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740 GLE warning lights when turning steering wheel

kmeyerkmeyer Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Volvo
My '88 740 GLE non-turbo sedan recently started an odd behavior. The four alternator related warning lights started coming on seemingly at random followed within 48 hours by the battery becomming discarged. I replaced the alternator/voltage regulator and battery. It now operates fine but the warning lights were still comming on at times. I did some looking and found the alternator wire had come in contact with something hot and melted through the insulation. I repaired the wire but now still have this problem.

When the car is idling in park and its reasonably warm outside everything appears fine. If I turn the steering wheel enough to cause the power steering pump to work then the four warning lights come on. If I stop applying pressure to the steering wheel they go out. If I'm stopped with the car in gear the warning lights will eventually, gradually glow brighter until they are at full intensity without touching the steering wheel. If I then put the car in neutral the lights go out. Additionally, if the outside temp is cold and the engine is cold the warning lights will come on even when the car is in park. Raising the rpm's will make them go on and off but they will remain on even at higher rpm's, they will go off at times but not stay off. Even when the engine is still cold they go off once I'm driving but come on easier like when slowing and making a turn.

Has anyone had and resolved this kind of problem or have a good idea of where to look for a solution?



  • kmeyerkmeyer Member Posts: 4
    Well, this morning was around 32 degrees F. I found the warning light symptom was definately worse. Seems to be worse when the temperature under the hood is cold, not the temperature of the engine according to the temperature gauge. The symptom was still worsened after the engine had warmed up but not much time had passed. I stopped for coffee, allowing the temperature in the engine compartment to raise, then the warning lights didn't come on as often.
  • kmeyerkmeyer Member Posts: 4

    It turned out to be the harmonic balancer / crank pulley. The rubber seal / connection between the two halves of the harmonic balancer had worn out and was allowing the belt driven devices to stop turning even though the engine was still turning fine.
  • tbentontbenton Member Posts: 1
    My Volvo 740 non-turbo with 200K miles runs just fine but out of the blue the warning lights on the dash won't go off. This has occured after a very hard driving rain but I am not sure if this has anything to do with it. You start up the car and the lights just stay on. Any ideas of where I should start looking? Thanks!
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