2007 G35 Sedan Journey vs. Sport

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I'm looking into leasing a G35 and can't decide between the Journey and Sport. I wanted to make sure I understood the differences. I do not want the manual sport just the 5AT. The price is $1,550 higher on the sport and for that it looks like you get...

-Viscous Limited Slip Differential (How helpful is this in day to day driving?)
-18-in Wheels
-Paddle Shifters (Anyone had any experience with the quality of this 'fake' manual system?)
-Larger Brakes
-Unique Front Fascia and side sills (seems pretty minor)
-Front Sport Seats with thigh extension and power torso/thigh (This sounds interesting)
-Steering Wheel Stitching
-Aluminum Pedals
-Summer Tires

I live in Texas so summer tires and all that are fine. I generally enjoy sportier sedans and I want the sport feel, but the transmission and engine on the cars is the same. Has anyone had to take a close look at both and made a decision yet? Just trying to see what the best bet is. Thanks! (I know it's somewhat a personal decision I'm just looking for a little more info before I head to the dealership and pull the trigger)


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    Well...speaking from experience I think I can shed a little light on the situation. I too was in the same position, I wasn't sure if the sport version was really going to be that much different from the journey and was debating between the two. I was coming off a 4 year lease of a 2003 G35 with the sport package so I was definitely preferring the sport model at least in my mind. I eventually settled on a sport model. Unfortunately for me, my car had a major computer issue and was back at the dealer for an extended period. However, this gave me a chance to really compare the driving feel between the Journey and the sport. I was in my sport model for about 2 weeks before it went in, and then I was given a 2007 Journey for the loaner which was for 2 weeks too. Now, all the missing extra aside (Nav, tech, etc.), I did notice a difference in the driving experience. Most notably, when I'd be driving the sport on the freeway when I would be getting above 60 or 70 the car just settled in and coasted like it was meant to be there. It felt very solid and confident. When driving the Journey the same way it did not feel quite as sturdy. Now, it wasn't awful or anything, but if you like that "sporty" feel and don't mind that it's a bit rougher, then it's a no brainer. Personally, when I got back into my car I was very happy that I made the decision to go with the sport. I prefer the sport seats over the standard seats, but I like that they "hug" me more and are stiffer...which is not everyone's preference. Anyway, that is my brief comment on the two...but to each their own. Good luck with the decision ;)
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    but, are there any actual suspension mods in the sport? Spring rates, ride height, shock absorber performance, sway bar size, etc.?

    With some cars, the sports package actually involves more than an option package with some external add-ons (to your original point). It includes the sorts of things I listed above.

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    Well...I can't tell you specifics. All I know is that the suspension is definitely stiffer than the journey and you get the additions of the sport seats, paddles, front fascia, 18" wheels, and larger brakes with the sport package. I'm sure you could do all that aftermarket if you so choose and get whatever specs you want on the springs, etc.
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    I can only speak on my 05 G, as I opted for the sport option -- 18 inchers and firmer suspension. The ride is firm, yet not too harsh. Every time I come up to a hard curve in the road, I get a little smile on my face as I negotiate it with authority. ;)

    Money well spent..
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