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Toyota Tundra General Shopping Questions

dzgeardzgear Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Hi all. I own a window cleaning bus. here in San Diego. And while doing the windows for the Toyota dealership I was at today the customer relations manager came out to chat with me about the new Tundra because she knew I wanted one. She then told me that they just came out with either low APRs or a rebate on them. Then one of the managers came out and told me that Toyota is also running lease specials on them. This program just started today Feb. 9th. Unfortunately I was very busy and didn't have time to get the details. Has anyone else heard anything? This is for the region that includes Southern California.


  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Every region can be diffrent but in Gulf states you have 3.9% for 36 months, 4.9 for 48 and 5.9 for 60 months, with approved credit, as well as a 1,000 rebate for Acive Military personel
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276

    $299 a month / for 36 months / with $1295 DUE AT SIGNING

    Amount due a signing includes $996 down payment, first month payment of $299, and no security deposit. Tax, Title, and License extra.

    2007 TUNDRA based on model 8240, MSRP $28308 and Actual Capitalized Cost of $26329 Your lease-end purchase option will be $17072.00 plus tax, title, and license. Customer is responsible for excess wear and tear and 15 cents per mile over 36,000 miles. Dealer participation may affect final negotiated price and applicable taxes. NOT ALL CUSTOMERS WILL QUALIFY. Special financing available for a limited time to qualified buyers through Toyota Financial Services and participating Toyota Dealers. Toyota Financial services is a service mark of Toyota Motor Credit Corporation. Offer expires February 28, 2007.
  • Is this for the So. Cal region and if it is, is it on the 4.7 or 5.7? Also, where did you get this info from?
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    If you go to Toyota's website, you can find out what special deals and inventory is available in your specific region or zipcode area. Click on Build and Price Your Toyota and it will ask for your zipcode.
  • I would guess that the deal is for the 4.7 as the 5.7 is "HOT" at the moment. It'll be a while before incentives are added to sell that badboy.

    Thanks for the info. My buddy is going to look at them this weekend and I am graciously tagging along :blush:
  • Nope. That lease deal isn't for So. Cal. But I did get it straight from the horses mouth that there are finance and lease specials available for So. Cal dealerships. Just nothing is posted yet on Toyota's website. :confuse: Hmmm.... I'll keep looking and post when I find something.
  • I have not heard of such deal until now. Nevertheless, it sounds pretty interesting. The Toyota website has all the details you need about the best Toyota financing deals.

    2005 Toyota Tundra Accesorios - Tundra 4x2 06 Catalog by Toyota Motors">link title
  • 12ga12ga Posts: 9
    A dealer has an '03 Tundra V6 manual tranny Access Cab with 49,000 miles on it. He'll let it go for $18,000 however I'm concerned that it doesn't have the tow package on it.

    I want to trailor a 14ft fiberglass boat and Dilly trailor with it. The dealer indicates that the truck doesn't need anything other than the trailor hitch because its a manual tranny. He says its already wired and can tow up to 5,300 lbs as it is.

    Am I being told the truth?
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    It will tow the boat just fine. Seems like a high asking price to me. I would shop around. Is it a 4X4?
  • 12ga12ga Posts: 9
    Yes it's a 4x4 with 4-wheel ABS, alloy wheels, bed liner, sliding rear window, power door locks, and single CD player.

    I've been shopping but am having difficulty finding any low-mileage Tundra's with manual trannies around here.
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    They are asking absolute premium for your truck. Offer them 90% and prepare to own it, I am not an expert but the V8 automatic will get about the same mileage as the manual V6 and has more towing capacity. I believe that the trans cooler is standard. I have your truck in an 02 with the V8 and 50,000 miles.I tow 6000 pounds of horses and trailer on a weekly basis. I have a class IV receiver hitch, beefed up rear springs and electric trailer brakes. I stay away from the mountains but otherwise it performs satisfactory. Good luck.
  • 12ga12ga Posts: 9
    They were asking $20,485 and I negotiated down to $18,000. puts the book value suggested retail value at $20,140. I'll decide when I see the vehicle in person tomorrow whether it's worth $18k.

    Thanks for your help and information.
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    My 02 books at 19,800 average retail, in excellent condition, according to KBB. If I could get that for it, I could have it empty of my possessions in about 15 minutes. Around my neck of the woods, the V6 manual would be a hard truck to sell. I say that you should buy what you want, but offer low, walk away and come back in a day or two. I do wish you well. Thanks.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Have you looked at the new Tundra ? There is a 3,000 rebate on the base model of the new Tundra. So, the price difference between what this guy is asking for and the new Tundra won't be that great, plus it is a brand spanking new truck.
  • 12ga12ga Posts: 9
    I haven't looked at the new Tundra because I didn't want to take out a loan. I've got $18k of which $16k came from a insurance settlement for an '02 Dakota Quad Cab I totaled last month.

    Maybe I ought to take a quick look to see what the new Tundra is going for...
  • 12ga12ga Posts: 9
    Holy smokes they did away with the manual tranny!? What the heck is the deal with that?
  • ff1825ff1825 Posts: 7
    I would like to know if any readers in New England or the Northeast US purchased a 2007 Tundra 4X4 Reg.Cab with the Standard,(meaning short) bed.

    The two largest Toyota dealers in Mass., Ira and Boch have told me you cannowt get a standard bed in new England, only the long bed is available.

    Also, cna a Tundra be factory ordered?

    I was told this was not possible also.

    Any information woudl be helpful.

    Thank you all for reading this.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    I tried to find one back in March when my buddy bought his. I didn't see any on the lots and one sales guy told me the configuration didn't exist. It's probably a cost saver to keep the frame length consistant without having to resort to a shorter bed just to accomodate the short box/single cab config.

    Others in the Edmunds forums have claimed that the configuration does exist and is availible in other parts of the country so maybe it is possible to order one up.

    That configuration with the 5.7 and 2WD would make for a nice sport truck build-up!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Saw one on the road yesterday here in Maryland.

  • 1moob1moob Posts: 2
    I recently bought a new Tundra and the finance manager offer me the 7 years or "75000" miles for the price of $0.70/day. I was told by the sale manager that the warranty was 7 years or 100k. When I signed the paper, I did not ask and assumed that it was the 7 years or 100k because he did not mention the mileage, only the 7yrs. I found out over the weekend when I took some times to read through everything. I went back to the finance manager and asked to take the warranty out since it was only 15k more than the company warranty. He promised to change it to 7 yrs or 100k for me. My question is: How do I find out if this warranty is truly 7 yrs or 100k? Who should I contact to check out this extended warranty on this truck or any Toyota dealer should be fine? Thanks for your assistance.
  • sammy21sammy21 Posts: 2
    I want to get a tundra but would like to see what is new for 2008 anyboby have inside info dealers don,t seems to know or will not tell. I feel that a 07 model is already a year old
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    Spring of 08.
  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    The 08 tundra is in production as of 7/10/07
    according to

    They should be rolling into dealers now!
  • flinchlockflinchlock Posts: 13
    Hmm, I just looked at and I see this info...

    Toyota Tundra, Production Startup Date, 10/10/07

  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    Flinch...........You are correct. I posted the 07 prod. end date!
  • In July Toyota had rebates upto either $3000 or $3500 on the Tundra, when do they usually post the new rebates for the next month? I live in Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • For my zip in Michigan 49012, they are already posted...

    New 2007 Tundra All Models Customer Choice

    0% APR for 36 Months
    0% APR for 48 Months
    1.9% APR for 60 Months
    OR $2500 Customer Cash

    Offer Ends 9/4/2007

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