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2007 Sentra and SES Light On

stevek1949stevek1949 Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I purchased a 2007 Sentra 2.0 R in October. Last week, the SES light came on. I have a code scanner and checked the code. It was P0128 Coolant temp below regulator temp. The dealer fixed it under warranty and all was well. Well, it was for a week, that is. Yesterday, it came on again, still with the P0128 code.

This is the second time in a week. Has anyone else seen this? The dealer says that they have replaced "at least five" thermostats so far.

I have to bring the car in tomorrow. I have abour 4500 miles on it so far.



  • I found out tonight that there is a flow control valve behind the water pump that is the culprit. But there are NONE in stock anywhere! I believe that there is a tech bulletin either just released or is on the way. It is safe to drive otherwise. The SES light will come on and off during normal driving, though. The dealer has ordered one, but it is unknown when it will be available. :sick:
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