Dodge Dakota Interior Issues

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hey folks, i was at the ATM this morning, went to roll up my window and *CLUNK*

now the window handles spins freely and doesnt move the window... so its obvious something broke down there...

im trying to remove the door panel to attempt to fix whatever fell apart/broke and im at my wits end.. ive removed all the screws i can find, and the window crank. and the panel is still held in there like glue..

someone whos done this before care to tell me what im missing? i can only assume theres some types of clips holding it on, if so what and where? anybody got diagrams?
thanks for any help!



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    My truck as been to the shop 2 times in the past month because water is leaking, supposed from the door seals. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I had to have my carpet replaced in my 2005 Dakota Quad Cab 4x4 Laramie, after the driver's side footwell became so soaked with rainwater, I sucked over two gallons out of it with a shop vac. The leak had been there for a while, because my carpet smelled mouldy. I just didn't know it, because the water was running behind the carpet and under the padding, where it was hidden by both the thickness of the padding, and the floor mat.

    They found several places along the firewall, where screws didn't completely seal the holes they were anchored into. I don't know yet if they've cured the leak yet, because we haven't had any hard rains since the fix was done.

    I have no choice but to park across a hill at home, with the driver's side uphill, and passenger side downhill. It wouldn't surprise me if I still experience leaks, as I've often opened my D/S door after a rainstorm, only to have a stream of water run out along the seal (like it's been piling up against it).

    I'd rather find out sooner, rather than later, if I still have a problem. I may find out tomorrow, as we have a decent chance for rain, tonight.
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    Yes, there are clips on the panel that engage holes in the door frame.

    Remove the window crank handle. Starting at the very bottom of the door panel, use a tool to begin pulling the panel away. Once you start to disengage a few clips work your way up the sides of the door panel. The door panel will have to be raised in order to disengage it at the top, There may be hidden screws near the mirror area.

    After the panel is loose you'll probably have to disengage the door handle connecting rod and the mirror switch wires.

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    Well ... as I (hoped?), it poured last night, so I finally got to see if the leak was fixed. As I expected - it was not. The driver's side front floorpan was wet again.

    When I called the dealership, the service manager asked me where it was coming in. I said that it looked like it was coming up over the weatherstripping, at the door threshhold. His response was "That's impossible!", which came across more like "You LIAR!" :surprise:

    They already owe me a new piece of plastic trim for the passenger side threshhold/kickpanel area, from where they cracked it while replacing the carpet. I've been jerked around over that, as well. For a "5-star dealership", this guy certainly isn't earning any points with me...

    The trim piece should be in early next week, at which time, they'll take another whack at fixing the leak.
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    Did you find water under and on top of the carpet?

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    Just under the carpet. It only shows up from the top side, if enough water has intruded that it squishes up through the carpeting when I step on it. The padding gets soaked. I have Husky floor mats, so any water landing on top, would stay on top. I haven't been able to locate any obvious moisture trails, leading down along the firewall to the floor pan.
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    The driver side seat recliner handle on my 2000 Dodge Dakota broke off in my hand today. The seat is stuck back at nearly a 45 degree angle, which, needless to say, makes driving the thing a tad uncomfortable. I messed around under the seat for about 30 minutes, and was unable to get the seat to come back up. I don't really care whether or not I restore the reclining functionality, I just want to be able to get the seat to come back up one time to a comfortable upright position and I'll just leave it there for good. Is there a way to do this manually by hand this one time... or am I going to have to take it somewhere and have them replace the handle or more?
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    yon should be able to get a pair of pliers on the shaft where the handle broke off and turn it...
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    Sorry for the late response.

    Have you looked in the cavity behind the left kick panel adjacent to the parking brake for water? The electrical harness from the drivers' door comes through a cab bulkhead, and runs downward in to the inside of the cab. Where the door harness breaks through the cab bulkhead is a large rubber grommet that is the air and water seal. This could be incorrectly installed and allowing water to run down the harness and in to the cab.

    Is there any water on the passenger side? A clogged plenum drain can cause water to build up in the heater housing and it will drip out of the lower heater outlets.

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    Thanks for the tips, Dusty. The passenger side is bone dry. The Dakota is at the dealership today, so they can take another whack at it. I'll give 'em a call, and ask them to specifically check that grommet.
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    hello, been searching the net for any fixes for my dakota's soaked carpet on the PASSENGER side. came across your thread and would very much like to know more about your experience. a few other finds noted, things like "roof seams causing water to leak behind the dash and showing up under the carpet. by the way, we all agree that water is not showing up on top of the carpet, it is obviously rain water, (can tell the difference between antifreeze and water). also found that my cd player failing, not the radio, and electrical short causing my new high-quality battery to die overnight are also a widespread problems. as i am not under warranty, is there ANY help from dealers, or do i need to preform the fix for the leak, (and subsequent carpet damage) myself-if i can figure out the problem? thanks-mike
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    removed the cowling, plastic kick plate and pulled back the carpet to inspect for leaks while my friend poured water on the right front pillar and into the cowling area. nothing. it seemed ridiculous to check the rear of my club cab, but i sprayed the seams between the roof and the cab in the rear and sure enough water is pouring in and goes straight to the floor pan on the passenger side. next i have to remove the camper shell to preform the repair. (hope i don't need to remove the back slider...) thanks-mike
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    Just picked up my 06 clubcab Laramie 3weeks ago.

    Took it in yesterday for water dripping from the top screw cover on the drivers side grab bar every time it rained.

    They said the independant leak guy that comes in once a week resealed the windshield and the roof seam.

    Just gotta wait for rain to see??????
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    I am trying to find a place to buy a Cup Holder for my 1997 Dodge Dakota. I cant seem to find a place where they sell them. Could you help me??

    Thank You
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    I purchased a 2004 CPO Dakota CC almost 2 weeks ago. During the test drive there was a overpowering odor of carpet cleaning solution. I told the salesman that this odor had to be eliminated.

    When I picked up the truck a couple of days later, the smell was barely noticable (all the windows were open) and I drove the truck home and shut everything and parked it. The next day I left it at home as it was pouring rain and I did not want to drive an unfamiliar truck in bad weather. The following day, Saturday, we went to use it and were immediately overcome with the odor that smelled like someone had gotten sick in the truck. I started investigating this and found the entire passenger side carpet and padding soaked. I immediately returned to the dealership and was told to bring it to service on Monday.

    I went home and tried to dry it as best I could. Monday I brought it in and they found and fixed leaks in the windshield cowling and passenger door. They said they cleaned the carpet, but the padding was still damp. The next day it rained again. No additional water came in , but the carpeting is still damp from before.

    Now, over a week later, I have the carpet pulled up the best I can, but it is still damp in places. The car still smells like vomit and my wife refuses to drive in it. I am going to being it back to service and have them honor the CPO clause of no odors or leaks. They fixed th leak, but the truck stinks.

    Should I contact the salesman or just bring it to Service and let them handle it?
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    My passenger side power door lock quit working. That is not the main problem though. The door is locked and now I can't unlock that door from the outside with the key. Cannot unlock the door from the inside using the lock/unlock pull on the door interior. The only way to open the door is with the interior door handle and you have to use a little force to get it to open. This started suddenly with no warning. Any ideas? Thank You.
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    Anyone encounter this issue? Both passenger and driver side floor get wet. Don't know where its coming from. Trying to sell and need to fix.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Put armor all on the door seals. The seals dry out after some time, allowing the rain water to drain to the truck. 97 dodge dakota stopped leaking in to the cab after this.
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    washed the truck today and noticed water on the passenger side coming from up under the dash area around the heater , it is fresh clear water, the windshield was replaced about 3 years ago with no problems so not sure where this leak is coming from, any suggestions as to were to look ?
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    It's possible that the cowl drains have become clogged. A vehicle that old, and especially one that may have sat under a tree or been in a very dusty environment, will likely had some material in the cowl that's clogged the drains.

    Of course, replacement glass has a bad reputation for causing leaks. Many installers seem to be afraid to use enough sealant. When my Dakota had the rear window replaced, it leaked. And it leaked again after they had removed it a second time.

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    Dusty well I'm going to have to day it would be the Cowl drains as I have never had a problem with the Windshield since they did the replacement ever, so how or where do I find the drains, I'm afraid of the answer I think.
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    I've been trying for YEARS to find this same cup holder, It seems impossible. Have you found it yet? :cry:
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    Will a bench seat from a 2nd gen 1998 Dak fit a first gen 1996? Do the mounting nuts provided in the floor of the 1996 Dak in the same locations as the seat bracket on the 1998 seat?
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    I have a 2003 Dakota, club cab, 4.7 liter. My passenger side carpet was soaked with water, took it out, have isolated that it is a leak from the AC compressor. I can't figure out where the drain line is though. I assume it is plugged and I need to find it to unplug it. Any help?
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    I have the same stuck seat problem with my 2004 Dakota except my handle is not broken. I removed the seat to look underneath to find the cause. I see two cables that move slightly when the handle is lifted but the back of the seat does not move.
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    Greetings. I recently bought a 2008 Dodge Dakota SXT. Was cleaning out the truck went to vac the front and noticed that the drivers side floor felt wet. Took the trim off and lifted the carpet. The jute is soaked, only on the drivers side. Starts at the tranny hump. Anybody have issues like this and if so what have you done to fix the problem?
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    I have a 99 Dakota Sport. The handle for the center seat console came off. I have the handle and a spring, but can't figure out how they go back together. Anyone know where I can find a diagram? Thanks
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    I have a '94 Dakota ex cab with the 60/40 front seat. I would like to put bucket seats in place of the 60/40 seat. Does anyone know what years will work?

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  • britgeezerbritgeezer Member Posts: 95
    The passenger side floor mats are suddenly soaking wet. Doesn't smell as if coolant were leaking as if the heater core was leaking and - its been hot, hot, HOT so the heater hasn't been on except to try and dry the carpets.

    My son says its most likely the AC condensor water exit path is blocked and the water is coming in the truck. Opinions and suggestions?
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