Jeep Grand Cherokee breakdowns

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I have Jeep GC 2000 before I drove 37000mi only the whole engine can fully broke down because of the coolant was lacking inside the engine with the motor oil but the GC was fully service from the Chrysler Jeep dealer. Why we need to keep going to pay the high price without the value that you need.


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    Huh? Do you mean they didn't add oil or coolant after a service? Or do you mean you didn't raise the hood and check your fluid levels once in a while? It's easy to check & change your own oil & coolant... well worth taking a class at a local community college in basic auto repair as it's gonna cost less than one "full service" at the dealership.
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    I mean inside the engine leaking crack, it is not a visible place. the coolant level low but they were never find out the problem in different dealership. just know how to charge. That mean the engine block ave interior design problem.
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    Ok - now I understand! Since you didn't list your engine model I can only guess...

    ---IF--- you have a 4.0L engine (inline 6 cylinder) there is a relatively common problem with head cracks that the dealership should be very aware of. The factory may not admit it but a lot of late model 4.0L heads have been developing cracks.

    IF your motor is not ruined - you can get a head from an earlier model 4.0L from a salvage yard to replace it. (ALL vehicles run on used parts... so I have no problem with a 1997 head on a 2000 block.) Some of the heads affect timing somewhat so you should consult your mechanic (NOT the dealer mechanic) to ensure he's aware to use a relatively late model head or how to compensate.

    You can go to and look for any service bulletins on your vehicle. As I said... the factory may, or may not, have acknowledged this... likely not as it's an expensive fix but there's no way any good dealership is unaware of it.
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    Yep my 02 I6 had a warped head, they machined it, put it back together and it was fine. My current 04 has not had this problem yet. You can tell quite easily, when you see the cloud of steam trailing you for about half a mile.
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