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I have not upgraded the navigation system DVD that came with my 2005 RL. Two things have suprised/disappointed me. First, it often does not have streets in my city that have been around 10-12 years (I live in a town of 300K people--not a tiny place) seems very often to be telling me that I'm not on a verified road! Second, even when a road is on the map, the GPS seems to have me off by 100-200 feet, showing me off the road entirely. Anyone else have these issues, and will updating my disc likely solve some of this?


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    My navigation system needs updated info. Do I just remove the CD and purchase another or something else? My RL is 2000. Is it expensive? Thanks. TB
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    It's 185 USD. You can search for acuranavi and it takes you to alpine which sells the discs. Yep you just remove it and replace it to 2.50. Very easy update. It will add some other improvements to your system.
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    4.70 is the 2009 Acura update. Only for those who have the 4.xx system. 3.xx and 2.xx systems will also get a update. 4.70 updates the maps and Zagat survey. Maybe some software changes but so far it's the update for 2009.
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    It's now the official update version for 05-08 RL's. 09 probably uses that version as well. So if you have an 05 and up RL and are stuck on an earlier version then get this one.
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    I just got an 09 RL and I am disappointed with the Navigation System. 2-3 year old new roads and bridges are unknown to the Nav system. I have the 3 month free traffic subscription and Tucson is included in the coverage (So says the spec) but it lead my to a freeway upramp that has been closed for 2 years and will remain closed for another 6 month for construction.
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    I just got an 09 RL and I am disappointed with the Navigation System. 2-3 year old new roads and bridges are unknown to the Nav system.

    This is a common problem with all Nav systems. They're only as good as the data maintained and updated by the company providing the information - in Acura's case, it's Navteq. A friend has a Garmin which he loves, but he's noted a number of outdated things, including obsolete information on an interchange that was redesigned 15 years ago, a problem shared by my 05 RL. Another friend has a Honda van - his Nav system correctly shows that redesigned interchange, but incorrectly shows the route of a redesigned highway, a change made about 20 years ago which my Nav system correctly shows.

    Try to keep it in perspective, though. I find it amazing that with the vast number of roads, streets, interstates, etc., and with all the changes and additions every year, that anyone is able to keep up with them. I find it very understandable that some are missed.
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    I don't think any nav system will get all of the info into it to make it work 100 %. However, in my 08 RL we had good nav to Yellowstone from Bay Area Ca. and down to Mojave recently.

    When we were visiting our son and family in Ill. we rented a car and Magalen, sp, was the nav. It seems outdated and compared to our RL and our 06 Pilot's nav, it required getting used to.

    I don't have the update and I was considering buying it, and I appreciate the other posters comments. Thank you

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    Well, I just went to the NAVTEQ web site and I do have the newest version DVD installed. I then went to the NAVTEQ Map Reporter and those missing Roads and Bridges are actually there. To compare, I purchased my wife one of those "portable" GPS systems and the roads are pretty current (updated to about 6 months ago). Unfortunately it's not as user friendly as the built-in system such as the one in the Acura.
    What I really dislike are the none reported closed freeway entrances. Why should I renew the satellite traffic subscription if it's not more accurate.
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    So does that mean that they have the updates on the NAVTEQ map reporter that will be incorporated into the next version of the DVD when it is released?
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    I am looking at purchasing an 06 RL. If I get the updated CD, does it bring it up to the same features as the new RL's?

    For example, will it announce the name of the street that you have to turn on to.
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    I am looking at purchasing an 06 RL. If I get the updated CD, does it bring it up to the same features as the new RL's?

    Yes, it will use the same updated info as the new RL's. I can't say it will have all the same features, but it will have the same database of information.

    For example, will it announce the name of the street that you have to turn on to.

    It will not announce the name of the street you have to turn on, unless it's a major highway. It will show on the screen the name of the street you have to turn on.
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    I have a 2005 Acura RL which I am planning to ship to Europe for a few months
    I am told that the navigation system will not work even if you put the European maps dics in it. That's weird because I know Europe uses the same GPS system and ACura RL exists in Europe under Honda Legend badge and it is an identical car .
    Does anybody know if there is a way to tweak the system so that it would work for Europe. ?

    My email [email protected] or [email protected]
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    I bought an 09 Acura RL recently and it does not have the tecnology package. The in car entertainment display shows me my GPS location at all times, but, the system does not have the maps and directional navigational functionality. Does anyone know how to update the functionality so I can get the navigation features? Is it even possible?
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    I just bought 2010 RL and am disappointed with the screen on the navigation system. In daylight, with sunglasses on, the screen is almost impossible to read. I previously owned an 05 and had no problem. Has any one had a similar experience? Does anyone know about any fix? Acura wasn't any help.
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    What did you learn about this? I am considering the purchase of a 2008 RL w/o navigation and want to know if I can retrofit the navi system. Thanks.
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    I have an 08 RL...I love the car, BUT the backup camera is sooo blurry and dark. The car has been to Acura service on more than one occasion... they tell me it is working to specs. Ayone else having this problem, were you able to rectify it ? ....Jim
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    It is my understanding that the backup camera in the new one is really good- but there is nothing they can do to help me with my problem... sorry but that is all the info I have
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    I own an RL 2006 in Mexico City, Officialy there is no DVD or software to map Mexico by Acura for this Model and Year. I want to know if there is a way to get no matter that is unofficial software or DVD to do so in my Car !

    I hope you can help me !

    Thanks in advanced

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    Just bought a 05 RL and wondering if it's worth it to upgrade the NAV? Any opinions?
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