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Saturn VUE



  • Yes, with all Saturns you pay full price. There is no dickering. I don't know if KIA is offering any special financing rates, but Saturn is offering 0% apr on the VUE for 5 years.

    Personally after seeing the Sorrento at an autoshow, and looking over the interior materials, I believe it is worse than the VUE. The black plastic KIA emblem on the steering wheel nearly made me lose my lunch.

    Anyhoo, things to consider. The VUE would no doubt save you on insurance, it wouldn't ding, nor rust. As far as "America's supposed best warranty" goes. With the KIA, your're going to need it.
  • Consumer Reports actually recommended the vehicle; however, the write-up was 95% negative. I know there was a lot of previous discussion on biases, blah blah, but CR spells out exactly how they come to a recommendation or not. If I compare the Forester's interior to the Vue, the Forester beats it hands down. Looks, the Vue wins; I was definitely considering the Vue for some time, but the short uncomfortable seats and the toy-plastic interior turned me away (along with the rear bench which is awfully low to the ground like one of those beach chairs). I would think that Saturn is trying to expand its customers beyond the existing loyal base, but I think they fell short with the execution here. I'm crossing my fingers for answers to some of the common complaints here and elsewhere but that wouldn't happen until a few years down the road. Oh well, I'll stay on the sidelines until then...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The Sorento 3.5L drink a lot of gas and isn't as powerful as the numbers indicate. Given the reliability of the Sportage, I would stay away for at least a couple of years and see how things shake out. Korean cars have very poor reliability records though I realize they are getting better.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Sounds like cabin noise is the main complaint here. I didn't notice it, but I usually have the stereo running also. For an SUV I thought it was pretty good and smooth.
  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    I have read that in addition to the honda V-6, a revised interior is in the works. Let's hope the power windows switch cluster returns to a more traditional layout and passenger assist grips are added.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I like the power window buttons where they are, no change needed there for me.

    It will be interesting to see what Saturn comes up with in 04.

    Going away in our Vue this weekend and carrying some stuff back from my in-laws house. Nice to have the space though I'm not sure I want the "stuff".
  • jmaterojmatero Posts: 253
    If they do the following, the things will sell better:

    1. Rear glass that opens separately from the hatch.

    2. Passenger assist handles.

    3. Conventional dash switchgear placement (window/mirror control on the door.

    4. A standard quality cargo cover because there is NO under floor storage as the spare is Inside the vehicle. The L-wagon has an inside spare AND under floor cargo storage. In fact, I would rath give-up the folding cargo-organizer for under cargo storage.

    5.Rear disc brakes... if for no other reason then to improve the e-brake feel... it ratchets and comes almost vertical before holding the car on a hill.

    6. Redesigned center console as the one now is cheap and not very usefull.

    7. A bit more sound insulation.

    8. Standard side airbags/curtain as vehicles like the Sorento and 2004 Santa-fe will have them standard.

    However.... with the current 0% financing, 0 down and 0 payments for 90 days, I can do without all of these things and bite the bullet. :)
  • I've been lurking for a while and reading these boards... my Wife and I would really like a Vue... The only issue I'm seeing is having Room for the whole family... We have two young boys 5&8 and have another one on the way... I was wondering if those that already have the Vue see any issues with running out of room for the larger family... 5 people + Stuff... Any comments would be appreciated...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The are now recommending the Saturn VUE.

    Has to be good news regardless as a lot of people read the magazine.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    That is good news. I like Consumer Reports and I know people who read it every time they buy a car. Having a "recommend" rating should boost sales nicely.

    Ethanos : We find the Vue has lots of room for everything, much better than most small SUVs. With 2 big kids, things might be different though. I guess it depends on what they and you do as a family. I would think for most it would be just fine though.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -I am alone, but every time I pass a CRV or RAV 4, I count my blessings that I went with the VUE. They just look small. I even noticed a PT Cruiser with it's trunk open as I was waiting in line for the auto car wash, and it looked small.
    -I thought that I was just talking myself into the VUE when considering the space, but I have done nothing since, but load up that baby. Nice not to have to use the back seats.
    -The space between driver and door is also roomie.
    -Go with V6 if you can afford it. The power will be great when all the family is on board. (I need this when my Mum & Dad come visit from the UK with all their "Titanic" trunks ! The ballast is always useful for cruising).

    re:-Wish list ...
    -I have very few revisions that I would make on the VUE.
    -I really don't like the horn. With the air bag, it is impossible to blow. A side horn button would be great. Of course, it's sure peaceful without me laying on it all the time !!!
    -The power buttons "European Centre" mount is just fine. (I finally got out of the habit of hunting for the window winder with my left hand !!)
    -I would love to have a place for a box of Kleenex. I used the passenger grab handle on the Tracker. Worked great. Now I leave it on the back floor where it is still easy to reach.

    re:- Big WHOOPS ...
    -I started to make a signalled move into the right lane on the highway and nearly collided with one of those black 'stealth' Chrysler Concordes that had come up from no where, fast, and was making an impatient zip around the traffic. I swear blind that I had just checked my center mirror , but didn't wait long enough after a quick glance in the side mirror before starting my move. I quickly corrected myself and was relieved at how well the VUE handled the sudden movement back and forth.
    -(She) is also great ... I have noticed ... when scooting around those sharp, curved exit ramps, especially in the wet. Sterling Moss has got nothing on me and "Viv"!!! So great to let fly when entering the traffic.
    -How quickly one forgets that I was once one of those folks battling along in an 'econo' car letting time and patience deal with entering heavy traffic !
    Later ...
  • Hi Ethanos

    I will get myself in trouble again, but we have two girls aged 5 and 7. So space was important to us as well. We want to be able to carry all their paraphenilia, shop at Cost Co and separate the girls if necessary.
    You aren't going to get 2 kids and 1 car seat in the back seat of Vue very comfortably. The space behind that back seat is going to accomadate a stroller and diaper bag, if you are lucky, and that's it. No groceries, no luggage, no room for anything else, unless you strap it on the roof.
    Now the question of the optional side curtain air bags, since you are a Dad, I bet you will feel they are required equipment.
    Gas mileage was also an issue for us. What we did was compare the cost of a Vue, with a v6, air bags, roof rack, to the larger Buick Rendezvous. The Buick came standard with all of this stuff, gave us the option of a 3rd row of seats, rear head phone jacks to keep the girls happy listening to Brittany Spears, and much much more. The Rendezvous cost little more than a Vue similarly equipped, and there is only about 2 miles per gallon difference between the 2 vehicles on the highway.
    Space was important to us, as was safety ( 4 wheel disc brakes standard)and price, and quality of inside materials, seating comfort.
    We chose the Buick, but still admire the 4 cyl, 5 spd, Vue as a great priced, vehicle, but we didn't think much of it as a v6 auto, expensive
  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    Sounds like you could have saved some money an purchased a Toyota Sienna. I agree with you on all points. Time will tell if the Buick RDV is just another GM 'car' that will start to fall apart in 4-5 years I am sure that the drivetrain is bullet-proof, it is all the other stuff, alternator, starter, power windows and so on that I worry about. I think the VUE will hold up better than the RDV.
  • Hi Ethanos,
    just like Enniskillen, I was hesitating between the Vue and the RDV. For many months actualy.
    Although I though the Vue looked sharper, and I already own a Saturn, the logic won: the RDV is of better value (even if it is somewhat more expensive this year).

    But do not take our word for it, just keep it in mind(especially if these items are important for you: comfort, room, finition, up to 7 seating, independant radio in the back, towing capacity, internal storage capacity, lockable storage, 4 disc-brakes, ABS, traction control, lombar support driver and pax, electric air pump, negociable price).

    Good luck shoping, there are a lot of choices out-there.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Actually the new 2WD V6 is much cheaper than the AWD and more comparable to your Rendezvous. Given ABS is now optional on the base Rendezvous, the price advantage it had is not there anymore.
  • I will bow to your expertise, I am only familiar with the pricing and packages on the 2002 models.

    But I suspect their may be a few 2002's on the lot still.

    And I still think 2 children and an infant in a car seat in a vue, would be uncomforable for most day to day tasks.

  • We just picked up our Vue. We have the 4Cl FWD Manual, and love it so far. But, (there it is you knew it was coming) We discovered that when shifting in the low gears when you push in the clutch out it makes a strange sound, like the engine has reved (but it hasn't) kindof a buzzing winding down noise. If the Air Conditioner is on it does not seem to do it. We are also getting a slight rattle somewhere on the drivers side dash. It has to go back to have the racks installed so we are going to have them look at it. But figured I'd ask you guys. Thanks.
  • Now that the weather is colder and the windows rolled up I've noticed a strange noise. I have the 2002 v6 awd. After the vehicle frst warms up and then I stop for a red light I notice a "twanging, dull clicking, pinging" sort of noise from the right side of the vehicle possibly under the dash or under the right side. It only does it about four times and then stops, not eal loud but noticeable. If I drive for a while and stop again it doesn't necessarily make the noise. It always does it first thing starting out on the first stop. I've only got 5000 miles and I'm not due for another oil change yet or else I would bring it into Saturn. Any ideas????? I'm really enjoying the vehicle otherwise, it's great.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    The RDV still looks to old regardless. The Vue is much more sporty looking not to mention we get wonderful Saturn service. Enjoy your vehicle but you might want to think about ceasing the Vue bashing.

    RE : Noises. We have not had any yet but it's always best to bring it in as it could be anything.
  • I've noticed something that sounds the same as you've described. I get three ping or popping sounds from the right side somewhere -- sounds like the rear area -- about 2 mins. after I've started driving. It's strange because I'm usually at the same stoplight each morning when it happens.
    No idea what it is.
  • Can GMS supplier pricing be used on Saturn vehicles? My brother works for EDS and i have used on on GM before and am wondering if it applies to Saturn's also? Any idea what the percentage off sticker is on Saturn's for GMS pricing if its available? Thanks
  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    Yes, from what I have seen it is worth about $900 off on a $22k VUE. It seems to be worth more on the other GM brands.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    EDS employees are eligible for the GM discount. It is the same as what GM employees get however a few years back GM stopped paying some sort of extra tax that they pay for GM employees. I can't remember it exactly but I know that if you buy a car your brother will get a tax taken out I think for 4 straight paychecks. He can check with admin. to confirm. I know that because I used to work for EDS and my sister bought one through me.

    As far as discounts go, for the L Series Saturns you get 8.5% off the base price and 10% off any options added (i.e. leather package). This doesn't include dealer added options. With the VUE you get 7.5% off base price and 9% off options.

    I've only compared that to the discount on the Impala. That vehicle gets 11.5% off base price and 14% off options.
  • Thanks for the info, unfortunately I'm familiar with EDS wacking the tax for 4 pay periods, i had to pay him when i bought my '02 chevy 2500HD, that cost me $600 in tax!!!! Man the discount is not much on the saturns, I pretty sure it was around 15-16% off sticker on my $33k truck, so the $600 was not too bad.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The markup on a Saturn (because they don't haggle) is much lower than on normal GM vehicles. That's why they can't offer as much of a discount.

    Man I wish I worked for a GM supplier. All I get working at a brokerage firm is free banking. Big deal!

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The TV commericals shows the guy hit the door. But it never showed us that side. Is the dent resistant door panel that good? I just hope it will resist the force of a shopping cart in the mall.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    We have none and our Vue has been hit a few time with stray balls from our neighbors kids. The polymer panels are as tough as advertised. Great feature of the Vue!!
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    In the dealership where I bought my VUE, they had a cut-away saturn (older model) and a grocery cart that you could slam into it. There were a few slight scratches in the door but nothing that couldn't be buffed out and let me tell ya, people sure tested it. I waited three months for my VUE and visited the showroom often just to look at the one there - people were constantly slamming that cart into the door of the cut-away car. They also had a panel on the floor that you could step on or jump on and it would just bounce back - pretty amazing.

    As far as discounts go ... my father works at GM so when I was going to purchase mine he went to the office in his plant and asked about discounts. He was told that there was no formal agreement with the Saturn division on discounts but GM gave the dealership 5% back on an employee purchase so they would at least give me that but weren't required to give anything more. The dealership I dealt with was great - they said they'd give me 5% off anything off the lot or if I wanted to order and wait, they'd give it to me at dealer cost. They even broke down what every little option would cost at their cost. That was a big part of me buying a Saturn - at both a Pontiac dealership and a Chrysler dealership (I was eligible for their discount too as brother works there)they couldn't even give me a straight answer on what the discount was, would just give me a payment and when I figured out the final cost by multiplying out the payments (supposedly at 0% interest) they were trying to shaft me big time. I was completely comfortable with the people at Saturn and really felt that I could trust them. When the final invoice came through it was within pennies of what they had originally told me - absolutely no surprises.

    Those who stated the mark-up on Saturn's is not as high are completely correct. The dealer invoice was not quite 10% below retail.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    mmspeal - Are you saying you got 5% off sticker? Perhaps that is correct in Canada but in the US it is what I stated above. Not only was I told 7.5% by the Saturn dealer here but was also able to print the GMS pricing off of which matched what the dealer was telling me. They have since changed the web site but you can still see 2002 Saturn pricing if you have a log on.
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