Lexus IS 250 Color Combos - Which One Did You Pick?

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And was this the one you wanted or is the color you wound up become your 2nd/3rd choice?

I saw the Smokey Granite Mica with Sterling leather sitting in a showroom and thought it look great - wound up selecting that one.

So what did you all wind up with?


  • benzserviceguybenzserviceguy Member Posts: 96
    Matador Mica Red with Black interior
    6 speed
    sports pak
    IS 250
    Special Order (very rare)
  • jyunjyun Member Posts: 2
    Just picked mine up 2 days ago...

    Tungsten pearl (silver)
    Black interior
    rear spoiler
    18" rims

    Personally i love black, but the silver color did the best job bringing out all the subtle lines and details of the IS's gorgeous body.
  • css1css1 Member Posts: 247
    Picked up an IS 250AWD for my wife 3 wks ago.

    Black Sapphire Pearl / black leather
    Nav, Lux pkgs.

    This color has depth and first chance I get - on goes the Klasse and a good carnuba. The weather has been lousy here.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    Tungsten Pearl, Sterling Interior. The light interior and two tone i thought were more insteresting than the black, though the black is quite nice as well.

    probably wouldnt have chosen it - but was the last one available. turns out we are very happy with teh choice though.
  • k9galk9gal Member Posts: 6
    Starfire pearl/cashmere interior RWD
    Nav/backup camera
    HID Lights
    rear spoiler
    18" rims
    Premium pkg/heated/vent seats/wood trim, etc

    its a looker......
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    Hello k9gal, this is mimi. I saw your post and your choice is just everything I wanted. Would you please Email me and I have some question for you. Thank you sooooo much! (my email is on my profile i think) :shades:
  • k9galk9gal Member Posts: 6
    Hi Mimi--could not find an email on your profile. I will be happy to answer any question you have!!!! FYI-I just ordered my car and will pick it up Mar 9th. I researched it for 4 months before deciding. I purchased in Raleigh, NC. Great dealership!!!! :blush:
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Why don't you just post your question here? That way we can all benefit from the conversation! ;)
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    I am sorry I thought they have my email. As host said maybe I can post my Q here. I would like to know about the price please. I leave in LA,Ca and just get a quote from New port beach. They email me and said they can give me 750below invoice(33,403). I want IS250 RWD with prem pck,nav,18''summer tire,rear spoiler,(mark levinson)<--optional and not sure if they have it. How much did u pay for and do you think I have room to bargin? Thank you so much. :):blush: :P
  • k9galk9gal Member Posts: 6
    :) :shades: Hi Mimi! I will be happy to tell you the price. I paid $33,400. My IS has everything you mentioned except the Mark Levinson system. I was lucky to get that price since the MSRP on it was $38,127. I live near Charlotte, NC and did not get any deal with the dealership here. They wanted to sell me a basic car for the same price!!!!I checked with Raleigh and they immediately were ready to deal. One important factor was that they told us that February was a month that there was competition between dealerships on the IS models. We locked that price in on Feb 28th!!! From searching the web it appears that Northern Cal dealers give the best deals. There is another IS site that tells of pricing around the country called This is a great site but that may be helpful to link you to some dealers in your area. Let me know, and I can't wait till Friday to pick mine up. My husband has an 06 GS300; which the IS looks like a mini me to it. I love his, so mine will be a lot of fun!!!! BTW-he did not get the Mark Levinson on his GS and the stereo is still awesome. That is why I never considered it on my IS.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    mmmmmm...I see...It sounds like a great deal! I don't know if I could get as good as yours. Also I am thinking about buying Mark Levinson system, but I don't really know how much difference there between original and the ML. I don't know if it worth 700+ to get the ML. I will keep checking with deal around my area. Thank you soooo much, and congradulations for the car you are going to get---my dream car... :P :blush::D
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    And here I thought this thread was about which color you picked for your car. One of us can't read.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    well...first of all,don't know why are you being soooo mean. Second, since the HOST suggested me to put my question here,so...Suggest you read completely first...
    Thanks for all the information from K9gal again. It is a lot of help to me, and so to many other friends as well. :)
    Both of us picked starfire pearl, which looks beautiful with the read tail lights, an artistic contrast. :P :P :P
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Well, you have to admit that since I didn't know what your question was until you posted it, I didn't know that there is a better place for it. :)

    But you are right - there is no reason for anyone to be rude here. That comment wasn't called for. Thanks for overlooking it.

    Check out this discussion: Lexus IS 250 / IS 350: Prices Paid & Buying Experience. You may be able to pick up some more information in addition to what you've learned from k9gal.

    You can find other IS 250/IS 350 discussions by clicking here. You might want to join some of them.

    Good luck - keep us posted on how it goes. :)
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    I think jerry just made a mistake,he appologized to us. so... :D I am still happy. Oh...I was thinking this morning, that the ONLY color I can NOT accept is the GREEN. :blush: That looks like a grasshopper to me...ahaha...I was funny,I want to laugh... :P All the other colors, I think they are very very beautiful. The best shape would be bring out by silver and metalic blue(baby blue)like some other friends said before. I am going to get the Starfire pearl...BTW,what do you guys think about the interior color...I love Beige(cashmere),but...I sat in the BLACK lether once,I just love the luxury feeling of it. Never sat in the beige,please tell me if you know so...A looot of help to me...Thank u thank u... :blush::blush:
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Let's get past the personal comments and back to the colors.

    Anyone have a black IS 250? How is that going for you? I know it's tough to keep a black car looking clean and I've always avoided that color for that reason.
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    I personally like Blue Onyx Pearl better than black because under some lighting conditions it appears as black but on others it's dark blue.

    It's almost like the car can change colors...
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Ooh, sounds nice!
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    I apologize if I offended anyone - I wasn't intending to be rude (although I know it was a sarcastic remark); however, it seems to me that with all of the different threads involved for each car that it would be far easier for a reader to read about prices under that heading and colors under that heading. I was only trying to alert the above posters that this thread was intended to talk about the color choice of your car and that there was clearly a thread to talk about prices.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I think we've already sorted all of that out. But thanks very much for your apology, it is appreciated. :)

    Let's get back to the subject of this discussion which is indeed color choices for this IS.
  • optimomoptimom Member Posts: 11
    I think I'm in the minority here, but I'd NEVER get a black interior - it's much too claustrophobic. My husband agreed on this one - we both felt much more comfortable in the beige. We're going to wind up with grey (sterling) because we're getting a tungsten exterior and it only comes that way. Anything but black!
    (A woman I met who had an IS300 with black interior, followed by an IS250 with sterling said she'd never do black again.)
    But again, we all may be in the minority. You should sit in both the dark and light interiors and see how you feel.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    ohhhhhhhh...MY god!!! Thank you soooo much for your opinion! I have never thoght about that! The feeling and Mood that given by the interior is also VERY important!!!
    mmmmmmmm...Now I am gonna compare both of them AGAIN and CAREFULLY!!! Thank you my friends and hope more of you come here and throw your ideas here!!! Thank u!!! :P :P ;)
  • k9galk9gal Member Posts: 6
    Just picked up my '07 IS250 yesterday from Raleigh, NC. It is the Starfire Pearl and cashmere interior. It's amazing. I love the color!!! Inside and out. As I drove it 3 hours home, I followed my husband who said how sharp the white looks and also how easy to pick out in a group of cars!!!!(I hope the cops don't think so!) For anyone thinking of this color combo, you will be pleased. The car drives amazingly. I really had to watch my speed. This car glides on the interstate!!!I would not be a fan of black interior since I once had a car that color and it is hot, and the sun also "cooks" the top of the dashboard, and all areas it touches. That may be a good point to ponder. I also got the all weather mud flaps(they are all black) for my car as the cashmere interior will soil easily and I will have times that I can use the rubber mats. They store easily in the trunk. The sound system is great and I do not have Mark Levinson. Hope this helps in your selection!!! :shades: :):D
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!K9gal, I am soooo Happy and Exciting for you!!!!! Everything you described is EXECTLY what I dream for EVERY night. Just by your description, I feel like I am in the car and driving it around...oooooohhhhh, I am soooo happy for u. I really like the car, and probably will get one EXECTLY the same as yours. WOW! Have to wait for the University of Carlifornia admission fist, then I can BUY my DREAM!!! Yeah!!! really really appreciate your opinion,now I switch my mind back to the CASHMERE interior. Starfire Pearl~booo!Always My Dream. okkkk...Enjoy your Perfect car and LOVE it forever.... :D :P ;):blush:
  • toddk1toddk1 Member Posts: 6
    Anyone seen the Black with Sterling interior? Would really like that combo, but according to a few dealerships those don't come together.
  • fbi888fbi888 Member Posts: 3
    mimi, from reading your posts, i hope you get what you want. anyways, my friend got her starfire/cashmere for 32000 msrp 38000 (about) at Longo at the end of feb. No ML system though. i think you will probably need to go fully loaded in order to get ML - like the luxury packages.

    most dealers said starfire/cashmere is a popular color or hard to come by. there were starfire/black but my friend didn't settled.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    Fbi888,thank you for your opinion. I went to the longo last sunday and test drove a starfire with cashmere, but it is a pre-owned which means a used car. I have recently just saw a gray(sterling) interior on a silver car. It is Gorgeous!!! Have you ever seen any starfire outside with the sterling(gray) interior? Or anyone knows, please tell me. I guess I will more than likely to go with this combo now.Also for the mark, since I actually listened to both of them, I am very satisfied with the factory audio system, it is good enough. Essential for me are the Navigation, rear spoiler, 18''wheels and the HID lights. I am going next week to start buying, wish me a good luck please with everything around $31,000. Heehee... :P :blush::D
  • fbi888fbi888 Member Posts: 3
    no, i have not seen starfire/gray. but, any starfire with a girl driver is just gorgeous and cute. guys should not drive a starfire - emasculation effect (imho).

    i see quite a few starfire/black. however, i think starfire/cashmere is the best combo if you are going to tint - makes a good contrast. a caveat, this combo is quite difficult to keep clean, especially the floor mats - cashmere as well.

    if you want the internet salesman, i can probably ask about it. keep in mind that if the salesman knows that you are intent on the color combo and if it's a high demand combo, the discount is much less. my friend could have bought her lexus for much less.... good luck.
  • optimomoptimom Member Posts: 11
    I just brought home a tungsten(silver)/sterling IS with nav- same package you want (MSRP 37772) Although starfire/sterling is a possible option, it may be that cars are not being shipped with this combo (which seems to be true for black/sterling), and you&#146;d have to special order it - which would make it much more expensive.

    From my experience, color choice can be a factor in the bottom line price, as you are likely to get the best price on a car on the lot that the dealer wants to move. There are more black interiors around, but they were unacceptable to me. I also wanted a light exterior (easier to maintain). That really limited my options for deals. Many dealers did not have that combo, several who did only had them with spoilers (another $300+). The dealer who had one was unwilling to go more than 1K under invoice (which would have been $32354). In the end, I paid about $32K for a car that was still on the boat - but I got exactly the colors I wanted.

    I also spent a lot of time monitoring the &#145;prices paid&#146; thread on this board. While you might be able to do a little better than I did, I doubt your $31K target is realistic at this time. The best price reported for MSRP 37772 was $31150 (post #1590 by onlinespending), and even he thought it was a fluke. After that came $31500 (#1603), $31800 (#1623), and most recently $31699 (#1695). Two of these were Bay area, two were So. Cal. Only two mentioned their colors &#150; one was silver, one was black &#150; and they both had black interiors. I wanted to get a great deal, but it was worth it to me to spend a few hundred dollars more &#150; less than 1% of the price - to get the colors I wanted.

    This would be a good weekend to shop, as it&#146;s the end of the month. If you want to estimate how much better you might be able to do at the end of the model year, look back in the prices thread at the end of the &#146;06 year to see what deals people were getting. But remember if you have specific color choices, you may not be able to find what you want then. In the end, the deal you get depends on factors somewhat beyond your control &#150; that is the cars available and how motivated the dealer is to bargain.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    ohhhh my! optimom, you are so beautiful, you found all the message numbers on that thread. I was looking page by page for them... Thank you thank you thank you. I am shopping with mom tomorrow. I was going to get the Starfire with gray interior, a deal told me it is not possible except to order it. I am struggling between beige and black(interior). Any idea please? I am going for around 31200. Hope I will be succeed eventually. Heehee... :P ;)
  • optimomoptimom Member Posts: 11
    Black vs beige is a totally personal choice. Clearly black is very popular - it fits with the sporty look of the car, but I find it oppressive. It makes me feel squeezed - and if that was the only interior choice, I would not have bought an IS. But you obviously don't have that reaction, since you're still undecided. Given the choice I'd probably have even chosen beige over gray - I like its brightess and the way it lightens up the interior. If you really love the grey interior, perhaps you should consider tungsten (silver) exterior.

    For entertainment, you might read the hilarious thread on the web site regarding the color "glacier frost mica", a color considered weird by many but beloved by some.
    There's also a thread with bar graph on the popularity/frequency of different colors (from 2006),
    but it doesn't include interiors.

    Good luck with your shopping.
  • stipmomstipmom Member Posts: 16
    I don't find the black claustrophobic at all since the top half of the interior is sterling. I originally wanted the sterling interior which looks really sharp with that color exterior but the dealer did not have it in stock and was charging me more to get it. In the end I decided the black was more practical-especially when I take my dog with me..As I was riding around today I was really happy with my choice.
  • k9galk9gal Member Posts: 6
    Hi Mimicat!---I purchased the starfire pearl with the cashmere interior on March 9th.Iif you get this combo, you will not be disappointed. It is truly beautiful and any other interior, black especially, does nor show off the opulence of the maple trim interior. If you are worried about the cleaniness factor, I got my dealer to throw in the mud mats. My sister lives in Florida and bought an ES recently, and the dealer there told her that white Lexus's brought a higher demand and a better price retention. That made me happy considering this is an investment. The starfire color is well worth it. You see lots of silver IS's but not many white ones. The sterling interior is beautiful in the Tungsten and black but would look a little different in the white. Hope you get a good deal as mentioned before, the end of the month is the best time to deal.... :blush::)
  • socalkidsocalkid Member Posts: 8
    I couldn't agree more! My wife just got the same combo - starfire pearl and cashmere interior. We live in LA and I joke with my wife that this is a total LA chick car. (with names like mimicat and k9gam I get the distinct sense I'm talking to women). The car is perfect for her and totally beautiful. White makes the car look bigger and the tan interior makes the inside of the car feel bigger. I really feel this is the best combo available in the IS.
  • mimicat3872mimicat3872 Member Posts: 15
    Hmmmm...Socalkid You could not be more right. I am a girl...muhahaha...I love the starfire and I had a dream about twice every week for my coming new IS. I ordered the car already from longo but it takes couple of weeks to get here. I knew the white/cashmere is beautiful but since the firs IS I set in my life time is the black interior, so I fell in LOVE with it. hoho...but...Just but looking at the car is already kills me...Budda...please let it coming soon!!! :blush::blush::blush:
  • kclbkclb Member Posts: 11
    I will be picking up the Tungsten Pearl with Black Interior in a few weeks...

  • mannydiesmannydies Member Posts: 8
    OK, well first wanna say hi to all and thanks for all the great info ive been getting in these forums on the IS 250.

    Now, has anyone else seen the two tone interior with black carpet and cashmere seats? I came across it on another website but I cant remember where, but it was REAL! they said they got it in Utah or some place and that all the 08's had it there.

    I'm close to closing a deal w/fleetrates on my 08 250 but after seeing that two tone interior I REALLY want one!! If anyone knows anything about it please let me know, all the dealers around here think I'm crazy when I ask them about it, Thanks!!
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    I saw the picture too, it was in Club Lexus.

    The two-tone indeed looks great, if I have my way I'll get the black/gray for easier cleaning/maintaining. Could it be a special order? With a special order you can pretty much do anything.
  • kc567567kc567567 Member Posts: 29
    I like the black/gray look .... the wood trim on mine adds a little color i didn't think i would like .... but i do. I find the lighter colors just require too much cleaning after a year or two.


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