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Dash Cam Parking Mode

spflanzespflanze Member Posts: 4
edited February 2 in Toyota
I consider acquiring a Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid for my next car. I would install a dash cam which has a Parking Mode that keeps the car under surveillance while parked. While in Parking Mode The dash cam is powered by the car's battery.

To retain enough battery energy to start the car, the dash cam has a cutoff switch that will turn off the camera when the battery voltage declines to 11.8V. But this voltage is meant for lead acid battery. The Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid has a lithium ion battery. Will this cutoff switch work with that lithium ion battery?


  • EfrainCookeEfrainCooke Member Posts: 25
    For your specific application, I recommend consulting with the manufacturer of the dash cam or the manufacturer of the cutoff switch to determine if it is compatible with lithium-ion batteries and suitable for use in a hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Prius Plugin Hybrid. Additionally, consider consulting with a qualified automotive electrician or technician for advice on installation and compatibility. I don't think that it would cost any problems, but it's still better to consult with people who have already installed them.
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