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Blazer Transfer Case and Front Differential Fluids

sandman7sandman7 Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in GMC
I have a 93 chevy s10 blazer and i have no manuals besides a haynes does anybody know what is the recommended front differential and transfer case oil. I am having 4wd problems and i would like to change. Thanks


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    repairdogrepairdog Member Posts: 948
    np233 transfer case uses Dexron III red fluid. Diffs use 80w-90 gear oil or syn if you want to upgrade.
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    southwestdan50southwestdan50 Member Posts: 1
    I'm about to make my first attempt ever at servicing my front differential and transfer case. I have a pretty good understanding of the types of oil that are required, but what device do I need to get the oil into the transfer case and/or differential? Would a grease gun work or is there some other type of oil dispenser that's required.
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    stockton1220stockton1220 Member Posts: 1
    Blazer has been making rattling sound when in motion. Took it to local trans shop and the transfer case is apparently cracked, no fluid left, chain is burnt out, etc....

    Shop quoted me $900 in total to fix/replace including labor. Actual transfer case will come out of another vehicle from parts dealer and wont' be a new one. Blazer has 168k miles on it. 4x4 hasn't worked for a few years. Is this a fair price or a rip-off?

    Please help, thanks John
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    duntovduntov Member Posts: 133
    edited March 2011
    That is a "courtesy price" the auto repair shop gave you and are hoping you will take it somewhere else. That is especially true with auto repair shops in large metropollitan areas where they can "cherry pick" the jobs they do. For every customer with a difficult job that they can send somewhere else, they have ten customers waiting with easy jobs.

    I found a qualified auto repairman on Craig's List who comes to my home to do any repairs and maintenance on my 91 Blazer 4x4 that I feel like I cannot do myself. His is trustworthy and charges $40 per hour. I furnish the parts he will need and I buy them on-line at "ROCK" bottom prices. I can watch him work. It does not annoy him at all because he does not have anything to hide.

    The transfer case on my 91 Blazer 4x4 was noisy. My personal Craig's List auto repaiman saw no signs of leakage so he changed the transmission fluid in the transfer case now it is smooth and quiet. Your transfer case may be indeed cracked but I would still get a second opinion. Sometimes the transmission fluid in a transfer case is old and worn out the case becomes noisy.
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