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Apparently, DCX will show a Dodge Demon roadster concept at Geneva. Don't know the architecture, but as for equipment:
"2.4-liter 172-hp, 165-lb-ft four-cylinder engine, hooked to a six-speed manual gearbox driving the rear wheels..."


Now, is it just me, or is this a rehash of the Razor concept, as well as a follow-the-leaders to the Miata, Sky and Solstice? And this from a company that suggests the Caliber is a replacement for the Neon?

I don't dislike what I see, but playing catch up isn't what the game is about. And if you can give me a 2.4L, 6-speed RWD drop-top, why can't you go 2.4T and give me a hot sedan?


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    If only it were the Razor! This thing is ugly! Why did they ditch the Razor? According to a rep at the auto show everyone like it. The interior gauges on this thing are dull, the back end is horrid and the front doesn't do much for me either.
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    Razor was a hottie. Project was ditched only because they couldn't make the $14.9K OPP they were looking to hit, IIRC.

    I don't care for the Ram grille, but the proportions don't look that bad from the shots I've seen. Then again, the Caliber looked OK in the pics; looks like boredom incarnate up close and personal.

    Back end recalls 350Z a bit to me, with a touch of Prowler. I liked the Prowler...
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