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Toyota 4Runner



  • rshershe Posts: 236
    It will be required to have both upper and lower attach points, as will all vehicles manufactured after 9/2002.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Just re-read your message. The 2002's are only required to have Phase I which is the upper straps and I believe that is all they have.
  • markcervmarkcerv Posts: 1
    Back in April you posted this message:

    ---start here---
    #1525 of 2072 4Runner electronic mods by wally27 Apr 26, 2002 (07:26 pm)

    ...My point with this post is to find out if anyone is interested in a few 4Runner circuit mods. I have the $250 shop manuals and can, disable the daytime running lights (with a better method than disconnecting pin 2...), shut off the key reminder chime, and turn the power outlets on the dash to full time (not switched) so your cell phone charges full time.
    ---stop here---

    I've got a 2002 4Runner, and I would LOOOOOVVVEEEEEE to shut off the damn key reminder chime.

    Please post how to do this (or post a URL).

  • ttlmeterttlmeter Posts: 6
    Hey 4Runner owners and Toyota enthusiasts!

    How come Toyota does not have an on/off switch for DRL on their trucks/SUVs? And how much shorter bulb life is there due to the DRL? I don't do mods or maintenance on cars or trucks, just drive them. I love my 2000 4Runner Ltd, but wish that it came with a DRL switch or autosensor.
  • hermesnthermesnt Posts: 5
    Cliffy - after having my tires rotated by the dealer (not mentioning names - but very close to home ;) the truck developed a pull to the right. 6 alignments later, truck drives straight, but steering wheel is slightly off. Front tires wear on inside edge. Alignment shop indicates all within specs.

    Is this a know issue?
  • Hello,

    I'm preparing for a x-country trip in my '02 4WD Limited. I'm going to be towing a small (5'x 8')
    U-haul trailer. According to the manual this should be well within the 4Runners 5000 lbs capacity.

    I'm new to towing and I would appreciate any insight and experience that one could share. I'm driving from Illinois to California.

    I had a few questions off hand :

    1.)What gear should I use for towing ? I always heard that you should not use the normal drive gear (with o/d engaged). Does anybody have any experience here on what would be optimal ?

    2.) Is it OK to run A/C while towing ?

    3.) Is it OK to have cruise control engaged while towing ?

    4.) Would you have radiator flushed prior ? Any special considerations for transmission fluid ?

    This will be my first towing gig and I want to make sure to get it right. Also, I want to make sure that I do not harm my beloved 4Runner.

    I would appreciate any insight that anyone could share.

    Thank You
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    you know what i did not ask your advice and so do not answer anything i ask for ok thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Let's cool it guys!

    We all make errors in typing, spelling, grammar etc. And anything posted on the boards is open to general discussion by anyone anytime. Let's be a bit more tolerant.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    I've just seen the photos of the Prado, not an actual vehicle. They're on the Toyota Australia site: I compared those versions of the Prado to the 4Runner.

    >spy shot has a Michigan plate?

    Toyota has a technical center in Michigan, but as far as I know they design for American plants. It's possible they had an SUV of some sort that they were evaluating. I know that Georgetown has its own test track, and there is a big one in Arizona. On private property you don't need a tag. OTOH, if they wanted some opinions from the quality people they may ship over just about anything, put a tag on it and let them drive it on public roads. But the 4Runner is so close to market that it's long past any of that. They are in production now; they won't change anything unless there is a very good reason (i.e., safety or quality). When the Sienna was there for the Detroit (1997?) auto show they just drove it up I-75 from the plant.

    >Do you think it's more likely to be a 4Runner?

    If it is, because of the cladding, I can't tell anything. I'd rather see a real photo of the real, unclad, vehicle. I'm content to wait for that. Personally, I'd like to see the interior again, since that's where I'll be spending most of my time. :-)

    >This will all be over soon, right?

    They keep saying August, but it's almost August now, and the port says it doesn't have any on the radar yet. I'll be glad when they get here so I can take an up close look. Pictures just don't do it for me. :-(

    Hang in there! (Think how much fun it will be in here after they arrive. I hope it stays civil and doesn't become like the other discussions in here.)

  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    I got the impression that the little black knobby thing on the edge of the dash (next to the vent next to the windshield) is a DRL sensor, although I don't know how it works since I've never seen it turning the DRLs off.
  • I don't know if all 4Runners come with a transmission cooler but if not I'd definitely add one.
  • muskadinemuskadine Posts: 19
    Here's a question: anybody have a guess as to how juicy Toyota will have to make their incentive programs to bleed the 2002 4Runners off the dealers' lots before the 2003s come out?

    Right now where I live in Northern California, Toyota's offering 1.9/2.9/3.9 percent financing for 3,4, or 5 years, respectively, OR $1300 cash back. For Toyota, those are pretty attractive incentives.

    How much better will it get? I went to get my routine service for my Tacoma today and walked around the lot a bit. I noticed that there were still over a dozen 4Runners on the lot--mostly 4X4 SR5s and a few 4X4 Limiteds. There was only one 4X2, however. Coincidence?

    Here's my quandry: my wife and I want to get a 4Runner, but, in relative terms, I'm not sure that we'll find the 2003 much of an upgrade over the existing model. We're on a budget, and if the past is any indicator, the 2003s will be selling at or above MSRP for quite a while. Plus, the low finance rates make the 2002 a real looker. Don't get me wrong: the 2003 will be awesome.

    But this may be an example of when an existing model, coupled with attractive incentives, may just create a more ideal package than the newest machine at steeper prices. For us, anyway.

    Anyhow, any guesses on how the Toyota incentives will go?

    We may be tempted to pull the trigger sometime soon. Although having the 4Runner's ground clearance will come in handy during some drives into trailheads during our vacation in the Sierras this week--it ain't gonna happen too soon. Too bad my Tacoma Prerunner can't haul all five of us!

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    You tricked me! I thought you had seen photos of the RE-DESIGNED Landcruiser Prado, not the same one that's on the Toyota Japan site, which has been around since '96 and is based on the current 4Runner platform. There's an illustration in my photo album that shows the all-new Prado, that shares the same platform as the GX and new 'Runner here:

    I thought you had seen an actual photograph of this new design. I guess Toyota is keeping tight raps on that as well. It's a real mystery as to why they decided to release photos of the GX 470 and display it at the auto shows, unless they wanted to build some initial hype for an all-new product to help boost sales. And of course, they don't have to worry about dealers trying to get rid of '02 inventory on it either.

    The Aussie site further confirms my feelings that the Top-Spy picture is NOT a Prado, because again, the steering wheel is on the right side of the Prado, but on the left in the spy pic. I'm pretty sure that the Prado is a right driver only. As far as all of the spy shots of the '03, all 4 were shot in snow of 2 different vehicles that resemble each other, from different angles. So I'm guessing it was some time last winter, probably in Michigan, which leads me to believe changes could have been made since these photos were taken. I don't know why they've taken so long to filter down to the public though.

    Again, thanks for your input, Rward99. It is going to be a lot of fun coming to this forum after it hits the dealers! I hope it stays civil too, otherwise I'm outta' here.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Also, isn't that license plate nook too small for foreign markets? Wouldn't it need to be wider to accomodate the wider plates in other countries?

    Food for thought...
  • nodefectnodefect Posts: 26
    The more I compare the Top Spy shot to the GX 470 I see more and more similarities. I think these two vehicles will be worth the wait.

    Why isn't Toyota going to offer a 3rd seat in the 4Runner? It does not make sense since the Gx 470 will have one.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    I've towed using the trailer you've spoken of. You won't have too much trouble with the 4x8 unless you pack it full of really heavy stuff. You will definitely know you're pulling something though. Towing with a 4Runner is not something to do on a regular basis. Really, you shouldn't be pulling anything of significant weight with any mid-sized suv regardless of the power. The biggest concern I have is stopping and controlling a heavy trailer. Only 3/4 ton and heavier trucks are suited for heavy towing. I've also pulled a 6X12 and that was a bad idea. The 4Runner is unstable at freeway speeds and needs a lot of room to stop.

    Just give yourself plenty of room to stop and turn the overdrive off. Also, make sure you load more weight on the front of the trailer than on the rear. You don't want to be lifting the truck up.

    I believe all of the newer model 4Runners have transmission coolers.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I tow a lot. In fact, with my current Tundra, over half of my 36K miles has been with a 4200 pound boat behind it. Prior to this truck, I owned 3 T-100s (gotta love those lease programs). Small trailers present few problems for the Runner. Here are a few tips:

    Keep the overdrive off. Another participant questioned this, but he is ill informed. Even though the Runner does have a transmission oil cooler, you will really strain it if you let it get into 4th gear. Yes, the RPMs will be high, but this is a DOHC engine that performs well under those circumstances. It is really designed for higher RPMs.

    Yes, you can use the AC. Don't worry about that one at all.

    Cruise control *may* be able to be used. It really depends upon how heavy the trailer is. I'd rule against it, but if the trailer is fairly light (as in less than 1000 pounds), I don't see why not.

    My typical towing involves highway speeds (70 to 80 MPH) and quite a bit of up and down driving down I-95 in Virginia. This isn't mountain driving by any stretch. I usually have the AC blasting. I use the 3 gears at my disposal and a heavy foot on the gas to keep up with traffic. I also leave more room for stopping, although the brakes on my trailer will stop me nearly as fast as I can when unladen (disc brakes on BOTH axles).

    Oh, and I personally never use cruise control.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    Sorry, wasn't trying to trick you.I didn't realize the Prado was getting a redesign too. (I couldn't get to that link you posted.) That's the Australia site I posted, not Japan.

    BTW, left / right drive isn't difficult. These plants build cars for all over the world. Shifting production is fairly routine. One comes off the line right behind the other.

    So let's say the spy shot IS the new 4Runner. Do you like the redesign? Is it the complete make over you expected? What do you like best about it?
  • semanticssemantics Posts: 51
    In regards to your post about the incentives, down in Southern CA, the rebates are $1500 or in lieu of the rebates, there are also 1.9, 2.9 and 3.9 finance rates for folks with good to great credit history. That seems to be a very good incentive in Southern CA and sales for 4Runner are actually up 19% over last year at this time on pretty much the same product.

    That is indicative of the incentives working very well in a marketplace fraught with serious competition. Even some of the Toyota product competes with itself. Limited 4WD 4Runner buyers are definitely smart to instead look at a Limited Highlander, and a Sequoia for similar pricing. That sort of competition is very different than what the market was in 1998, 1999, and 2000.
  • muskadinemuskadine Posts: 19
    Thanks for the pricing perspective. If sales are up nearly 20% as you say, then I'd venture Toyota is pricing the Runner just right.

    But for me, even more generous incentives would be fantastic.

    I'm not holding my breath, though.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I'd be very surprised if the incentives got any better than they are now. I guess it is possible, but not likely. The vehicles are moving at a good clip and the supplies are dwindling at a pace that will leave almost none by the time the 2003s arrive in late September. That is Toyota's goal. Unless the current pace slowed considerably, I don't see that they would have a reason to change things.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Okay, here's the info straight from Ron at Top-Spy:

    "The issue of identifying prototypes is always a difficult one, especially when the car/truck is heavily disguised as is typical of Toyotas. I also originally thought the truck shown in the Top-Spy site was the 4Runner. What changed my mind is when we also got photos of a different Toyota SUV, also being tested at the same time as the Prado. I believe the other SUV, not shown on the Top-Spy site, is the
    4Runner. It is a completely different-looking vehicle than the Prado. One major difference is it has the rear tailgate with retracting rear window, typical of the 4Runner. The Prado has a side-hinged door [like the GX 470]. A [spy] photo of the 4Runner appeared in the June issue of Truckin', and [another] in the July/Aug issue of Truck Trend, in case you would like to get a look at it. Having left hand drive and no fender mirrors on the Prado is not all that unusual since the Prado is sold in many countries outside of Japan.

    As noted on our web page, we sell automotive prototype photos to major periodicals only. We do not sell or provide photos to the general public. If you represent an automotive periodical and are interested in buying photos for publication, then please give me information about your magazine's content and circulation and I would be happy to discuss prices and publishing rights with you."

    So he confirms your logic, Rward99, that the steering wheel and fender mirror are not indications. I realize that your link was to the Australian site, which is what I meant in my post in reference to "Aussie." I was just making the point that it was the same vehicle as the one on the Japan site. Sorry you can't get that link to work. Some people seem to have trouble with Yahoo! Photos, and some don't. It usually helps if you register with them, if you haven't already.

    As far as the new design meeting my expectations, I'm with you. It's just too hard to make an assessment at this time, with all of the black-out on. From what I know so far about the interior and many of the new features, I'm sold! I like the basic shape of what we can see, and the front end looks pretty cool so far as I can tell. If it looks as bold and beefy as the GX, while retaining the sculpted accents of the current design, then sign me up for a Sport Edition 4x4 in black please! Of course, like you, I'm waiting until after the V6 becomes available to test both engines, and I'm able to get close to invoice for it too, maybe with some 2003 incentives as well.
  • nodefectnodefect Posts: 26
    Well I pulled the trigger on a new Sequoia today. I was able to get it for $5,000 under list,$40,272 which is invoice. List was $45,371 They gave me 4.75% for 5 years through Chase bank and $19,000 for my 99 SR5 with 40,000 miles on it. I think I did pretty well, does anybody have an opinion on how I did ? I am curious !
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Purchase price was as good as it gets and they really steped up to plate on your trade. That interest rate is better than the 5.9% for 60 I got on my wifes RX00 from our credit union.

    You won!
  • pica1pica1 Posts: 23
    I'm three weeks into owning a '99 4Runner (SR5, 4WD) and hope you can help me with a few questions...

    1) The 4Runner has 265/70R16 tires, with the rear tires showing more wear than the front. I don't know if they've ever been rotated (heck, I don't know if they're even original equipment -- did the 4Runner come stock with Wrangler RT/S?) How often should I rotate the tires?

    2) Much to my chagrin, I noticed a few days ago that I don't have a spare tire. There's a rim, but no tire (I checked the rest of the truck over at the dealership, but it never occurred to me to think that a truck with 27,000 miles on the odometer wouldn't have a spare). What size spare should I be carrying? The truck came with a Toyota trailer hitch, for what it's worth.

    3) I'm getting close to the 30,000 mile mark, and due for both an oil change and scheduled maintenance. I'm considering switching to synthetic oil. What brand works best in the 4Runner? What about differential fluids?

    4) Speaking of oil changes, should I stick with the Toyota oil filter, or is there another brand that works as well? What about the oil plug? Do I need to stock up on crush washers or the like?

    I really like the truck so far (even though it wasn't what we were looking for to replace my S10, but that's a different story). Thanks for the help!

  • nodefectnodefect Posts: 26
    jimxo- I went in there originally with a check from They had a 72 month rate at 6.25 if I would use automatic withdrawl. When I went to finalize the papers the business manager said they could not come close to the 6.25% on 72 months but they could offer me 4.75% on 60 months through Chase Manhattan Bank because of my credit rating. My credit union was a 5.65% for 60 months and 6.50% on 72. It seemed too good to pass up so I bit the bullet on the higher payment and saved over $3,000 in interest. I could not believe I got that rate on a Toyota that does not basically have any incentives right now. The dealer I went to had 5 Sequoia's that they were selling at this price. The only one that was not listed in their add was the one we purchased a silver sky colored one. They told me that color was not part of the sale, but that Thunder gray was.I do not know if this was a trick or not, but I stuck to my guns and was going to walk out if they would not offer me the price on the silver sky colored one, they made the deal. One thing struck me as really funny however ! When I was cleaning my car out, they approached me and said " we have a problem, we thought you SR5 was a 2000, you have a 99" I told them you knew it was a 99 because of the black fender flares,and secondly the sales manager was the person who sold me my 99 SR5. To make a long story short, he made it work. Why would he approach me with this when he knew darn well I would toss the deal if they tried to change it ? Is this a tactic they use to make you think you got a tremendous deal to keep you coming back ? I was really confused as to why he would even mention it to me, where they trying to get out of the deal becuase they had a buyer for the silver sky at the higher price and were going to try and get me to switch to thunder gray ? I really thought they were going to come back at me and say we thought your SR5 was a 2000, we will honer our price on the vehicles on the sales list, not on this one. Well it did not happen, I can't figure what they were trying to do.
  • nodefectnodefect Posts: 26
    I just traded a 99 SR5 with 40,000 miles. You probably need to do the 30,000 mile service which is in th $500 to $800 range.

    That spare is a full size spare !

    I changed my oil every 3,000 miles and it ran like a top !!! I just always used manufactures suggested oil and always took it to Toyota for $19.95

    The service manuel I believe wants the tires rotated evey 7,500 miles, I am not sure. Those Wrangles are great!!!!! my tires had a long way to go even with 40,000 miles on them. I am very disappointed my new Sequoia has Bridgestones on it. I tried to get Goodyears, but they could only offer Dunlops, so I left the Bridgestones.

    The only reason I traded my 4Runner is because I wanted vehicle skid control and side air bags for my wife and son. My 99 Sr5 was great !!
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    My passenger side front window is making up it's own mind when it wants to go up or down. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. It's electic and on my only 12K miles 2001 4Runner. It's hot in July and before I haul it to the 1 hour away dealership, any easy answers? Thanks!
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    "nodefect was right on in answering your questions. As far as using using synthetic motor oil, I changed from Castrol GTX (regular oil) to Mobil 1 (synthetic). Castrol also make a synthetic that uses "hydrocracked" oil and is not based on a PAO Base. Castrol figures and specs are not as good as PAO bases. Amsoil synthetic is good BUT do not go for extended oil drains, at least till after your Toyota warranty of 60,000 miles runs out. I change every 5,000 miles with Mobil 1.

    As far a drain plug washer, Toyota uses a special thin "teflon like" washer that cost about a buck apiece. I have never seen other companies use this type of washer.

    I use Toyota filter but I heard Mobil 1 and Amsoil filters are good. I know to stay away from Fram filters.

    Edmunds Maintaince. Forum is a good place for more opinions on these questions.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    I know this might be a simple thing, but did you check to make sure the window lock is off (I've forgotten about the window lock a couple times myself).
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