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Toyota 4Runner



  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    For those who followed my build order situation, or for those that were considering a build order, or already did one, here's an interesting bit of info. I ordered my vehicle (V-6 Sport 4x4, no options) at the beginning of Feb. and was told that the mid May timeframe (14 weeks) was the earliest I could expect my vehicle, with a best guess of even later (early June). Quite on the contrary, my truck is on the boat over as I write this and is due in port on April 22nd, dealer by the 30th at the latest. So when they give you a 14 week minimum, and you assume more like a 16 week minimum (like I did) you might be mistaken.

    Shoot, now I have to hurry up and sell my other truck. Anyone looking for a great '95 4wd blazer in San Diego?

  • pg123pg123 Posts: 7
    My dealer in MA said that the changes mentioned in mtnridr's post are available now in the Japanese market, but won't be available here till 2004.

    Is this true ?
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    I too have smelled the sulfer smell. I test drove a v8 limited yesterday. Halfway through I rolled down all the windows and floored it a couple of times, and yes I could smell it. It wasn't overpowering, but it was there. With the windows up, I couldn't smell a thing. For me it just means there's another factor to consider.

    Of course if the v6 is going to be discounted some, I might just stick w/ that. I just wish there were more v6 limiteds out there.

  • mtnridrmtnridr Posts: 5
    Just spoke to my dealer and he said that they are going to be selling the Sport Edition w/ matching cladding probably by late May early June.
  • the wheel fenders from the appearance package would it be an easy swap? I was told that the limited fenders wasent a clean swap and some mods needed to be made but i figered the appearance package fenders would have the same bolt pattern as the grey cladding on the sr5.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    You would probably have to order them as a replacement part...this means they would come in primed only. You would have to get a body shop to paint them. Since Toyota doesn't sell paint (other than touch-up)this could get ugly. Not sure about the alignment- seems it would be a match since they all have the same BODY!!??
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Don't worry about a paint match. A good body shop will fix you up. Toyota doesn't make paint either. Same problem as if you smash a fender and need it repainted.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I had an interesting discussion with my service department.
    Question : Can you make the "tweet tweet" for the remote louder ? ANS : No, that's the way it is.
    Question : Can I get the rear widow to close with the remote ? ANS. No, I have a Sequoia with the same rear window "open" only with the remote
    Question : Can I get the doors to unlock when I put it in park and still have them lock when i put it in gear ? ANS: No, that would be too complex. Me: my father had an 86 Cadillac that had that feature.
    Question : Why doesn't the trailer hitch fit in the receiver ? The receiver is not 2" eitther ANS. We can fix that.

    One for 4. I sure am glad I like my gray cladding. If I asked to get it changed.

  • has anyone recently purchased the 03 4runner with the Rear ent. system.? I know it was supposed to be available in Spring 03. Dealers don't seem to know anything about it.

    also looking for consensus on current 03 4runner owners about their vehicles.

    I am looking to purchase 03 ltd v8 Prices and recommended dealers in NY/CT would be helpful as well.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    if you refer to page 17 in your owners manual you will see you can change the setting of the auto lock feature.

    to set the lock so it unlocks when you put it back in park simply put the key in the "on" position, within 10 seconds of that hold down the unlock button on the drivers door for 5 sec. when you release the lock button it should lock and unlock to let you know it has been reprogrammed
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
     I know you posted that before, for someone else. I was going to have the service department do it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024

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  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The "Apperance package" has been standard on the Japanese market since its introduction. Why they went with the ugly gray cladding is beyond me. Some marketing "wizard" at TMS USA made that decision. Any 4runners with the MAY order will be arriving with the reported changes (I have the memo from Dealer Daily) Only the SR5 with the gray cladding has the 500-1000 dealer cash on it. I wish TMS would have imported this vehicle just the way it appears in the Japan market (with the exception of the engines, they still use the 3.4l and 2.7l engines in the Japanese version!). We would have sold a lot more by now!
                             : )
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Just go to and look for the Toyota Surf or Funrunner!
                         : )
  • jbhncjbhnc Posts: 16
      I have an 03 LTD V8 and live in North Carolina. I didn't notice the smell at all until a few months ago. Its defiantly there now, not overpowering but annoying. A couple of questions for those who know the world of gasoline...

      1) Does sulfur content change per season? I got my 'runner in Oct and didn't notice the smell until Jan/Feb. I haven't changed driving style or gas stations (frequent the same one)

      2) Doesn't sulfur (unburnt) harm the cat convertor over time?
      3) Has anyone received any concrete data from the different gas companies as to their allowable sulfur (in states other then Calif). Are some better then others?
      4) Anyone know if the law in NC requiring sulfur to be reduced by Jan 04 is still going to happen or did the petro lobby get it deferred?

      5) Anyone in Atlanta having the smell? I heard that they have reduced sulfur gas in Atl.

      Sorry for all the questions but hopefully this will help everyone with a stinky 'runner.

      Thanks - J
  • azrunnerazrunner Posts: 16
    Personally, I was drawn to the looks of the new Sport 4Runner including the cladding. Since purchasing I have found that the cladding is useful in parking lots (prevents "dings") and off-road (helps with the "cat-claw")

    My burning question is, how the heck do I care for the cladding?? What do I do to ensure that it lasts the life of this vehicle?? Any particular products known to clean and protect?
  • kb28kb28 Posts: 25
    I wouldn't give up too quick on the 4-Runner; there is a lot of junk out there. If you are serious about looking, though, you may want to take a look at the Land Rover Discovery. I have a 2001 DII SE7 with almost 30K miles and it has never been in the shop for repairs. The thing is built like a rock and the sales people are very knowledgeable and polite. They do not play sales games and are up front about any sales discounts, usually 1 to 1.5K below sticker.

    My lease is about up and I've ordered a 4-Runner Sport. My only real "gripe" about the DII is the tires. With the ACE system, and on all 2003 SE and HSE models, they come with 18" LOW profile tires only; there is NO option. I do a lot of off roading in the summer and, believe me, rock crawling is no place for low profile tires. There are also a lot of highway complaints that potholes blow the tire out because they pinch so easily. I have communicated with Land Rover about the tires and their reasoning is that most owners do not go off road and the low profile tires are better suited for the highway. Fine; but what about those of us who do go off road? It seems kind of silly to build such a highly capable off road vehicle and then fit it with an unsuitable tire. Kind of like putting ballerina slippers on Hulk Hogan. The only solution is to buy 16" rims ($1500) for which you can get suitable tires, there being no decent off road tires in the 18" low profile size; just ask Michelin, Firestone, Perelli, etc. I did.

    The other reason I'm switching is that ever since Ford bought Land Rover, the focus seem to be moving toward building better soccer mom transportation rather than continuing the Land Rover heritage of being one of the best, if not the best, in off road capability. The flagship Range Rover went unibody this year, as well as made other changes such as rack and pinion steering, and Discovery, I'm told, will soon follow. Toyota, on the other hand, is not only maintaining 4-Runner off road capability, but is improving it (more rigid LADDER frame construction, locking center differential, a 17" tire that is off road worthy, etc.) It also seems to me that Toyota takes customer complaints seriously and acts quickly to rectify them (appearance package made standard). Land Rover, on the other hand, had done nothing about the low profile tire complaints (see LR posts) stating only that it is a marketing decision. In fact, when I told my dealer that I was considering buying 16" rims, they told me it could void the warranty and that they would not mount them. Reasoning was that the ACE system (similar purpose to x-res on Toyota)has been tested with the 18" low profile tires only and any other tire is considered not suitable. By the way, for the moment, the base SD still comes with 16" rims.

    Well, that's my 2 cents. For the moment I'm hoping the Sport I ordered does not come equipped with the odor--it does seem to be a regional gas related problem that is short lived--as when off road, I like to smell the roses, not smelly exhaust fumes.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I can't beleive Toyota would make running boards standard equipment (even though they can be removed, that would seem to be a waste). I guess I don't understand how they help. They are far too narrow and close to the body for me to get my foot on, especially getting out of the vehicle. So I just get my pants leg full of dirt by rubbing on them. What am I missing? Also, if the 4Runner is really supposed to be an off-road vehicle, running boards reduce clearance, don't they?

    Like Jaredmsd, I too want a V-6 4X4 Sport with no options. I suspect I will have to special order it. Should I wait until June to get the reduced pricing or will I get that price if I order at April 30 for a July delivery.

    By the way, great interaction on this board with excellent information. Thanks.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    One reason (and I'm only theorizing now) that you may have been warned away from a smaller diameter wheel on your Discovery may be due to clearance issues with your brake rotors/calipers.
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    First to kb28, just one point I wanted to make to you, is that the
    design for the newest Range Rover was already in place before Ford
    bought it, because it would have cost them even more to start the design
    process over again and the new Range Rover would have been delayed many
    years. So thank BMW for their decisions on the unibody design. Why do
    you think there are so many BMW parts in the new Range Rover (the engine
    for one)? Because, as I said, it would have cost Ford a fortune to
    change the design, so they just left a lot of it in. Not really an
    important point, I just thought the same, that Ford ruined it, only to
    learn later that it was BMW.

    Indeed running boards suck offroad, so they should NOT be standard on
    the "Sport" model.
    I'm glad someone shares my feelings about paying thousands for options
    that aren't needed in what I consider a fairly 'fully loaded' truck with
    its standard equipment. I didn't even get floor mats because I knew I
    was going to replace them with weathertech's.
    Considering your thought about the pricing and ordering date:
    I ordered my truck through Carson Toyota in Carson, Ca through the
    suggestion of a few dealers on here when asked about build orders. My
    deal was a certain amount
    over invoice (in my case $1000) at delivery time. So, even though I was
    quoted invoice at the time, I was told that if pricing changed, my
    deal changed (which now is a good thing), so maybe you could assume
    the same would happen with you.
    One reason why you wouldn't want to wait until June to order is
    that I think build ordering stops on the '03 models by then. I think I was
    told that they will take '04 build orders in June or July, but of course
    those vehicles wouldn't be delivered until much later. In fact, when I
    ordered in Feb. I think I was told that the May timeframe was the latest
    that they will make build orders on '03's.

    Hope that helped.
  • cinlincinlin Posts: 7
    I need someone to tell me about this "Brake in Contract" in order to honor warranty and how much is it and is it negotiable? I have agreed on a purchase price on line to a 4 Runner LMTD. v6 4x4 and stated that that I don't want to see any added charges. What is a "Document Fee" I think it sounds like BS to me. I plan on telling them that also when The vehicle arrives @ the dealership. (It was a trade because of color).
    I purchased the Consumers report new car report and found out exactly what the LMTD is or should be worth. As it is I am paying more on top of that is the dealer hold back for $714.00..I don't feel there should be any hidden fees. It should be loaded and no extra add-on correct? Some one please give me feedback so I can feel better about this.
    I would love to hear some stories.

    Also the color is Stratosphere Mica... So if they don't make paint, who is going to match that color?
  • aleksd1aleksd1 Posts: 37
    Does anyone know if it's possible to get SR5 with side airbags in CA? I talked to several dealers in So Cal and they all tell me that CA does not get SR5s with side airbags. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    Doc fees are pretty common. I believe Edmunds has an article somewhere about them. It really depends on what they are, as to whether they're reasonable or not. I think the claim in the article on here was that $50 was reasonable, $250 was not.

    Doc fees vary by dealer, and tend to be non-negotiable themselves (although you might have better luck negotating a price INCLUDING doc fee, then comparing between dealers). Most of the ones around here charge $250-$300. Unfortunately, if you've already negotiated a price - it may be hard to do anything about the doc fee, depending on what you've signed and what agreement you have in place already. This should have been discussed before a price was agreed upon.

    I ended up going through, and their dealer partner here in the Denver area happened to charge NO doc fee, which I thought was pretty cool. I paid for the vehicle and tax (and that's it) at the time of sale. Registration and Title are paid separately in Colorado.

    If the doc fee is small, say, $100 or less, I probably wouldn't worry about it. Otherwise it depends on where you are in the process - you may have a hard time changing it.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    we call it CLERICAL fee though and it's 199.50 it seems pretty fair though b/c the ones around us charge 399. kind of helps us too, poeple always want the "out the door BOTTOM DOLLAR" so even if we are both selling at invoice...were 200 cheaper.
    I guess my point is, just pay the little fee and enjoy the 4runner. Ya'll make this waaayyy more complicated then it needs to be.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    But paying $200 to send a runner down to DMV with a few forms that a clerk has run off isn't a "little" fee in my book. Don't some states limit doc fees by law (Florida? - $40 or $50 bucks iirc).

    High doc fees are just another profit center for the dealer.

    Here's what says:

    What You Should Pay:

    "Reasonable documentation fee ($50 is reasonable; $250 is not)"


    Steve, Host
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Isn't it the dealers that gives you a price and then adds the "doc" fees? Gee, why wouldn't the dealer just say, "This SR5 with vin # _____ is $30000, tax is $1800, tag is $25, so the total is, uummm, $31825"? FWIW, I find getting a vehicle price or service price at my local Toyota dealers to be a nightmare. I'm in the South, so maybe I'm just dumb or stupid. Yeah, that's it. Is me. The customer. I'm stupid.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    THATS how it would be. Unfortunately I dont make up the rules. So they call it DOC fee Clerical fee Whatever. It's not MY profit. I don't get paid on it. I consider it one of those things I CAN'T CHANGE. Ever hear of the serenity prayer?

    In addition to that I have nothing to do with how your local Toyota Dealer operates. I'm sorry they are that way. Don't take their mistakes out on me. Here everyone that WANTS a price today gets one, And if it isn't agreeable, we don't expect people to do business here. We are doing somthing right though, we're the states volume leader!!!! You don't get there by having a "bad rep" or by Ticking people off frequently with no resolve.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Hey, I'll back off a little. But, you did say that the buyers made it complicated. I'd say that most buyers would like to get a price and not have any surprizes at the end. I'm just saying that the dealers that add "fees" after the "price" is negotiated probably don't do it because of customers demand. The consumer doesn't want this process to be as complicated at it sometimes is.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    Everyone would come to a dealer, Find the car they want, BUY it and go home. But since everyone wants to capitalize on every possible thing, the car buisness is what it is. Why not have all makes "sticker" price be THE price. You get what you pay for. if a Ford is 4000 less than a Toyota so be get what you pay for. If you Know what the tax rate is and what the title fee is juat negotiate the TOTAL price and back it out enough to compensate the DOC fee.... I'm from the south and I figured that much out. LOL:)
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    You have the exact 4Runner I want. It drives me nuts that there are so few v6 limiteds. Anyway, I can't help you much w/ the break in contract.

    I can tell you that there is a disconnect between the CU/Edmunds price and what the dealer will call invoice. The difference being the advertising, holdback and fees. The real question is how much can you cut into this. My experience so far is "not too much". Just work your best deal and be happy that you got the truck you wanted. Now if I could just do the same.

    BTW, if you're close to Deleware and pass on the truck, please let me know. BTW, the best price for your rig here w/o xreas or nav and sticker of 38.9 is 35.3. Are you getting a similar deal?
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