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Autospies has "leaked" pictures of the new A5.

I think it looks great, although I'm a little disapointed it's not as aggresive as the concept from 03.

At any rate, there's much less weight past the front axles, so the dynamics should be improved a ton.


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    But the target is the 335i and that's going to be a tough one. Based on what I've read, the A5 will be between the A4 and A6 in size (well, it is the "A5"). I just wish it was an A4 coupe. I'm not really interested in a larger car. Also noted that the images show a three liter Diesel badge. I wonder if NA will see that configuration?

    In a month or two we will at least get to see what the reviewers think. I can't wait for Jeremy Clarkson to do a write up. He certainly dissed the 335i's styling.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    Clarkson usually disses anything not

    1. Ferrari

    2. Lotus

    3. Mercedes

    But it will be hilarious as always.

    I'm not in the market for a coupe, I really just want to see what they say about the driving dynamics. A sedan for everyday, and the occasional autocross event [think S4] would be perfect, if a little less nose heavy.

    I've also heard that this will replace any A4 cabriolet's now.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    and other forums, people are saying it resembles the 3 coupe series to much.

    I get that a little. The 3 series is a killer for me in the rear end. It looks to much like a GTO.
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    If I recall correctly, Clarkson was smitten by the Bugatti Veyron. Seems that all it takes is 16 cylinders, four turbos, and > 1000 hp in a car that looks like a UFO. But must say, the A5 better have its handling act together 'cause it ain't the most striking design out there.

  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    I agree it's a pretty safe design.

    Like I said earlier, I wish it was more like the Nuvolari concept, ie more aggressive.

    I think it will handle better, how much so remains to be seen.

    One of my Audi buddies thinks this design is the signal that all Audi's will look like Italian cars now. Not such a good thing.
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    Neither BMW or Mercedes have any car that isn't a bit controversial in styling. Audi has the best looking cars on the road today from A3 to A8 of any highline company.

    I not totally sold on that swoopy styling and prefer the sharp crease of the other audis, but I'll have wait to see the a5 in person before i make a final styling judgement.

    Kinda interesting abou the italian comment..the A5 looks a little maserati to me. And that might not be a bad thing.
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    Its okay. I dont really like the square-ish headlamps but i think the rear end is really sweet. The interior looks a little downgraded but im sure the fit and finish is nice...wish it was more like the a6. It does look a little Italian...a lot different from the other Audis with sharper creases and lines like the A6 and R8... Here's another website with some more photos... link title the side profile is amazingly good looking imo. it almost looks like it might have the window built into the trunk hatch, like the Jaguar XKR or Aston Martin Rapide. That would be awesome... and here are some better pics of the S5...looks pretty much the same. link title
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    I definatly like the lines of the A5 more than the 3 coupe.

    The 3 is out of proportion front to back IMO.

    As far as the interior, I wish it was again more aggressive like the shooting brake concept. That interior was just so driver oriented. It called out to me at night to drive it :blush:
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    everyone is reporting that the 6 cylinder version will be the same 3.2 litre displacement.

    Anyone know why they aren't giving it the 3.6 from the Q7?

    I think it will fit won't it?
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    Remarkable similarity.

    Unfortunately in this instance, Audi looks more Japanese than Italian to me. I would take it over the BMW based on styling, but not on drivetrain layout.

    I just don't know about these teuton coupes though. Frankly, I think the existing G35 coupe is a more coherent and compelling styling exercise than either...
  • banhughbanhugh Member Posts: 315
    This is the best part of the car. I just show pictures of the interior and I would like to say well done Audi. Its almost like the BMW 3 series setup in terms of the navigation display position BUT Audi A5 has more buttons so the center console does not look like a blunt piece (like the 3 series especially without navigation) but its nicely "decorated" with buttons. I bet its faster to use them than navigating with the idrive.
    The only reason I hate i drive is because it has stripped the BMW console from its buttons
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    Some of you may have already seen this from Autoweek:

    "U.S. sales of the 2008 A5 and S5 begin in November with the 3.2-liter, 265-hp V6 as the primary A5 engine offering.
    Both models launch with six-speed manual transmissions
    with six-speed automatics appearing three months later for the A5 and six months later in the S5.
    Although front drive is available in Europe, all U.S. models come equipped with quattro all-wheel-drive."
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    "...Although front drive is available in Europe, all U.S. models come equipped with quattro all-wheel-drive..."

    I wish they'd figured that out with the A3. IMO, buying Audi means buying Quattro. FWD is for VW, says I. :blush:
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    ...and available first w/ 6 - speed manual tranny, too!

    I looked at an A3 2.0 Quattro w/ 6 speed in Ingolstadt (visiting in-laws), but I wasn't in the market at the time to order one, drive it around and then ship it as a gray-market vehicle.

    It's just a pity we couldn't get that model over here.
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    C&D site has A5/S5 first drive article. S5 comes first, A5 next year. Kind of strange to start with the S.

    1st Drive
  • jpennjpenn Member Posts: 68
    Just saw the A5/S5 article and pics on Edmunds site. The car is attractive but seems to lack a real styling punch. No doubt it will be a fantastic driver w/quattro. The back seat is a real laugher. It looks more like a platform for small kids and/or packages. In any event it's really nice to see so many of the luxury auto makers coming back to the two door coupe segment, it's long overdue.
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    Found it curious that Edmunds thought the rear seating was spacious. Every other first impression I read said it's tight. One other article, can't remember which, noted the rear headroom was better than you would believe.

    I'm inclined to believe there won't be much room back there, but wouldn't mind being surprised.
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    Makes me wonder. :confuse:
    I know that in the original incarnation of the Coupe Quattro, there was plenty of back seat space.
  • audi2infintiaudi2infinti Member Posts: 9
    I had a 2nd generation (AKA B3) 1991 Audi Quattro Coupe. So cool. So rare. So practical. The back seat had headroom for 6 foot tall people, 60/40 rear folding seats and a hatch for serious cargo capacity.

    You will never see that again with todays demand for a low roofline, unless you look at economy cars.
  • khal80khal80 Member Posts: 9
    I drive a Merc 03 CLK and was thinking about trading it in and getting the A5 and absolutely love the way the car looks

    But I have one thing holding me back, the reputation Audi has and the "maintenance" problems..maybe ill wait for the first year of this model to come out.....but that means a year longer to get one!!! arghhhh
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    The basic 3.2l 24V engine, which has been continually improved upon (IMHO), has been around for at least a couple years now.
    Remember, if you want don't want a manual tranny, you will have to wait an additional 6 months anyway.
    I'd prefer the manual, myself.
  • reality2reality2 Member Posts: 303
    I am not sure what you mean by "reputation", but Audi's reputation as a premium luxury brand is one of the strongest and most prestigous globally. I would refer you to CR for the many models of Audi that are highly recommended if that concerns you. The reputation is solid, dynamic, cool, and a kind of prestige that is modern and forward. No pretense, just substance.
  • reality2reality2 Member Posts: 303
    Clarkson sure didn't diss the R8. As a matter of fact he wanted to crown it as king - Six Stars, unheard of from him.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Generally speaking if CR says something I think the opposite is true. Audi's recent rise in CR's evaluation is certain to spell doom for the product.

    My C6 A6 has been, IMO, flawless, and I WOULD highly recommend it. I would CHECK RATE IT, in fact.

    The very fact that CR does too, means the product is nearly totally crap.

    I have had 28 Audis, each one better than the previous.

    Yet, now CR finally claims they are recommended.

    Every product, well, almost, recommended by CR turns our to be something I would not ever commend.


    The Audi line is not perfect.

    Find one that is -- and if you dare say Lexus, I say, drive one. They are, for many of us, so boring it hardly matters that they are durable.

    Audis are, in my experience, reliable and durable.

    The very fact that this is CR's current observation means, to me, approximately the opposite.

    Yet, here I sit with an Audi A6, MY 2005 that seems -- to me at least -- more loaded than many 2007/2008 offerings, more reliable, and more fun to drive even at 35,000 miles than some brand new cars.

    Don't let the current reliability ratings sway you -- these cars are fragile, unreliable, can't pass the dealer without pulling in for some damn thing or another to be adjusted, repaired or replaced.

    I wouldn't buy one with your money.

    Who in the wide wide world of sports posts like this?


    Drive it like you live.

    These are truly exceptional cars.

    Waaaaahhhh! :cry:

    I picked a bad week to stop drinking coffee.
  • khal80khal80 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the advice

    I am in total love with the A5 and want to trade my clk to get it.

    What i mean by reputation, is what i hear about repairs. Many people, im not sure how much to weigh their opinions, say audis are always in the shop and cost alot to repair. Although they may have a great driving experience the downside is maintaining the car to keep that performance.

    On specs, looks, and drive I wouldnt hesitate, but if its going to be in the shop or cost to much to keep, then i have to think hard about it

    maybe its hit or miss, some cars have no problems, some may have too many
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    The Audi dealer in Austin had a red S5 on display back in June, though they aren't for sale until November.
    I tried to get a broshure through a friend there, but he said they won't even have broshures until November (though I hear you can now order an A5 or S5).
    There are also no decent broshures on-line. :(
    So if anyone finds a broshure for an A5 or S5 before then, please let us know about it here.
  • micosilvermicosilver Member Posts: 212
    We have a "teaser' brochures available - a few photos and general information, not the full brochure.
  • patthispatthis Member Posts: 1
    I live in Ireland and just seen a black S5 drive down the street. Looked cool, wide and low and sounded sweet, nice v8 rumble.
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    "We have a "teaser' brochures available
    - a few photos and general information, not the full brochure."
    I ordered one today.
    The new eBroshure is very informative, though.
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    ...that this November some of the US Audi dealerships will have an A5 for test driving. We know know that the base price is just below $40,000 while the S5 will base around 50k. Unfortunately we will not see the three liter TDI in the initial NA release.

    However I do intend to grab a ride in the A5. The S Line, with its upgraded suspension, seats, and wheels, sounds like fun.
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    i need this in a wallpaper

  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Did you try right-clicking the photo and setting it as your wallpaper?


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  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Member Posts: 22
    Anyone have the A5 in Meteor Grey? I haven't seen this Audi color and I'm interested in your impressions.
  • a5liza5liz Member Posts: 1
    Here's a link that shows all of the A5/S5 colors, including Meteor.

    I saw it in person once, briefly, on an S5. Very nice color, but it will show dirt and swirls if that's a concern. I would say the photo in the link is fairly accurate, a tiny bit on the light side if anything?

    GREAT car, by the way! :shades: But, as you probably already know, be prepared to wait. I waited almost nine months for mine but it was worth it!
  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    Personally, I think Avus Silver is the best :).
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for the link!

    I'm actually interested in the Meteor Grey because it's being offered on the '09 A3. Of course, I'd LOVE it on my very own A5, but that's not gonna happen.
  • chance6chance6 Member Posts: 13
    I love the looks of the A5, but what's with the top speed being governed at 130 mph ? Why does Audi keep doing this ? I hear about American regulations, but then you have the S5 going all the way to 155 mph. BMW doesn't govern its 3-Series at 130 mph with the sport package.

    My question is: does anyone know where to go to remove this top speed governor or raise it ? I think it's a joke that the A5 should be governed at 130.
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    I don't know of any ECU mod's for the B8 series (A5 & new A4's) yet.
    But the places to keep an eye out for these are:
    hoppenmotorsport, APR, and STaSIS.
    I believe Joe Hoppen imports for MTM of Germany. ;)
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Member Posts: 114
    Does anyone know if Audi will bring the diesel here? With the price of gas now, I'm looking for a diesel which seems like a good option. I got burned by the Japanese hybrid which is a lot of hype and lot of money for an illusion of environmental benefit and lower cost overall.

    Can't find anything on the website. :confuse:
  • dnabooksdnabooks Member Posts: 2
    Just wanted anyone's opinion about why one would want to pay at least $10,000 more for an Audi A5 coupe as compared to the 2008 Honda Coupe EX-L V-6 with 6 speed manual trans.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    The value is in the beholder. Have you test drove them both?

    IMO, there isn't anything from Japan that comes as well screwed together as something from Germany. The feel from behind the wheel is light years different.

    If you don't have the extra 10 G's the whole problem is solved.
  • conallconall Member Posts: 91
    Audi makes the world's best AWD systems.
    The 3.2 V-6 is probably Audi's most reliable engine.
    Superior corrosion protection.
    Overall refinement and quality of material.
    Take one for a spin.
    An Audi just feels superior in every way. :shades:
  • dnabooksdnabooks Member Posts: 2
    I did drive the Audi. It's a fine car. Actually I don't have the extra 10 grand; I'm not even sure I have the $ for the Accord Coupe even though I bought it anyway. Honda consistently shows up at #1 (or close to it) in terms of reliability and quality. My brother-in-law (who is the best automobile guy that I know in terms of mechanics and quality; I know, all of us know the "best" car guy) always advises buying Hondas unless you're going for something more exotic (like a Corvette). My wife has a 2002 Passat (GERMAN CAR!) which has basically been a terrific car, but we've had about half a dozen "quality" issues with that car, including the fact that she about burned her [non-permissible content removed] when the heated seat caught fire! Also, for example, when replacing brake pads on the Passat, one also has to replace the rotors, since they are too thin to machine. Just throwing it out there. My brother always buys BMW's. I driven all of them. They're fine, but they don't knock me over. In case you're wondering about my own car skills and knowledge, I own a 1967 numbers-matching 427/435 Corvette and a 2006 ZO6 Corvette. I've driven 350Z's, Hummers, Cadillacs, etc. Take care and thanks!
  • rbassorbasso Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone heard any rumors about audi coming out with the DSG gearbox on the A5? I understand the TT and new Q5 have them already. Looking at the new 2009 A5, but would rather wait if DSG may arrive in mid 09. Any thoughts or links?
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Member Posts: 1,491
    Can anyone tell me how much to pay for a 2008 A5, S-Line pkg with 8000 miles?
    Or is there any good deal out there for a new one?
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    I think it really depends on your location. Local dealer in my area is still charging MSRP for A5's. But, there is no competing dealer nearby either...
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    i've just been trolling for used a5's with the distance filter to 'all' for an idea of what's available and at what price. seems like a big range in prices depending on location, with s-spec'd, premium, etc. being lower priced than base models when not limiting to specific city or region. this won't tell you what to pay but will give an indication of what's being asked.

    one concern i've got about this idea is the uncertain reliability of new models - any thoughts?
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Member Posts: 1,491
    Thanks. Yeah I have concerns about forst MY relibility as well, but since its still got remaining warranty it might not be a problem afterall. Not sure yet.
    Perhaps its safer to get a new one.... meteor grey or aruba blue with black-white interior. Love the sprint blue, but no available with std A5, that really blows.
  • chiradchirad Member Posts: 5
    I live in chicago and recently got a 2009 A5 with S line package. I've got 19" tires. They are dunlop sport maxx gt. With chicago winters does anyone have any info on if i should switch to winter tires/all season. My dealer recommended the michelin pilot sport but i went to a tire shop and they said i would be okay with my dunlops???
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