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Saturn VUE



  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I think the Escape and Tribute interiors are worse than VUE. I think they could have a better interior, but if I wanted something upscale I would buy a Pathfinder or Envoy, not a VUE
  • jmaterojmatero Posts: 253
    My point is this.... the Hyundai SantaFe has a very upscale interior... as does my Passat... and both are the same price as the Vue.. and in some cases, cheaper.... so there is no reason a 20-something vehicle should NOT BE upscale inside. If you want a utilitarian SUV, buy a Kia Rio or a Jeep Wrangler. The Escape/tribute are getting new interiors mid year so nobody can justify the poor interior components (dash particularly) in the Saturn by stating "it's not upscale" when every other vehicle in it's class is light years ahead. Now, if you were to say "I don't care about the interior as long as the seat is comfortable to me" THEN I would say the Saturn is the perfect vehicle for you. If not, go sit in a similarly priced (even LOWER priced in some cases) Hyundai SantaFe and see what the competition has to offer.
  • I agree, the Vue has a great ride, is very confortable, good power (V6)and looks great, but, the interior is what drove me away. The limited compartment, cheap material and simply lack of place to put stuff is unaceptable for a car of that price.
    For those model I looked at (Aztek, Rendezvous, CRV, Vibe), all had better interiors, in my Vue.
    I thought they would have improved on it for 2003 and was wrong. Just like you, jmatero, I really wanted to buy one, but this what made me buy something else, could not wait for 2004 for them to wake up and fix this.
  • Unfortunately, I have to agree about the poor quality/materials of the interior. I had been looking at the Vue ever since its announcement. Went to the dealer twice, drove the V6, drove my friend's CVT around, looked around in every nook and cranny. I like a lot of things about the Vue, except for the interior and the many problems reported. If it weren't for the low rear seats (remind me of the old school beach chairs) and low-quality materials for dash/doors, I would have bought. I still like the Vue and am crossing my fingers that Saturn upgrades its interior in future model years (like next year please). I think then you would have many new converts to the Saturn family. Have you seen Edmund's First Drive on the Honda Element? Now there's a first-time product with (I would bet) good execution from concept to production.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Rumor has it that the Vue is getting a sibling.



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  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    jmatero : Santa Fe may have a nice interior, but the exterior is about as ugly as I have seen in an SUV. Based on looks along I would never consider it. I hear a new look is coming though as I'm not the only one that dislikes it.

    chayes : Element is pretty ugly also. I call it the Honda Aztek. May as well get a CR-V.

    steve : The Equinox looks pretty attractive. GM may canabolize VUE sales if it's a better truck.
  • I bought a 2003 VUE this weekend and am so happy. I had very bad experiences with the 2002 Ford Escape I purchased just last September - the car kept stalling and the dealer kept telling me there were various fixes but they didn't seem to be able to correct the problem. I finally lost confidence in the Escape. When it stalled a week ago while I was going 50-55 mph on a straight road that did it. I took it back to the dealer who had yet another fix - told him I didn't want the car anymore and would like to trade it in. He offered me $15K for a car that had a sticker price close to $26K less than a year ago - doesn't say much for the Escape holding its value (I really think they didn't want the car because of its problems).

    In looking for a replacement car, I researched the VUE (this board was very helpful) and, other than comments on the interior, the information I found was very positive. The crash tests and safety features are excellent, styling is great, ride was good, etc. I personally don't have any objections to the interior - I think the Ford Escape's interior is comparable to the VUE's. But after my experience with the Escape, a car's dependability is so much more important to me now than the interior styling - I really am pleased with my purchase.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Hopefully Chevy can do a better job with this than what they did with the Tracker...

    Regarding "canabolizing" Vue sales - I think the opposite may be true - Saturn may be able to take advantage of some R&D that comes out of the Equinox and have a better product out before 2005. I don't think those loyal Saturn owners out there will buy a Chevy...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I suspect the VUE will be revised by thetime Equinox comes so they may be very comparable by then. We already know the VUE will get the Honda 3.5L in 2004. of course if Equinox has a better look and interior I can see it taking new sales (not return Saturn buyers) from VUE. it's all speculation at this point. Given they will have different power trains and looks/features, perhaps they can coexist well for mother GM.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about the Vue's interior. We quite like it, simple and functional. Perhaps it could be better but everything works great. We both disliked the looks of the Santa Fe so I would never consider it. The Escape has had too many recalls which scared us a little so that that left CRV and Vue. We liked them about the same but the V6 and dealer treatment won us over.

    Wouldn't do thing different today, we love out Vue and we are very happy with Saturn as a company.
  • Ouch, Forbes doesn't like the Vue

    Should You Buy This Car?

    " Unless you are a diehard Saturnista, the VUE is probably not for you". They say the Vue feels more like a rushed-out, jacked-up station wagon rather than a well-executed sport utility".

    They go on to suggest that just about anything is better than the Vue, citing , cheap interiors, noisy engines,poor design, and seats " seem to have come out of an Iraqi torture cell"

    They even go on to say...


     The somewhat pricier Buick Rendezvous has styling that is unlikely to offend

     anyone, but the same minivan underpinnings and pretty much the same

     ride and handling characteristics as the Aztek.

    Seems their reviewers back up what many have said here

    The indepth article can be found at


  • 56795679 Posts: 88
    Did he really mention the noisy engines?
    And here I thought it was just me.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    "seem to have come out of an Iraqi torture cell"

    I don't think Forbes should be making statements like that as it is an unflattering generalization and stereotyping of an entire ethnic group. There are good and bad people in every ethnic group and we don't need to repeat the misinformed generalizations here.


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  • Your right host:

    A racial slur, is a racial slur. I think comparing the seats to a generic torture chamber would have been sufficent.

    Jeff ; )
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The guy is a dope. If you read Forbes you will know he usually reviews luxury cars / trucks, not Saturns. He was probably none to please about having to review a common vehicle. Keep in mind also, Forbes is hardly a magazine known for car reviews.

    Why do you always want to put the VUE down anyway?
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Yes, we all know you love your Rendesvous.

    Problem is we like our Vue's and as someone in their mid-20's, I don't see my self driving a Buick just yet.
  • Dindak yesterday was the first time that I have ever read the Forbes reviews, I started off reading the Rendezvous review, and decided to see what they thought of the Vue. I have repeatedly said that I like the vue for what it is, an econo psuedo SUV. The entry level vehicle is wonderfull for the price, dressing it up and you enter the fool and his money are soon parted category. You cannot dress up an econo car and make a luxury car out of it.
    Vuefor2 , I admit that I am closer to the big dirt nap than a 20 something,(i am 39) and I guess that the fischer price inspired interior, of the Vue is more appealing to your age group.
    I am stumped by the attitude that you are too young to do anything, too young for great seating comfort, too young for a great stereo, too young for standard 4 wheel disc, too young for standard fog lights, to young for standard anti lock, traction control, keyless, power hatch release. Which of these items are you too young to handle.
    Are you really afraid of a vehicles nomenclature ? Too young to not care if your contemporaries aren't wearing the same uniform. Think outside of the box my friend.
    All I have tried to say here is that the entry level Vue is great, load it up and you might as well have something better. I guess I am old enough not to care if I am considered too young or to old for a particular vehicle, I just know value when I see it, and contrary to what the sweater designer says, there is nothing thorough about the design of the Vue, inside or out.

  • Come on guy, Rendevouz is just an ugly minivan with hints of the Aztek.
  • I guess I just do not understand why someone who bought a "Rendevue" hangs out in the Saturn Vue forum. Could it be that you have buyer's remorse and are secretly wishing that you bought a Vue? Those of us that own a Vue seem to be quite delighted with them and those of you that bought "Rendevue's" also like your vehicles, so enough already!! That "Forbes" article has been beat to death. I just purchased my V6 red AWD Vue in July after visiting this forum and some others. The minor things that people are criticizing the Vue for are just a matter of choice. Ford Tribs have engines quitting and Santa Fe's have transmissions dying, that is a serious reason not to buy a vehicle. It was really an easy choice after doing research and listening to people that owned them in the forums.
    I have 2300 miles and I'm more delighted than when I first got it. It is a safe, fun to drive, good looking, well priced vehicle that is not as luxurious as a $40,000 SUV, period. No car is "the perfect" car for anyone but for $23,500 I got a sporty lil' SUV with Sun roof, great sound system (cd/cassette), side curtain air bags, Abs and a 5 speed automatic. I love it! Sometimes I think car buyers get "paralysis by analysis", just make a well informed decision and enjoy whatever you buy.
  • Simonov I am a Canadian, the difference in cost between what your particular Vous cost and what a base Rendezvous costs here in Canada, would be about a 1000 dollars. And with the excepton of the AWD, much better appointed and equipped.
    I would agree whole heartedly with you if there was as a significant price difference as you assume. I am here to correct the assumption.
    I think that most that come here are looking to find out if they should buy the Vous, a few of us weighed it , measured it, and found it lacking.
    Chayes I agree the Rendezvous is a disguised minivan, with SUV pretensions, but your Vous is a station wagon with big tires on it and SUV pretensions. and a luxury price tag.

    Come on admit it, I make this forum much more interesting................

  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    (Steve_HOST) ...
    -Steve ... at the risk of being chucked out of this great 'town hall', I have to speak my mind about this Rendez-VUE vs VUE acrimony.
    -I have to wonder why Rendez-VUE folks are spending so much time in a "SATURN VUE" forum ? Are they so unsure about their purchase that the only remedy is to bash the VUE.
    -And (enniskillen) ... I am sorry buddy, but your POSTs have just got more and more personal and vitriolic. (You can look that word up). I think your motivation is purely about NEEDING to be RIGHT and being told that you are RIGHT. So here goes ... see if this will do it for you finally...

    (enniskillin) ... you must be the wizest upon wize. How could we have doubted you ? You must have been truly wharfed from the 'godz'. How could we mere mortals have doubted that the VUE could even have come close to that wonderful Rendez-VUE that you so wisely purchased ? You are RIGHT ! Oh so RIGHT ! I have made a terrible error in ordering a 2003 VUE. I just wish I could be more like you.
    -Did that do it for you ? Happy now ?

    -This town hall is suppose to be about sharing impressions and information about the Saturn VUE, not about this ... 'mine's bigger than yours' ... macho BS.
    -I would like to go back to posts along the lines of the GM 'Equinox' info ... (I'm shamelessly buttering you up Steve), and like the guy who shared his family vacation with his new VUE pics. That's neat stuff !!
    -More of that fun stuff and NONE of the fighting stuff, thank you.

    -Again and again ... this is about personal choice. We are all plonking down a big chunk-a-change unless a 'Rocky Fella' is included here. We all have to take that responsibility.
    -And as a news flash. There is only one type of mistake in a vehicle purchases. It's the one you buy and the tread comes off at high speed and you and your family get injured and/or killed. How that's a big WHOOPS !!! Outside of that ... good luck ! Enjoy your new vehicle.
    -This antagonistic atmosphere is destroying this town hall.
    -I'm done here ...
    Later ...
  • Amen and Amen! Great minds must think alike, you even used some of my same words. Let's get back to this being fun,. Gehe when do you expect to get your 2003 Vue?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    No "kill files" here but using the down arrow key works too. Back to the Vue!

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  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I test-drove the VUE, Santa FE, and Escape V-6's back to back, and I have to say it is true - the VUE has a much noisier engine. You get the most clatter and the least power of the three...but I do like those dent-resistant panels!

    As usual, the Saturn folks were real nice too, they offered me barbecue!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    You really have to stop antagonizing everyone here. You aren't making any friends by bashing the VUE all the time. You chose something else, move on with your life for pete's sake. And FYI, if you compare apples to apples, an AWD Rendezvous is a few thousand more than a AWD VUE here in the north land.
  • 56795679 Posts: 88
    Still infighting?
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -Thank you for your supportive POST. (You too 'steve_HOST' guy).
    -Well I just missed my 9/9/02 next delivery date yesterday with no word from my dealer. I have been so swamped with work that I hardly give it much thought.
    -Strangely enough, I feel like I am already living with my VUE. Done such an intense research and review, the trip to Spring Hill, that I feel like I already have it.
    -Knowing my luck ... ol' Vivienne VUE will arrive when I have no schedule to get all the paper work done and enjoy the process.
    -Actually, even the bank called today to make sure that I still wanted the equity loan !
    -I did notice that the Saturnhp site lists both the 'Bright Blue' and 'Medium Green' as "AVAILABLE SOON" !! Not a great sign.
    -I'm very patient for things worth the wait.
    Later all ...
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    The Vue and Rendezvous are not really competitors though some may cross shop them. Vue is a small SUV, Rendezvous is a cross-over vehicle based on a van. Glad you like your Rendezvous, but don't put down our little Vue's, we love them!
  • Nippononly said:I test-drove the VUE, Santa FE, and Escape V-6's back to back, and I have to say it is true - the VUE has a much noisier engine. You get the most clatter and the least power of the three...but I do like those dent-resistant panels!

    That's odd. I test drove the same three and thought the Santa Fe had the worst engine sound, not noisier so much as tinny and reminiscent of a 2-stroke "ring-ding". The Escape was just noisier to my ear.

    All that being said, I've noticed that a lot of perceived engine noise is directly attributable to tire/pavement noise. Try driving on different road surfaces to get a better feeling for the two.

    All the Vue's I test drove had over inflated tires. They seem to arrive at the dealerships (been to two different ones) with 40lbs. Door post says 30lbs cold. This change alone helped reduce perceived noise in the passenger compartment.
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