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Infiniti G35: Does it measure up to a BMW, MB, etc.?

fantasyfantasy Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
because if you ever owned a M.B., BMW, or even a PORSCHE you will never own a Infinity. Sure this G35 is a reliable vehicle but the function, feel, and drive needs much to be desired.
Just think, a 1991 M.B. 190E 2.6 has it all over a new G35. Thats 15+ years later.
Think to yourself, if you own a car for many years then why would you want to be in a car that make you want to get out of it?


  • g35mcg35mc Posts: 9
    That's not true, I drove a 2003 BMW 540i 6-speed for the last few years and now I'm driving a 2007 G35 Sedan 6MT =). While the 540i was one of my favorite cars it didn't prevent me from looking at Infiniti. I would have waited for the 2008 5series if the 550i had undergone the same engine changes as the other 5 series.
  • hi fantasy,

    i recommend the BMW
    My sister recommended Infinite because she had heard of their great cars, customer service and prices on 2006 models. When I arrived at Infiniti South Bay, I was exhausted after working a 12 hour shift and dissatisfied with Nissan Wilmington customer service regarding repairs to my 350Z although I love the quality and performance of the vehicle. So I had felt Infiniti was the next level and I was well aware of the G35 coupe. I expressed my concerns to my Infiniti salesman and purchased a lease of a 2006 G35 coupe on 12/20/2007. Now I’ve had the car for less then 90 days and unfortunately I’m disappointed the luxury brand name of Infiniti has fell short with my 2006 G35. Below are my problems by number I have encountered with this vehicle during the total 57 days I’ve had it:

    1.) Dash tire pressure alarm - Less then 2 hours after I brought the car the alert light indicating an issue with the vehicle tires came on. I called my salesman who informed me I most have hit a dip and I just need to add more air to the tire pressure specified on the tires. I immediately thought this was too must of a burden seeing I hadn’t even got home yet.
    2.) Trunk access button (outside) – Opening the trunk by the outside access button works randomly. Sometimes it works when the car doors are unlocked, sometime it works after using the remote and sometimes it works when trying to re-open the trunk but it ever works when expected. Also, something rattles when opening/closing the trunk
    3.) Engine Noise – There is a jack hammer or knocking sound coming from under the hood when accelerating.
    4.) Service engine soon light is on with less then 5000 miles on the car.
    5.) Check oil light is on with less then 5000 miles on the car.
    6.) 19” wheels make the ride uncomfortable and general feel of driving insecure.
    7.) Passenger seat belt – When the passenger side seat belt isn’t being used it knocks against the inside compartment resulting in an unease rattling sound.

    My impression of the Infiniti brand was that of quality, performance and beauty. However, after being a G35 owner and driver its clear this car is just for looks. I now need information about canceling my lease.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,635
    I've heard about the Infiniti (G & M both, for that matter) is fuel economy, particularly relative to the BMW, which is considerably better.

    If you don't care about that, many people sound extremely pleased with their G's, always with the caveat that their car cost $XXXX less than the "comparable" BMW. Very few (if any) come right out & say it's a better car, period, regardless of cost.

    I drove a '73 240Z over 220K miles, so have a generally good feeling toward Nissan. OTOH, the car at the top of my next car list is a BMW 3.

    Have fun shopping.
  • I feel quite the opposite. I use to date a gal who owned a 2002 BMW 3 series convertible. While it was a nice riding car, I really had nothing to compare it to until I was in the market. I started to drive all the cars in 2005 -- the 330, the TL & the G. The TL was quickly disgarded because of the FWD and the weaker engine -- so I focused on the 330 & the G.

    During the comparison, the only ever-so-slight edge I could give the 330 was the "feel of the road". I attributed it to the fact that it sat very low to the ground. All other comparisons were in favor of the G -- power, looks & cost.

    Even if the costs were the same, I still would have pulled the trigger on the G ;)
  • I can't speak to the BMW side of the question but I have owned 2 MB c class cars.
    I owned a 2002 c coupe, 2004 c sedan Kompressor and have driven several other models while my car was in for service.
    I have owned all these from new and enjoyed each of them. They are very fun cars to drive and hug the ground really well. they do this much better than my new G35. The small kompressor engine (189 HP super charged) got great gas mileage as well. The non-kompressor models I drove as loaners are very similar in ride to the G35. It is a smooth but unexciting ride. very under powered.

    I got the G35 because it was just a better car all around. it doesn't take corners at 50 miles an hour like the lexus or audi, but who drives like that all the time. My MB was in the shop so much i had my calls transfered there. The C Class is a nice car for the city but does not hold up well to being pushed. It wore through tires every 15,000 miles, went out of alighnment just as fast. the transmission, radiator and lights went out on one car. the other had blown head gaskets, brakes. both had major work inside to replace all the window motors, sunroof controls, seat controls, door panels....

    The C class had a few corners cut to bring it to america. it is no where near as smooth, quiet or refined as the other MB models. The G 35 sedan did take a middle road for comfort over sport, and it shines for that. It also blows the doors off my old super charged MB's in speed, power, comfort, build quality, features, and style.
  • We just purchased a G35x for my wife, and picking it up today. Drove several comparable cars ('09 TL, '08 G350 AWD, etc.).

    I drive a '07 BMW 335ic now. This is my 3rd BMW 3 Series. There is still something really special about the "Ultimate" drivers car. However, they have thier issues too. I'll never keep one longer than the warranty and BMW service coverage, as cost to maintain them is quite high. Was just quoted $2700 for a set of tires from BMW. No way. I've had some real tire issues with this car, and likely will not get another BMW due to their handling of a poor quality OEM Protenza RFT tires.

    I've also had a MB C230 Kompressor, which was short lived with me. Good car, but I could not tolerate the noisy engine, and funky sounds it made.
    I've had Nissan's (350Z, Maximas) and they have been good cars as well. This will be our first Infinity. Test drives were favorable, so we are looking forward to this experience.
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