Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine Questions

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I will be picking up my FJ 1300 Freeway miles away. Flying to Southern Cal and driving home on almost all freeway. How should I break it in?
The owners manual says no quick acceleration and to vary the speed. I spoke to a Toyota rep and he said to stop every 200 miles or so to let the engine rest, but after asking him twice I couldn't find out how long a "rest" is??

When should I do my first oil change? I like to get the metal shavings out of the engine early.
Anyone using synthetic oil? The rep said I could go to synthetic after the first oil change, but once I put synthetic in the engine there is no going back to dyno oil?

How should I break the engine in on the freeway?


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    If you were breaking in a race engine you would want to floor the the throttle, then lift off the gas for several minutes to seat the piston rings, but since we're not talking a race engine the best thing you can do is vary your speeds (don't cruise.) I'd only bother to do this during the first 200 or so miles because honestly there's not a lot to break-in anymore thanks to low friction engine part (like hydraulic lifters, etc)
    Unless you're planning on racing or punishing the engine the factory dyno oil is fine. Again, low wear, clean burning engines don't need to run synthetic unless factory recommended.

    Hope this helps, just honest opinions from 15+ years in car sales, service, and racing.
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    any supercharger for FJ?
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    Drive it like you stole it. It's under warranty isn't it?Ok maybe the first tank of gas vary things, but after that all bets are off!!
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    That dyno oil is fine so long as you change it every 3k begins to break down after that and no matter what anyone tells you it really does...
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    Check out URD Under dog racing. I beleive they have 2. 40hp more over TRD one and a lot more mods with it.
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