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Audi S8

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
A Winnebago or an S8? Which would you choose? Check out our 2007 S8 follow-up test and let us know what you think.

Follow-Up Test: 2007 Audi S8


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    rf600rrf600r Member Posts: 3
    Nice car, but $110,000 worth? I think not!
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    cctdicctdi Member Posts: 82
    The 07 A8 I got is more equipped than the S8 I ordered two and half months ago. Somehow this follow-up test report makes me feel the decision for the S8 is ok! Still, I got two more months to wait. A more A8, do I need that? Then what is the life and hardwork about?
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    dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    is in rare form making a luxury sports sedan that isn't too at odd's with itself ala BMW.
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    sho38sho38 Member Posts: 1
    shouldn't the S8 be compared to a BMW 7 series instead of the M5?
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    seltene531seltene531 Member Posts: 4
    I purchased a used 2001 Audi S8 in Feb. 2008 from a Dealer near me (100 Miles away) that specializes in German Imports. The original owner was a FANATIC about keeping his cars in PERFECT condition. (Found out that this man owns 2 Bentleys, 1 Z06, 1 Porsche 911 T-Turbo.)
    The S8 I purchased from him is in IMMACULATE condition. The car had 118,000 miles on it and I took it to my Detail/Body shop. They were stunned at how this car was taken care of. They could not find a single scratch or speck of dirt anywhere inside this car. The previous owner even had all the maintenance records. Every single repair, oil change etc. ever done on the car, the Dealer's name and the mechanic who worked on it! I was flabbergasted that anyone was so detail oriented.
    Anyway, what an awesome car this is. I owned an A6 before I bought the S8 but the A6 just was not "Fat" enough.

    Anyone looking for a powerful German Luxury Auto should check out these 2001-2003 S8 Automobiles. They are a GREAT buy at a used price, (usually at 20% of their original price.) Audi USA has informed me that only 531 2001 S8's were imported into the USA. That makes this model a pretty rare automobile. I just love this car. It is fast when you need it and it rides, drives and turns like it has road magnets attached to it. The AWD is nice when it snows too! I recently took it to Tire Rack to have new tires put on (came with summer HP tires) and quite a number of people were really looking it over. All of them said they had seen pictures of one, but had never seen one in person. I have become an Audi S Line fanatic.Thanks Audi!
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    erikduoperikduop Member Posts: 1
    Pearl paint is nice but a pain to match as I learned with my escalade. pearl is a 3 stage paint. plain metallic is much easier for detailer to patch up any nasty dings that jerks in the parking lots are know to make.

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