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What is the future for small diesel pickups

dieselrangerdieselranger Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Ford
As anyone have information that any US diesel small pickup is in the future?
To preface this – I owned a 1986 Ranger 2.3L TurboDiesel - rated at about 37MPG and I got better then 40. It was a very good economical (both fuel and upkeep) truck and the best truck I ever owned. I am now in the market for a new truck and if a diesel small diesel pickup is on the horizon I’ll wait. I know, by searching the internet that Ford builds Rangers overseas with a wonderful offering of diesel engines.


  • I read in AutoNews last week that Tata is planing a factory in US to build small trucks with diesels.
    Sure is to bad we cant get the verity that the rest of the world enjoys. I sure would like to buy a diesel Nissan Rouge or a Diesel Kia Sportage or have the option of other compact SUV's.
  • oochuckoochuck Posts: 8
    Mahindra was planning to have three diesel vehicles here a couple of years ago but their economy picked up plus the EPA testing did not go as well as expected. Mahindra is an India company that has imported tractors for many years and has been in the business over 75 years I believe. I have been waiting for one of their diesel pickups for a couple of years. Now I have doubts that they will ever enter the US market. Check them out on the internet you may be impressed.
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