Acura MDX vs BMW X3

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Hi this is my first visit to the Forums , I am looking to lease the MDX or the BMW3. Would like some info on the difference between the 2. My husband likes the dash and interior feel of MDX. How about the ride? WE are getting very confused and may even just settle for a Santa Fe type SUV Help please


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    The 3 Series BMW sedan? Or do you mean the BMW X3 SUV?

    Lots of people do cross shop sedans and SUVs at the same time but the names get as confusing as trying to keep track of the different feature sets.

    If you are just shopping SUVs, check out the Volvo XC90 vs MB M Class vs Acura MDX vs Lexus RX 330 vs BMW X5 vs Cadillac SRX discussion for ideas (just consider the X3 the little brother :D ).

    Check out the leasing discussions too, like the Acura MDX: Lease Questions one.
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    Thanks for the info I mean the BMWX3 SUV
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    Ok, I'll tweak the name a bit and hopefully some people will find the discussion and give you some suggestions.

    You may want to play around with the Vehicle Comparison tool too.

    Oh, and here's another that may also be of interest:

    BMW X3 vs Acura RDX
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    We looked briefly at the MDX, while comparing the X3 to the RDX. (We chose the X3). We found the MDX more expensive (even though you could outfit X3 over a "stripped" MDX).

    You asked about the ride - try'm both! If you're having trouble chosing, it makes sense - you're at a level where it's personal - more like art, not science!
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    Technically, you're comparing a compact SUV (X3) with a mid-size (MDX). So the first thing to comment on is that the MDX is a good deal larger. If you don't need the extra space, then you might want to consider the Acura RDX, rather than the MDX.

    As far as ride quality is concerned, I'd have to side with the MDX. The X3 is a sportier vehicle and has tighter suspension. It loses some ride compliance, but gains an advantage in handling. With the MDX, you can opt for the Sport Package. That includes a fancy suspension system which allows the driver to select from comfort or sport modes. This is probably the best of both worlds, but it also adds to the cost of the vehicle.

    As far as the dash is concerned, I'd let that go with personal preference. Both are made with nice materials and are assembled very well. They just have different styling.

    I'd suggest that you start with a budget, then start trying to find the vehicle that best suits your needs/desires within that budget.
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