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    yeah, i don't so though. I've tried such a test didnt make a difference. I even have tried using 93 in it didn't make a difference. I own a '98 f-150 with 435k(same engine & transmission never rebuilt) and it still gets 16.5 mpg in situations where my Rondoexv6 only gets the above stated(17.5-19.0mpg). Either way it should never fall below what the sticker rated it as(20-27). I like the vehicle alot don't get me wrong i'm just tryin to pass along facts that i'm experiencing with this vehicle.
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    Two or three adults in car, no luggage of consequence.

    65 MPH, 95% interstate I have been getting 22-24 mpg with 4 cylinder, AC constantly on.

    70 mph with AC on, I'm getting about 20-22 mpg. My lowest MPG has been 20.

    Earlier in the year without AC I was averaging 26-27 with a high of 29 mpg.
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    What's the point of a mini-mini-van if the MPG isn't any better than a full size one?
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    the new EPA rating (being applied for all vehicles sold in the US for 2008 to be more realistic)
    for the Rondo:

    6 cylinder: 18 - 25 mpg (20 combined) before it was 20-27 with 23 combined.
    4 cylinder: 19 - 26 mpg (22 combined) before it was 21-29 with 24 combined.

    Actually I thought it was a tall wagon (at least Transport Canada classifies it as such in their 2007 Fuel Consumption Guide)
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    I am starting wonder the same thing. My 04 Ody gets 16-18 in town, 19-21 mixed, and 22-24 on the freeway.
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    (Cross-posted on

    vegasrondo - We were just in your neck of the woods, having just returned from a 3509 mile road trip from the Seattle-area to Arizona and back via Idaho, Utah & Nevada. Carried our typical load of 3 dogs in hard crates, cooler, pop-up shelter, camp chairs, dog kibble for 3 dogs for 2 weeks, 3 soft dog crates, dog training gear, personal gear, LOTS of water, food, laptop etc.

    The V6 handled great. The engine and interior are so quiet that sometimes you’re not sure the engine is actually on upon start-up. Went from sea level to an elevation of 7000 + feet in eastern Arizona. The V6 handled climbing grades great.

    Though we got 28-29 mpg on our first 400 mile road trip on the first 2 tanks of gas, this trip averaged 24 mpg, with the a/c on full-time virtually all the time. Mostly interstate and US highway miles with some in-town and forest service roads.

    Best mileage was 26 mpg on US 180 north and I-40 west to Kingman, AZ doing about 80 mph – the state patrol were very much in evidence in AZ. Worst mileage was unaccountably between Mesquite, NV and Beaver UT – 18 mpg - elevation? Wind?

    Drove from 7-15 hours a day through pelting rain and thunderstorms (Utah & Arizona) 100 degree heat (in Las Vegas)and the Rondo handled very well. Did not attempt any mileage-conserving driving techniques – was mainly focused on making decent time to destinations and keeping the dogs cool in the Southwest heat, so cruising speeds were 80-90 mph. Cruising in this range was so smooth that we easily crept up to 105 mph without noticing. Rpms at 90 mph were about 3000-3200. Did some passing of semis & RVs on 2-lane highways and the engine did strain under rapid acceleration during short passing spurts, but normal passing on the interstates was smooth.

    Not sure how effective the rear air vents behind the center console were, but better than nothing. Through the hottest weather, battery-run crate fans were used to circulate the a/c air for the dogs, but they would have been fine without. The ergonomics and features in this vehicle are well-designed, with all controls within easy reach of the driver and the dual lighter plugs for charging cell phones etc were great, esp. the one inside the console with divit for cord accecss.

    The under-floor storage in the 5-seater model came in handy for storing a large case of bottled water, dog food, a large shade cloth, heavy stake-out chain, tool & emergency road kit & the crate fans. Stowed stuff under the front seats and in the back seat floor space. All seat and door pockets were fully utilized as well for easily accessible items.

    The Rondo would be great with a full-spare tire and 4WD, but handled the graded dirt mountain roads we drove in the National Forest fine. The seasonal rain created conditions on certain roads in the mountains that we could not attempt due to lack of ground clearance & 4WD however.

    Fortunately the Kia dealership the vehicle was purchased from gives free lifetime car washes, so they easily cleaned off the post-trip bug glaze and unfortunate grasshopper that was found impaled on the front grille.

    Though the sound-quality sucks, the 6-CD player was handy on a long road trip but best loaded when parked, not while driving.

    For those transporting dogs, the 5-seater Rondo gets a thumbs-up for cargo space along with decent mileage.

    Images of Rondo loaded for road trip
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    Full time AC in the Sedona, I was lucky to get 17 mpg. 22 mpg on the Rondo is about 33% better.

    Without AC on the Sedona, I was happy to get 21 mpg. I'm Getting 27 on the Rondo without AC. A 30% increase in gas mileage.

    My 02 Odyssey averaged about 22 mpg. Too bad the subsequent owner most likely had to buy a $5,600 transmission for it.

    It balances out.
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    Really. I guess the full-size minivans have pretty bad mpg. My Freestyle is pretty big and it gets 20-27mpg depending on the conditions, so I guess it's about the same for the Rondo.
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    sqo, I am duly impressed by how much you managed to cram into that Rondo! I bought the Rondo specifically for transporting two large Borzoi, and it was one of the few I found with adequate space and seats that fold FLAT. (Tell me, Chevy Equinox designers, what is the point of an SUV where seats don't fold flat and the rear is taken up by useless plastic??) My dogs ride loose behind a barrier with long body pillows lining the space for cushioning. Even with both in I still have room behind the front seats to put things like groceries, etc.

    Not sure if you use anything on top to carry cargo, but I have found this invaluable for carrying large mesh crates and other stuff that doesn't fit in the car:
    link title

    Glad to hear other dog owners enjoy this car.">link title
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    On August 16, my wife and I replaced our beloved 1998 Subaru Legacy wagon with a 2007 Rondo EX V6 Luxury 7 passenger (we live in Newfoundland, Canada). With just over 1200 kms on the odo (750 miles), we have been averaging about 28 mpg, with mileage on one 700 km trip of 29.3 mpg. Since the Rondo is not yet "broken in", I am quite pleased that our mileage matches that of our 5 speed 4 cylinder Legacy. (Though our Imperial/Canadian gallon is bigger than your American gallon, 4.54 litres to 3.76 litres)
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    Great write up! In about 5 weeks I will be packing my two Maine [non-permissible content removed] cats (1 is 26 pounds and 1 is 17 pounds) and will head to the Washington, D.C. area to visit family. We have made this trip twice before in a 2.7 liter Santa Fe. The worse mileage I got with the SF was 8 MPG doing 90 or so. That is one reason I opted for the 2.4 liter.

    Lately I have been getting about 14 MPG in 98% city stop and go driving with the A/C on full time. I might go by the dealer to see if everything is in tune, belts tight, etc. Otherwise at 1200 miles, the Rondo is still tight, shake, rattle and roll free. I got it with 11 miles on the ODO.

    I think your bad gas mile in my state and Utah was probably the quality of the gas. I notice that my mileage will vary to a noticable extent depending on what brand I buy and how much air pollution control additives are in it.

    I will use the rear storage bins for similar purposes, might even turn one into a litter box! I'll report mileage and weather conditions as I drive across this great land.

    I am 54 and blew my hearing out at a Clapton concert in '74. I am sure that the stereo will be just great for me. I have lots of Podcasts to catch up on.

    Viva Las Vegas!
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    I have a Maine Coone too, he's 16lbs! Have a great trip!
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    I rented a Rondo V6 to take my daughter to college. Drove the Rondo 1800 miles and was extremely pleased with the smoothness, power, handling and capability of this vehicle. I cannot say enough good things about this vehicle. I own Honda's and Nissans found the Rondo as good a handler as both and better built than the Nissan. The vehicle has a quality feel and feels tightly screwed together.

    Highway mileage 23 mpg running 75-85

    The 2.7 V6 is powerful and veryyyy smooth.
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    I did my first fill up about a week and a half or two weeks ago, today down to almost 1/4 I filled to the auto shutoff. 214.1 miles, 8.82 gallons, 24.27 mpg. That's mixed, about 2/3 town, 1/3 highway, with the AC going most of the time. I'm impressed - and relieved! Sure beats those $40 fillups with the Aztek.
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    I would love to rent a Rondo. What rental companies have them?
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    At 7k miles, my city mileage has bumped up from about 16.5 with AC on to about 18mpg with it off. And city for me is city, as in Philly.

    I'm loving it for two reasons:
    1) The revised EPA city number is spot on
    2) This is about the same as our 4 cyl Passat which takes premium fuel

    I cross shopped with the Freestyle, which I really liked, and probably gets better mileage even tho it's a bigger vehicle. Ditto with Honda Odyssey, which I really liked, too.

    I bought the Rondo because I liked the more compact size of it. It feels more cozy and friendly, and takes up less curb space. For us, the 3rd row is quite handy at times, but not used daily.

    So I bought having the expectation that I'd be making a bit of an illogical trade-off: less space, less power, and, at the same time, lower mileage.

    My V6 city mileage ain't so great, but I'm still loving it. :)
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    I just rented a Sportage from Enterprise. They also had Optimas and Sedonas on the lot. If you're looking to rent a Rondo, I'd check with Enterprise.
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    16.5 mpg with AC on and 18 with it off? Those are not realistic economy numbers - you need to have your Rondo checked out by the dealer. Our V6 EX 7 seater gets 29.3 mpg highway (Canadian gallon) with 2 adults, 2 kids and a load of luggage aboard, and routinely 25-26 around town. And it isn't even broken in yet - we have 3000 kms so far, about 1800 miles. I expect better fuel economy past the 5000 mile mark or so.
    If I was only getting 16.5 and 18 mpg (about 17.5 and 20 per Canadian gallon), I would make a beeline to my service department. Seriously.
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    Like Rondonium said, his mileage is spot on with the supposedly more realistic, revised EPA estimate of 18 MPG for city driving, so there's no real need to make a beeline to the service department.

    BTW, my EX Premium (4 cyl., 7 seater), for 100% city driving and minimal use of the AC, has been getting roughly 13 L/100 km or 18 MPG US--compare that to the revised EPA estimate of 19 MPG for city driving.

    So my 4 banger is getting slightly worse mileage than the EPA estimate and the same mileage as Rondonium's V6. I still don't have that many klicks on it, so I'm hoping for better fuel consumption once I've driven it a little more (BTW, "klicks" is slang for kilometres, for those of you unencumbered by the metric system :)).
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    I don't think he will have much of a case with the service department as he is within the new EPA figures for his vehicle which is 18 city, 25 highway on the US gallon (which is down from the previous 20 and 27 to more accurately reflect real world driving).
    The Cdn gallon is 20% larger so he would be getting approx. 19.8 to 21.6 mpg Canadian on the figures he quotes.
    The transport Canada estimates for the V6 are 24 city 37 highway and you are doing well if you can meet or exceed the figures.
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    Well, maybe my high mileage is an anomaly, but I am sure glad of that! By the way, 13L/100km works out to almost 22 mpg, not 18 mpg.
    I sure do not expect to get the 37 highway mpg that Transport Canada states, but I am getting better than their 24 city mpg.
    We traded a 1998 Subaru Legacy wagon, 5 speed 2.2L 4 cylinder with 137 hp, for our V6 Rondo, and the Rondo exactly matches the Sube's highway mpg. And with vastly better power, smoothness, comfort, quietness, and practically no NVH.
    We loved our Sube, but have to say that the Rondo is better in every way. The only thing I will miss is the AWD, but the dealer threw in a set of studded winter tires mounted on rims as part of the deal, at no charge, so with the traction and stability control I expect great winter ability with the Rondo.
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    bgw wrote:
    By the way, 13L/100km works out to almost 22 mpg, not 18 mpg.

    22 MPG in Imperial gallons, but like I said, that's 18 MPG in US gallons. Yeah, it's easy for everyone, including me, to get tripped up if you don't constantly remind yourself about the Imperial vs. US gallon difference. :confuse:

    BTW, here's a useful calculator for converting between the different methods of measuring fuel consumption:
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    thanks for the link medicineman.

    time for my rant (not necessary related to this current discussion, but to this site in general)

    This is for the hosts of this site - I wish you would have the profiles of members clearly indicated to the left (or above) like they do on other sites, without this stupid hovering over your profile name to get the info. I'm sure a lot of people don't bother or don't know and consequently wasting a lot of time because they don't know where the person is located. I'm sure it would make this site a lot more inviting and also so members could provide avatar's too. Seems like this site forum is behind the times! Consequently I don't use this site as much as the others because of this.

    Wonder how other members feel?
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    I find it hard to keep track of all the different threads that are mixed up under one heading. There can be 3 or more different threads going on at one time. This thread started out as "Real World MPG" and just on the first two pages alone, 5 new topics and conversations were started out like: "16 mpg - 2007 Rondo", "Gas mileage for first full trip", "Tire pressure and MPG" and "Regular or Premium gas". Right now we're posting under "Lousy V6 mileage". :confuse:
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    Believe it or not, I didn't even notice that hovering over the member's name would bring up the member's profile info, which is why I never filled out my profile. But you're right, Conwelpic, these forums aren't as user friendly or as easy to follow (as Crewzin suggested) as most other forums I've participated in. Perhaps it's time to use more up-to-date forum software, but I have a feeling it would be impossible to migrate over all the old posts. Perhaps it's easier to just close these forums but keep it alive as an archive, and open up all new forums using newer (and more user friendly) forum software.

    Anyway, this is obviously just a wee bit off-topic (and I'm no stranger to that), so it's time for me to shut up. :)
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    Don't all of these that you mentioned apply to MPG? Almost everything that affects the mileage should definitely be here, not just, " I get 24mpg", or whatever. Sorry, but I just can't agree with you as "different threads". :confuse:
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    The topic is about Real World MPG but as new posters come into the topic they title their posts something new..same topic just with a unique title attached.

    The conversations/posts are kept under one heading or Topic because it would be very time consuming for members to search the entire Rondo forum area for all MPG posts/conversations to compare notes. Imagine if these conversations were all listed separately in their own threads versus combined into this one central thread!

    As for the profiles, be patient..things are happening. :)
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    200 mile highway trip yesterday. 70mph. 89 octane gas. Front tires: 36psi, rear: 35psi. Periodic use of AC. 7k miles on odometer.

    29.7 miles per gallon - U.S., that is :)

    I'm amazed. Again, same mpg as our 4cyl Passat.
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    Okay - I posted over in "Kia Rondo" that we are heading toward a Rondo, probably soon. But, I see a mention here about 89 octane gas. Is this Kia's recommended/required octane rating? Does the Rondo really need mid-performance gasoline? Is this a V-6 thing? I will have to reconsider if higher octane, at a dime to twenty cents a gallon more than 87 octane, has to be used. That would put gas over $3 US per gallon here in the Ohio Valley at least most of the time. Our '05 Sedona gets along just fine with 87 and that might make for a change of plans.
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    according to the owners manual:
    "Your new vehicle is designed to use only unleaded fuel having a pump octane number of 87 or higher."
  • rondoniumrondonium Member Posts: 22
    87 is standard fare. 89 was a treat. I only noted it as a condition in my 29mpg V6 highway trip. Sorry for the confusion Vanner.
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    Thanks rondonium.

    I drive for a living - a distributor rep. For that I get to cover a lot of miles repeating familiar routes over lots of seasonal changes and weather conditions, using the same, very consistent vehicle, with pretty consistent loads. This gives me a chance to study some aspects of MPG.

    I have found FAR more variation in brands and locations of purchases than with octane levels, but that may not be true in other vehicles. (Mine is a 16 valve inline 4 w/cfi.)

    Here around Louisville, we are required to use oxygenated blends, supposedly for polution control, but obviously much more to suport the single designated-supplier in return for the governor's political funding.

    So if I buy gas in Louisville, no matter which brand, the MPG is lower by a full 10% over time than gas I buy, say, in Lexington or Evansville. I can get enough "round trips" with single tanks that I can judge gas from any location over both "directions" of travel, and the weather here stays pretty constant through the year. Especially this year - hot, dry, dusty.

    Some brands do better than others by a little, maybe, but the difference is so slight as to make it questionable, and price becomes more important. Grocers and "big-boxes" that offer gas discounts for purchases usually win because I can't find a measurable difference between them and major brands with stars or shells or rainbows on their signs.

    One "treat" I do offer this vehicle is a tankful of Chevron now and then for the Techron. That tankful does not mean better mileage, but it does seem to make the little 4-banger run better for a few more miles.

    So, if the Rondo doesn't need anything over 87, it's still the plan to replace our family Sedona. Not changing for the MPG - other reasons. I still need to know more about the Rondo's service costs to keep up the warranty. Sedona is brutal.

    These forums are GREAT, and if I'd known of them before we bought our '05 Sedona, I may have made a different choice. (The Sedona is a good van, but there is that service cost to factor in, and the very low used-car value.)

    BTW - what are you using for oil?
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    vanner - in checking on the service costs at my local Canadian KIA dealer, they seemed quite reasonable (thats for any of their models) for the service provided, it doesn't seem "brutal" to me. However, its not compulsory to have it serviced at a KIA dealer as long as you have proof of meeting the service requirements.
    My sister-in-law has an Envoy and I thought the dealership charges on her vehicle were considerably higher. Usually any dealership of any manufacturer charge more than an independent service place. Depends on the location of the dealership and level of service that you expect.
    Just for your information the V6 Rondo does require a timing belt replacement at 96,000kn or 48 months, the 4 cylinder does not - it uses a chain.

    I would suggest that for comparison check out service costs at a dealership for a comparable Chevy van like the Uplander or Dodge Caravan or Honda Odyssey vs your current Sedona.

    I would have thought that as a rep, service costs and upkeep on your vehicle would be a tax write-off.

    You can download the 2008 warranty details from the KIA US website.
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    Sedona isn't my service vehicle. I use another vehicle for that. Can't write off the Sedona. The belt v. chain is exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks.

    It pays to remember sometimes that here in our city, all the Kia dealerships are owned by the same GM giant dealer. Makes for no competition for purchase or service. They are pretty heavy-handed. Next closest dealers are over 90 miles away.

    Also, mind that some other garages refuse to do real repairs on Kias because service details and parts can be hard to come by except through dealers, and these local ones will not cooperate at all.

    Routine stuff like oil and fluids, tires, brakes and minor adjustments are done okay, just not genuine repairs. We are lucky to have a couple of garages who specialize in imports and are very good and very reasonable.

    A lot depends on where you live I guess.
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    Got about 6K on my V6 EX Rondo and have tracked MPG on every tank. AC seems to have lot of impact. First two tanks were for 600 mile all-highway trip from dealer to home in June with the AC on whole time and avg speed 65-70. Got 24.5 MPG. All city driving since and lots of short trips - best tank was 17.9, worst was 14.5. Seems to be creeping up as car breaks in - comparing similar-condition tanks in June vs. now, I'm more likely to get ~17 than ~15.
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    Even city/highway driving, 2007 LX 4-cyl, AT, w. 3rd seat. 300 miles on odometer. Am driving from Raleigh to Atlanta this weekend; should have an idea of "long drive" mileage thereafter.
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    Have you had your 4cyl filled up with 6 passengers? Did it seem to have enough power to you?
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    I purchased my Rondo in late August and haven't had any problems until recently. The first ~1000 miles were highway driving through the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina (~24 MPG). The last three tanks of fuel, ~600 miles, have been almost exclusively city driving. My gas mileage has gone from 19 to 17 to 14 respectively in those three tanks. The engine currently has 1600 miles on it, and I have been diligent with checking my fluids. Oil (mobile 1 synthetic) was changed at 500 miles, and levels have remained constant. Tire pressure is also good. When I called my local Kia dealer I was informed that if there are no engine codes then the service department cannot diagnose the problem. Nevertheless, there is obviously something going on with the fuel system. The firing sequence is good (it's starting fine), however it is idling a little high. Also, the engine is making more noise... not the exhaust, the actual engine.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I have to report on my Rondo mpg, because it seems that gas efficiency is a continuing issue of concern with the car. I've read posts from several on this and other forums who are very disappointed and others that are pleased---although not ecstatic.

    I've owned my new LX 2007 Rondo I-4 AT for 3 weeks. I have put 1435 miles on her, with about 800 miles of it being interstate hwy driving. My gas fillups have averaged the following mpg:


    Ave: 26.7 mpg

    Wild, huh? And I tried to top off the very same way on each fill-up.

    The two great mpgs occurred fuel-stop-to-fuel-stop on the Interstate, speeding along at about 73 mph, with 3 people in the Rondo. But the last 22 mpg calculation was also on the interstate under the same conditions. Hard to figure. The 16 mpg all happened in downtown Atlanta driving.

    The car is not yet "broken in" for sure, so I am pleased. But the wild variations in mpg, tankful to tankful, is confusing.

    I have noticed one very curious thing. My great mpg happens after filling up at a pump that pumps gas very strong and fast, and my worst mpg happens after filling up at a pump that pumps very slow and weakly. I've also noticed that I can fill the tank to well above FULL when I'm at a strong/fast pump, and only to the FULL marker when I'm at the slow/weak pump. THIS IS OPPOSITE TO EVERY OTHER CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED OR DRIVEN.

    I am beginning to theorize that the Rondo has some sort of baffle or check valve that allows more gas in the tank under forceful filling. This could cause the wild swings in mpg calculations, if you follow a forceful fill-up with a weak fill-up---which is exactly what happened when I got the 37.4 and 41 mpg calculations.
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    Funny you should bring that up. I just took a 724 mile trip up to see my son in Virginia. I have to stop 3 times for gas because I never let the tank go below 1/4 full. Filled the Rondo up right before leaving and what I've noticed is that sometimes I can go a little over 100 miles before the gas needle drops below the full mark and at other times, the needle drops below the full with only 50-60 miles traveled. I too believe you can't always fill the tank up to the same full mark all the time.
  • garnermikegarnermike Member Posts: 72
    I am working on one of those "fuller tanks now". Got 90 miles before the needle budged down to the full mark. It then goes quickly between Full and 3/4s. My mileage for this tank will be very good. Then I'll get a weak gas pump and I can't top it off like I can with a forceful pump, and my mileage will suck.
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    I've had a 4-cyl '07 Rondo LX since February. I haven't seen the wild swings in MPG mentioned by others here - I've consistently averaged mid-20's, at best around 27.5 and 21-22 at worst.

    However, I recently let the gauge get very low on a long highway trip, including 30+ miles driven with the low fuel light glowing. Given my 8,000 miles of experience with this car, I was very confident based on the miles driven that I wasn't really at risk of running out of gas. Sure enough, even after that experience, it took about 12.5 gallons. On average, I'm putting in about 11 gallons at each fill-up, and I always wait for the needle to get awfully close to "E". According to Edmunds, it's got a 15.8 gallon tank. Doesn't it seem pretty pessimistic for the fuel gauge to hit "E" when there's 3-4 gallons (~75-100 miles) left in the tank?

    Anybody else notice this?

    Also, I found it interesting that the Rondo is EPA-rated 21/29, while my wife's '06 Hyundai Sonata is rated 24/33. The two cars have the same engine and transmission, and curb weights are within 75lb of one another. In reality, my wife and I get very similar mileage - if anything, the Rondo uses less fuel than the Sonata, but that's largely because of differences in our city/hwy mix.
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    If you are only able to pump 11 gallons from an "E" indicator, I'd say something is "different" (not necessarily broken) about your Rondo---the gauge, the sender, the tank, or the fill pipe, etc. Only pumping 12.5 gals after driving 30+ miles under low fuel warning is strange. I've filled up with 14 gals and my light hadn't come on yet.

    One would think the Sonata would clearly out-mpg the Rondo, given the EPA rating and the differences in slipstream profile (drag efficiency).
  • flipbflipb Member Posts: 18
    Interesting that others haven't had the same experience. I guess fuel guage/float/sensor equipment is one thing that's probably difficult to calibrate with precise consistency at the factory. I've rarely gone more than 300 miles on a tank because the gauge has me constantly second-guessing myself, but I might start waiting for the trip odometer to get closer to 350.

    On the subject of inaccurate gauges, I also suspect that my speedometer is a little off. Whenever I pass one of those stationary radar installations where it shows your speed, I always find that the speedo shows 3-5mph higher than the radar. I actually don't mind this at all - I drive 70-75 (indicated) on the highway, never worried that I'll get a speeding ticket but also never feeling like I'm going too slow.

    Regarding the Sonata, we've been fairly disappointed with its fuel economy. But my wife's commute is an 8-mile drive that takes 30 minutes in rush-hour traffic, so that probably explains a lot.
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    I've driven over 6000 miles (mixed highway/city/traffic jams/rural, with and withuot AC, sometimes with open moonroof) in an EX V6 and always got a consistent 20-22 mpg (American). I've tried to use the manual shift, and discovered that it will not allow me to go to 5th gear under 38 mph (However, if you are already at 5th, it will stay there until around 30 mph). We have a lot of flat rural roads, which are limited by signs to 30-35 mph. So instead of driving of 5th, it rides on 4th, which I assume contributes to the lousy gas performance. A similar behavior is also for 4th, although at lower speeds. Anyone else noticed these, or am I mistaken?
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    I've had exactly the same experience. We got our Rondo in June (EX V6). Mileage started out in the high 20's, and has been dropping steadily since. The last couple months we've averaged 17 - 19 MPG in mixed driving. We are very careful drivers in terms of gas consumption, so I would expect to be hitting the upper end of the expected mileage. Haven't brought it into the dealer yet, but from the other postings, I'm not expecting them to be much help.
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    At 3000 miles, my 2007 4-cyl Rondo is still delivering good all-around mpg (20-30 mpg, depending on the rato of city to hwy driving I do. but the issue of declining mpg over time rang a bell with me, so let me relate something.

    My daughter bought a new 2006 Honda Civic in 6/2006. She began by getting amazing mpg 30-41 in city/hwy driving (and it's not a hybrid). Recently at 10,000 miles, she could not top 34 mpg on straight hwy driving. I told her to run the best fuel injector cleaner she could fine at Autozone through two consecutive tankfuls. Problem has been solved. I experienced the very same thing with my 2006 Vibe,

    Before you rely on the dealer to fix things, try this. Given the amount of soot that collects at the tailpipe tips on the Rondo, I plan to do the same if/when its mpg drops.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    Morons indeed. But when gas makes a sudden big jump it is surprising how many become sensible drivers. And somebody needs to teach them sensible driving. Where is the cop?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    On 3000 mile roadtrip, averaged about 26 MPG. This is I-4 in '07.
    Rather disappointed since I got that or better in my old Aurora with V-8, much heavier vehicle, on same trip and it is much better in ride, handling, quiet, and voom voom, performance (250 HP).

    Would readers please check and post back if you have full time engine braking, got to hurt milage. You can tell when you take foot off accelerator and engine does not fall back to idle RPM or bump into neutral and see if you coast easier.
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    Reading through the discussion, I see where some do and suggest pumping tires harder. Although on the highway you will not be doing as much cornering, controlled by the outer edge of tire, you might need that in an emergency situation. Certainly don't under inflate, except maybe when trying to become un-stuck. But too hard will also give a poor ride and greatly change handling characteristics. A change as little as one pound PSI can make a big difference, but always stay within safe range. And this will vary by tire make and model. Too hard will also be hard on suspension and struts.
    Some suggest checking pressure monthly. Some tires naturally seep some air, more some than others. And seasonal transitions, warm to cold, will need more attention then going cold to warm to keep from under-inflation.
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