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Someone broke my mirror in a parking lot recently. I am going to buy the part this weekend and I am going to attempt to install it myself. Has anyone out there attempted this repair before? Any insight?


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    inside the door, pop the plastic cover off and unscrew the 3 screws and disconnect the wiring harness. Remove the mirror and install the new one and pop the cover back on.
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    check the salvage websites for a used mirror. They are almost $300 new and you can pick one up for $50-$75 from a salvage yard. check here
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    Well just wondering if anyone knows more about the factory alarm that "Scion Security" is offering as an accessory for $469 . My guess is that this is just another box that they plug in and off you go, as it doesn't add another fob to your keys. I'd really want to get another alarm, to trigger, but for that much $$ it seems crazy.

    I'd really just like to buy that box and add it my self, but don't know much about it...

    I'm planning on adding the low-jack as well, but there doesn't seem to be any option for making the car to trigger the horn or siren if some low level thief is trying to break in. Lookin for some answers!
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    Found my own answer... it provides an audible alarm with flashing lights, immobilizer and door locks and all. NO EXTRA key FOB! :)

    The Scion VIP that they charge for MSRP of $469 is available via the net through various dealers for ~$230 to $250. User install. You might even be able to talk to a "Technician" to install it for you on the side for about $75.

    Model is the RS3200 Plus v5 and Part number is PT398-21070. Just google the p/n and you easily find some deals.
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