds (al;most like there is not enough lubrication?). Dealer tested oio pressure -said that this was "within spec" - that it could take up to 3 seconds to build up oil pressure. Any other such experience? What did dealer say or do?
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    You might have a faulty timing chain tensioner. There is a factory Service Bulletin 06-20-002 that addresses this problem. It is a warranty item. They replace the tensioner.
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    After 8,000 miles my Azera's engine began to make excessive noise. I took it into the dealer and I was informed that there were loose bearing on the main engine fly wheel. After two days in the shop and the lifting out of the engine the repair was completed and the engine is again as quiet as when it was new.
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