Ford Mustang Noises

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    Not without you giving some more details on the problem. When does it occur? How long does it last? What are the conditions when it happens? Have you had the scheduled maintenance done? Scheduled maintenance is more than just oil changes.

    Just an off-the-cuff guess, you probably need a valve adjustment.
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    My 96 mustang is making ticking noises too. It only does this when I am accelerating if I am not stepping on the gas it is fine. Could anyone tell me what this could be.
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    Ticking? Or knocking? Big difference!
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    It is a ticking noise. And is very annoying!!
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    A leak in an exhaust gasket or a crack in an exhaust manifold can sound like a mechanical tick and is louder under a load.
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    i can almost guarantee that it is the exhaust manifold, probably the one on the driver's side, this happens a lot with mustangs in 2000 and i guess 1999 too. for one exhaust manifold its about 120 and labor might be 400 or 500
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    also depending on how big the leak is you could weld it back together for a lot cheaper
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    I saw this posting and thought I would add a noise to it. Has anyone ever heard a whining noise when the car accelerates? I looked at some wheel bearing information but it doesn’t seem like that is the root of the problem. I can only, intermittently, hear the noise when the wheels start to spin at very low speeds. Once the car is at 5-10mph the noise stops. Only noticeable when I accelerate doesn’t seem to happen when I stop. I take pride in owning a Mustang and want to get it back in shape however if its something I can take care of myself all the better!

    Any help?
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    I have 06 mustang and it started out with noise as you are describing. It is in the shop now and the bill is $3000. It has 46000 miles and I have babied it. The entire rear diff is shot and the axles too...thanks Ford. If I was keeping it my new personalized plate would be FORDLMN. Get yours checked..its a safety issue and ford couldnt care less.
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    Thank goodness my question is not nearly as serious as the problem(s) you guys have.

    At about (20) mph or lower, I get a rattle sound which seems to be coming from my speedometer. Does the speedometer cable need to be removed or greased to stop this? Have never heard this noise until lately and I have a 2004 Mustang GT 40th Anniversary model with about 70,000 miles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Wow! I just left the dealership after thinking that I needed rear brakes. The rear passenger side tire chirps. 2006 w/29,000 miles. My work mechanic thought the rotors needed to be cut and that whoever owned the car before me must have just had brake pads slapped on. Well, they are telling me the rear axle is bent and needs to be replaced along with the rotor.
    This is just another issue in this car that I searched high and low for (my daughters birthday gift). First the dealer went bankrupt. The car has sat in my yard for 6 mos. waiting to get NJ DMV to release a title. I've had to re-pay for registration and tags, buy key pads and then have them programed (well over 100.00) and now THIS. my quote is only 695.00. I don't have that money right now. it's going to have to wait. wish is was a recall issue. the car shows no signs whatsoever of any kind of rear tire damage etc so, i was kind of shocked at the diagnosis they came up with and charged me $89.00 for! At this point I should just trade it in on a brand new one. This one seems to have a black cloud over it. BUT.....DAMN IT'S FUN TO DRIVE :)
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    I have a 1998 v6 mustang. It started making a whining noise shortly after i bought it with 119,000 miles on it. I've took it to the dealership and they don't know what it is without tearing it down and I can't afford it so i just live with it. Mine don't do it everytime but it's embarrassing when it does. Mine usually stops whining around 20pmh or so.
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    I have a 2005 Mustang GT with a power drivers seat. In the last week, it has developed a clicking under the driver's seat. The clicking occurs on initial acceleration, final deceleration before stopping, and when rounding corners. What is causing this clicking and how can I fix it? I have been unable to locate exactly where it is coming from.
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    Hi folks - I've been having two problems over the last 2 years that I was hoping someone might be able to help with that my dealer can't solve:

    1) Rattle
    There's some sort of rattle coming from under the car when I use the heater and especially when I switch on the rear-defrost. The dealer repeatedly told me it's the heat shield and has 'fixed' it 4-5 times but the rattle continues.

    2) Fuel Efficiency
    My Miles to E has shifted from 350ish to 230 over the last year. I've taken it in a few times for it, but they keep claiming bad gas. I've been letting the tank run low, refueling with better gas, and just changed my fuel filter today - nothing. I assume it's the O2 sensor but they can't change it without a problem coming up on the diagnostics (for warranty info - I have an extended).

    The car is a 2006 V6 Auto trans with 35k miles.

    Thanks folks
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    I've also got a v-6 mustang and mine has never gotten over 20MPG.... Not even on the highway. I average about 17mpg while driving 50%on the highway and %50 in the city. I always baby it, especially when i'm trying to check my millage. In fact, I think the millage is better when I don't try and baby it so much and even when I get on it a lot the millage is about the same or maybe even a little better. I guess what i'm trying to say is that my gas millage is for [non-permissible content removed] and it never veries much from 17/18 miles per gallon. It's even a stick shift. It is a lot quicker that I thought a 6 banger would be.
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    Well I have a buddy who has the same car but manual and he gets about 21mpg still. He bought it the same week I bought mine and other than the auto/manual difference, they're identical cars. My mpg is 16 flat but it used to be 21-23mpg for the first couple years. It's only in the last 6 months that it's steadily dropped to 16. I might try running it down the tollway a bit, but the car just 'feels' wrong somehow. The engine gurgles pretty badly when idle like its just guzzling gas too - which it never did before. This is my 4th mustang and it really just seems screwy.
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    ***I have a 2005 Mustang GT with a power drivers seat. In the last week, it has developed a clicking under the driver's seat. The clicking occurs on initial acceleration, final deceleration before stopping, and when rounding corners. What is causing this clicking and how can I fix it? I have been unable to locate exactly where it is coming from.***

    I know your post is old, but did you ever find out the cause of clicking noise under seat.

    Thanks, joe
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