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Power steering problems

young1nyoung1n Member Posts: 1
edited March 4 in Nissan
in my quest the power steering is starting to go out and I've checked the fluid levels multiple times and they have been the same every time I have checked is my power steering pump bad is there a problem with the lines?


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,764
    We can't tell you what is wrong from the description alone. In the shop I can attach a pressure gage and control valve between the pump and the steering rack. This allows me to test the pump's output pressure against service specifications, as well as test how high the rack forces the pressure to go when trying to turn the steering wheel.

    Looking at photos of the power steering reservoir, one possibility is there may be a filter inside the reservoir. I don't have proof that there is a filter in there, but it is common with a number of manufacturers. If the filter is restricted, you would get a loss of assist. If you want to take a shot in the dark, first try dropping the fluid level to try and see if there is a filter. If there isn't one, then the reservoir should be just an empty housing. If as I suspect there is, the filter is serviced by replacing the housing. You could try replacing the housing and getting all fresh fluid into the power steering system. If that doesn't solve the problem then you have trouble in the pump and/or rack and someone will actually have to test to prove what is going on.
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