Source for OEM Mitsubishi Outlander Parts?

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Anybody have a source to get OEM Mitsubishi parts at a good price for my 07 Outlander?

I'm looking for mud flaps and maybe door protector strips.

The Euro/JDM lower side trim would be an option I might get too if I could find it.

Also, I've seen chrome door handles for the inside of the car, any idea where to get them?


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    I want OEM roof rack crossbars. Unfortunately, where offered - Australia, Japan, etc., they are generic Thule. The issue I have is that the ends stick out and look out of place.
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    These are the side pieces I'm looking for, are they available from US dealers?


    Here are the chrome inner door handles:


    You can see them in this video:

    JDM Movie
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    Another view of the chrome handles:

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    Speaking of oem parts, I havent gotten my rubber mats and cargo mat yet :mad: winter is not kind to the carpets around here..

    Dont know what the scoop is but it shouldnt be such a rare item :sick:
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    Are the top rails just for show or are crossbars available to mount ski racks or other stuff on? If they are, does Mitsubishi offer them or would I have to go the aftermarket route?

    I'm in the NY area.
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    What color is that interior?
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    All canadian outlanders come with black interior. No choice of beige here.
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    Here in the US we have the option of beige or black interior, depending on what exterior color you choose. I've got a Diamond White Pearl exterior with beige leather inside.
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    I was able to locate some OEM parts on eBay, mud flaps etc. I'm not sure how good the prices are compared to the dealer... QdirZ1QQfsubZ5317637QQftidZ2QQtZkm
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    Can any one read Japanese? :confuse:
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    if you find those side pieces you're looking for please let me know where 'coz i like 'em too! thanks!
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    The side pieces are available in Europe. I picked up a set after many favors. They cost me about $600. for the sides and the rear accessory piece too. I'm about to drill the total 19 holes into the body to install them.
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    favors? don't thry sell 'em on the net and get it shipped here? i want one too!!!!(actually a few of them..)
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    Because probably the shipping plus taxes and duties will cost more than the accessories you're buying.
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    I am planning to get the crossbars for my 2005 Outlander, and the dealer offers them as a special order. The price is the same as online, within a couple of dollars. I also get 10% off prices and services from the dealership chain's VIP rewards club.
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    btw on Mitsu UK site they have new OEM accessories shopping section, which for now offers only accessories for L200 truck, but Otlander's accessories coming soon:

    And, as have said here link title many new accessories could be ordered/installed by dealer, so I guess the UK side could act as a guide for available options.
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    As I think Mitsubishi still does not have the all weather floor mats available, has anyone found any kind of aftermarket rubber floor and/or cargo mats made to fit the 07 Outlander? Everything I have found online is a generic or cut to fit product.
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    link title

    Let me know if you order from them, anyone know what a "nosemask" is?
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    In the EU the Outlander is sold as the Citroen C-Crosser and the Peugeot 4007.

    It is kind of creepy as it looks like exactly the same car with a different front end treatment. You can also get a diesel engine and a 6 speed manual transmission.

    On the Citroen UK web site they have rubber floor mats, cross bars for the roof rack, and a dog cage for the back that I have not seen anywhere else.

    Follow this link, choose 'C-crosser' for the model and 'Any' for the catagory.
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    can I use rear lid and rear lower gate from 2009 for my 2010?
  • dajadaja Member Posts: 3
    2010 outlander
    front bumper cover
    rear bumper assembly with cover
    rear lid
    rear lower gate
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    Call either your insurance company or Mitsu dealer and ask what body shops they use. The body shops have sources for parts (though they might not want to disclose the info).

    Or call Mitsu customer service @ 888-MITSU20 and inquire about ordering body parts directly. I doubt they do it but they might be able to refer you.
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