Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Air Bag Questions

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2003 Chevy Silverado 4X4 V8 4.8 Ext Cab

I'm looking for some initial tips to get started on replacing my airbag clock spring. Bare with me, by initial, I also mean some "obvious" tips on where to get started. I have someone with Chevy expertise, but an Airbag clock spring replacement isn't something he's done before, so I wanted to check with all of you on what I need to do before, during, and after the install.

I had just bought a hanes manual (it's at home, I'm at work). Also, I don't expect anyone to provide me with a 20 page diagram/literature, but more of a summary, and things to check for.


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    DOM.....Have you posted about this in any GM truck forums??
    I have seen another post about the clockspring on another
    forum. Is it you?

    Never seen one of those posts before!
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    A friend put 02 leather seats in my 2005 GMC Sierra SL crew cab truck. It has 26,000 miles and has the 5.8L V8 engine.

    The truck came with cloth seats. They were able to hook up all the of electrical except for the airbags so the airbag light is on. The adapter/plugs for the wires were changed between 02 and 05 and we are concerned about the airbags deploying by changing the adapter to make it work. Also there is a concern that the airbag sensors in the seats are different between the leather 02 seats and the cloth 05 seats... any ideas or suggestions to get the air bag light off and insure the airbags are in working order would be appreciated because the truck is for sale and hard to sell with the air bag light on
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    Tell your friend to reinstall the '05 seats.
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    That is my problem, I sold the seats when they assured me their would not be any problems. (sorry should have included this in the forum. Any other ideas.
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    Not to be a wiseguy. But shouldn't "they" (the person or persons) who assured you that there would not be any problems take care of your current problem since you bought the seats on the premise that there would be "no problems"?

    Actually the best place to start would be with the parts department at your local GMC dealer. Ask them if the plugs are interchangeable and if the sensors would cause any problem. They can look up the wiring diagrams of both the '05 and '02 and give you a better answer.

    There are other forums where you could post this question and perhaps get better results. Unfortunately, I would be in violation of the TOS by posting it.
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    I was driving and all of a sudden my air bag light came on as well as a message on the dash display in my 03 Silverado 1500. I have not hit anything nor have I messed with anything. Is this a major issue that I need to take to a mechanic or can I still drive around without any issues? Is the fix simple? If so, what all do I need to check to get this fixed? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any suggestions/fixes.
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    Hello All, I am A repair Shop in florida. Recently we got a wrecked 2004 Gmc 2500 Truck. Air Bags Did Not Deployed in The Accident. We paired the vehicle Back to its Pre Accident Condition, We got a code for the front inpact sensor B103. We trouble shooted the wiring and sensor,we found the wirring harness had been damaged in the accident, at the front sensor under the radiator support.. we replaced the front impact sensor and wiring harness new from GM. we cleared the code and it imediately comes back On Same Code B103 Front Impact sensor.. So what could i have gotten a bad sensor? is this Likely? any Sugestion this is driving me crazy.. Will a tech2 Scanner give you more in detail? Thanks..........A.J.
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    Hi My question is regaurding my 06 silverado. I recently hit a tree head on dead center in the bumper at thirty five miles an hour. The air bags did not deploy when I asked chevy why they read the black box on board of the truck and said the truck speed did not drop 15mph in 5mil a sec so the bag would not deploy is this true? The truck is totaled frame twisted cab folded motor moved into fire wall. What gives I thought my family would be safe in this truck by having onstar but than i find out onstar only works on silverado if airbags deploy. Any info on air bags would be helpful
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    There is a formula to calculate the rate of deceleration for the airbags to deploy. At 35 mph the sensors didn't detect a rapid deceleration, thus no airbags.
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    Hi, did you ever get this problem fixed i had the same problem with a tree getting on my way , I fixed everything except now my dash board never goes off and keep draining the battery. did you have this problem due to the sensor?
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    I had the same problem with my gmc 1500 what is the answer
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    I have a 2006 Silverado and I had a front end impact approx. 3 years ago. I got everything fixed in this wreck. About 4 months ago, an error appeared on my dash that said "Service Air Bag". I ignored it which led to it starting to drain my battery. I would park the truck and come out two hours latter to a dead battery. I got it fixed and my battery quit draining itself. About two weeks ago, the same problem started again with the "Service Air Bag" error". It drained my battery again. It ended up being the other front side sensor. So I now have replaced two Air Bag sensors which have costed me about $1000. I think it is rediculous that if your airbag sensor goes bad that it drains your battery. This is a poor engineering design. Whats tire goes flat and the radio quits working!
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    A few days ago my '06 GMC Sierra 1500 began showing the "Service Air Bag" in place of the digital odometer. I thought maybe it was because I'd changed the hitch receiver, but found nothing back there. While reading the replies here, I suddenly recall that a couple of weeks ago I accidentally pulled forward over a truck transmission. But it didn't hurt my airdam, so I backed off. Still no hurt to the airdam, so I drove around the transmission.
    Seems I'll need to check the harness and sensors tomorrow. But this hasn't run my battery dead.
    The real issue is why they put this expensive stuff in such a vulnerable location? I WILL be re-locating my sensors, probably inside the frame rails.
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