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Mazda CX-9 Accessories

cx9a3cx9a3 Posts: 1
Other than dealership? Anyone found sources on the web?


  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    There's not much yet still out side of the dealerships... and they've really just recently become available from them... such as roof racks are now available from the dealer
  • Has anyone purchased Exactmats from Ebay for their CX-9.

    I'm looking for some feedback.
  • I recently purchased side mirror blinkers for $285 for my awd touring cx 9 . When i called the dealer to get price on instaliing both side mirrors the gentlemen told me they charge $100 per mirror, total cost $200. Does anyone know if a harness already exist and is just a matter of an connecting the mirrors to the harness. I think the harness already exist for the side mirror blinkers since the GT has them. I cant justify paying the 200 dollars for something that requires little work . Its adifferent story if the dealer has to run extra wires and make the connection to the steering wheel .
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Yes, the harness is there, but I wouldn't call it just a little work.

    Tommy from Rosenthal Mazda has the instructions posted here:
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    Wow. Nice of them to post the instructions for you!

    Taking off the entire door trim is easier than it sounds, but in my experience, to do it yourself could mean you get rattles, tangled wires, etc. that you didn't have before. Safest bet is really to let the dealer take the liability and fix any wonky noises in the door that develop in the first few years.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Taking a door panel off can be very easy, but I guarantee someone doing it the first time will break or lose at least one clip. So c92, same intentions.
  • Maltb and Carlitos92 thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. I'll make sure to report how the side mirror installation job went. I have not received the mirrors yet but i have to take the cx9 for a door checker recall that was posted about 3 weeks ago . I should be getting the mirrors on Monday , and maybe get both service jobs done then.
  • As promised the side blinkers were installed , the parts came with manual installation instructions and so I decide to tackle the project myself. My brother and i handled the doors simultaneously, i handled the drivers side and he took care of the passenger side . On a scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being a difficult project i must rate this project to be a 6.5 . Having the appropriate tools makes any job easier and so I had to run to home depot to get a small enough wrench to stick my hand in the door panel . Anyway beats paying 200 dollars and now have the blinkers ON . :shades:
  • I am looking for a cargo liner for my CX9 that will cover the entire cargo area when the 3rd row of seating is down.

    Has anyone seen or purchased one?

  • msuvetmsuvet Posts: 54
    I'd love one too.

    Haven't been able to find one yet. Looked online and asked at a couple of shops.

    Seems stupid for Mazda not to make one. I mean, most people probably use that space more compared to the space behind the third row.
  • I've been searching too. I've found 2, but I'm not overly impressed with either. I contacted WeatherTech to see when they might have a product for the CX-9 and they haven't responded....but I don't think their liners are all that great either.

    The best one I have ever seen is the OEM one on my '05 Subaru Outback. Very thick rubber - and items stayed in place - unlike most of the liners which are usually flat vinyl and allow everything to slide around on them like an ice rink.

    But if you can't wait for some more after-market stuff to catch up, you can check out these;
  • msuvetmsuvet Posts: 54
    The best one I have ever seen is the OEM one on my '05 Subaru Outback

    Yup, I should have kept the one from the '01 Outback I just traded (even if it would have been a bit small ;) )

    Thanks for the links!
  • You're Welcome!
    I just signed papers and gave a deposit for an '08 Sport AWD CX-9 - I'll pick it up on Friday. I need to protect the back cargo area so I just now ordered the RubberTite Cargo Liner from AutoAnything. I just hope it's not as 'stinky' as others have mentioned. If it is, I hope a day or two in the sun will minimize the rubbery smell.
    I will post again after I get it and share my thoughts about it.
  • I hope it's okay to post this....

    But I did a little searching, and if you want OEM Mazda parts, this is an actual Mazda dealership in Alabama that has a website where they sell the Mazda accessories at discounted prices. Even better, they will ship UPS Ground for Free on orders over $100. You may want to ask your local dealership if they will match the prices before you order them - especially if you need to have them installed by them. In my case, my local dealer couldn't (or wouldn't) match the prices, so I have now placed 2 orders with these folks. They shipped my first order the same day and it arrived a few days later. My latest order is delayed a couple of days, only because they are waiting for their shipment to arrive.

    But check this out;

    I found another site - they offered the same prices, but did not offer the Free Shipping.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    CX-9 accessories list, lists a product named "Cargo Mat, Carpeted, with Cargo-Loks". Is it not this what you are looking for or it is something else. I am also interested in this cargo mat. The Subaru 2008 Tribeca has as an accessory named "7-passenger cargo tray". Perhaps this could be used if Mazda does not offer a similar item.
  • I believe the only "Cargo Mat" that Mazda offers for the rear cargo area is this small, carpeted, mat which only covers the floor area behind the 3rd row seat. It's the after-market, non-carpeted Cargo Mat (I think its made of rubber or some vinyl/rubber material) that I was interested in, and ended up buying one from the site I listed in a earlier post. I won't be receiving it until next week, so I can't comment on it yet. But it is made to fit the CX-9 with the 3rd row seat folded down. I carry a lot of tools/parts/supplies for my work and I need to protect the back cargo area as I am always sliding these big heavy cases around in the back.
  • I just received the RubberTite cargo mat from AutoAnything.Com, and it fits perfectly. Pleased with it--thumbs up.

    I wanted a rubber mat; however, GG Bailey makes custom carpeted cargo mats for the CX-9. I have ordered their mats several times over the years--they make a nice product. I just ordered custom embroidered front mats for my CX-9.

    As for other accessories, my local Mazda dealer matches all prices from MazdaGear.Com, so I order from them this way. Saves me money, as there are no shipping charges.
  • I just bought a 2008 CX-9 and have ordered the factory cross bars which are being shipped in a week or so. I'm looking for the Yakima MightyMounts which will connect my ski & bike racks to the crossbars but Yakima doesn't list the CX-9. Has anyone found the model of the MightyMounts which fits the CX-9 crossbars?
  • Did anyone install the back up camera and rear view mirror with display at dealer or by yourself?
    I am considering getting them but not sure how difficult it is to install.
  • Could you tell us how much the factory crossbars cost to buy(and if you asked, how much the dealer wanted to provide and install them)? Thanks.

  • If you already have the roof rails (which cost $250 not including installation) you can get the factory crossbars for $72. I had the roof rails installed by the dealer (I think it was $50 to have the dealer install them) since my 2007 CX-9 didn't come with them, and installed the crossbars myself when they finally became available. I think it only took me about 30 minutes to install them.
  • I received mine this week too. It does fit great. For gardeners, I can see where this wouldn't be the best choice - all those little depressions to hold dirt....
    But unlike what some people mentioned in the Review section of the AutoAnything website, I didn't find the material particularly 'stinky' - but I also have it covered up with all of of my stuff - plus the retractable cargo cover is covering the cargo area, so, maybe it's trapping the smell back there.
    Anyway - although it's not as 'grippy' as the one from my Subaru, it's a good buy and would recommend it for anyone wanting to protect the cargo area.
  • FYI,

    I happened to stop in at the MacNeil (WeatherTech products) factory store today in Illinois. They told me that inventory will be available soon for the CX-9 front floor mats, +3 weeks for rear, and probably +9 or so for a cargo mat. Design is done, molds are in progress.

    They showed me a picture of the front mats and they looked terrific - fully molded to the contours of the floor. The fronts will go for ~99.00, don't know about the rest.

    He was also unsure about the cargo mat covering the 3rd seats when down, but he knows they offer others in that configuration, so he was optimistic.

    As I was local, he's going to have front mats shipped to me from the factory in Kansas next week, so I will post a picture when I get them. I'm guessing they should hit their web site next week as well.
  • Would like some feedback on getting a cargo liner for the back. I want a liner to handle my ski accessories (boots, etc..) that are wet, my labs which are also wet 1/2 the time. Something to protect the back. I have seen some full liners but they look either too ugly or like too much trouble unless there was one you could leave in all the time. I want it to fill the space between the 2nd row of seats and the back with the 3rd row of seats tucked away. A rubber mat would also be good. Anybody bought any good 3rd party products out there?
  • Just thought I would share my recent experience with others that might be considering adding some accessories to their CX-9.

    Since my last 4 vehicles had heated Cloth seats, I was bummed to find the CX-9 didn't offer heated seats in the Sport model. So I had my local 'Auto Trim' dealer install the heater for me. It works well - almost too well! Within 10 minutes I have to turn it off because it feels like my butt is on fire.
    The brand they use is Webasto in case anyone is interested;

    Also, I had purchased a few accessories, as mentioned in an earlier post, from - a few of these a installed myself; Splash Guards and Hood Deflector (easy installations on both), but I also purchased the external mirrors with the integrated Turn Signals, and the Auto-Dimming Homelink/Compass Mirror. I originally planned to have a Mazda dealer install these for me. I called 3 different dealerships and received labor quotes between $300 and $350 to install the 3 mirrors. A little high if you ask I even thought about installing these myself to save some cash.

    When I called the Auto Trim shop to make the appointment for the seat heater installation, I happened to mention the External mirrors I had purchased and asked if they could install something like that - they said 'Sure'. Both mirrors came with the Installation Instructions, so that was a plus. When I went to the appointment I also brought the Auto-Dimming mirror with me too and asked if they could install that too. "We sell and install these all the time" was the response.

    It took about 3 1/2 hours for everything to be installed - the Seat Heater taking the longest because they had to remove the seat to install the heater (I only did the driver seat, since this is my 'work' vehicle and I rarely have anyone else in the car with me).

    When it was time to pay the bill, I was pleasantly 'shocked' at the price - $300. That was for everything; parts and labor for the heated seat, and labor to install the 3 mirrors. Now granted, these were installed by a 'non' Mazda dealership, but I felt comfortable that they could do the work just as well as the technicians at Mazda. So although there is a risk to having them do the work, the fact that they also warranty their labor for a year puts my mind at ease. And I saved about $250.

    I wanted to share this in case others wanted to add some of the OEM Accessories but didn't want to get raped on the labor charges by the dealerships. There ARE other options.
  • Wondering whether anybody over there in the US has managed to install a rear DVD with moonroof in the CX-9.

    Here in Australia the CX-9 has just been released so the local knowledge of what can and can't be done is limited. Unfortunatly the upmarket model with leather seats comes with the moonroof as standard, and rear DVD is not offered as an option. A fitter of aftermarket DVD players was telling me that intergrating it with the sunroof would be complicated and expensive and also Mazda requires a CAN Bus adapter so that they can tap into the electronics. Are you aware if one is available or it is even required?

    Prefer the roof mounted DVD, but I guess on the back of seat would be an option, but the CAN Bus would be still an issue.

    Really love everything about the car, but this one issue regarding DVD and moonroof is holding up the purchase.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    I had talked to a local dealer about this, since I had similar concerns if I were to purchase the CX-9. He has done many aftermarket installs with moonroofs (bigger screens, even). Told me something about how Mazda uses these longer bolts for their built-in DVD player which interfers with the moonroof, but aftermarket solutions do not have the issue (I believe some mount brackets to the side of the player). People on other forums have had this done.

    Not sure about the CAN Bus. Sounds like you might have to talk to a few more dealers, or other shops. I know for a fact that certain headrest DVD players are sold for the CX-9, with matching color for the black or sand leather, so obviously they must have figured this one out (see here for example)
  • kj123kj123 Posts: 11
    I am considering adding the factory ipod module. For those who have it, can you comment on to how it sounds? I have one in my bmw and it sounds pretty bad, plenty of static.
  • Are you sure that you don't already have IPOD capabilities? I have the Sport model and it was already wired for IPOD use. The input jack is in the center console. After connecting your IPOD, you have to choose the Auxiliary mode on the radio.

    I do have the Moonroof and Bose Audio Package on my vehicle but I don't think that is the reason why mine was IPOD-ready. Either way, I'm glad I have it. I like being able to put my IPOD inside the console hidden with the wire and the sound is excellent!
  • kj123kj123 Posts: 11
    I have the aux input in the center console. I want to have active control through the steering wheel. My bemer adapter allows for use of the steering wheel buttons and shows the track name on the radio, but does get some interference likely due to poor installation (did it myself)
  • I would love to have this capability. Why manufacturers are still putting CD players in cars is beyond me! :)
    Anyone have the $150 add-on from Mazda? The parts guy has no idea how it works!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have used it and it leaves a lot to be desired. The display only gives you playlist/folder/track numbers, there is no text. While you can bump between tracks with the steering wheel controls, charge your iPod and the sound quality is good, you lose 95% of the user interface.
  • Is it possible to add the system? Is the car wired for it just needing the mirrors and black box(s). Thanks
  • I'm still waiting to receive my CX-9 GT, :D but already started searching accessories. :shades:

    Has anyone done any research on the invisible bra? I know 3M makes them, but I've found other sellers on ebay and the costs are all over the place.

    I'm also interested in the MP3 adapters. I had asked the dealership to install the iPod converter, but then remembered my son has a Zune, so the cost doubled. I found connector kits that hook into the main port (of both the zune and ipod, then into the Aux and into the power output. Any experience with these? :confuse:

    What about vent visors? The moon roof is not in stock because my dealer said Mazda is switching manufacturers and the door visors are not even produced. Has anyone found sources for these?

    Thanks for all your help and advice.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Thanks for posting the site
    Very good price for Mazda accessories.
    Also, free shipping (>$100) and no tax for my state(CA).
    Can't beat that!

    Does any one know what the accessory, "Rear Finisher", do?
    From photo, I can't really tell. Any comments?
  • vinsuzvinsuz Posts: 13
    Someone posted previously that the rear finisher is the chrome accent below the Mazda emblem; it is standard on the GT.
  • Very good to know - I guess the AUX port it is....
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I figured this out last night thru google. What confused me was the part about "color-matched"...

    The accessory booklet should clearly state which models any accessory applies to.
  • I have the touring AWD and am contemplating about installing the fog lights on my own. I think its a plug and play scenario since the vehicle has the slot to install them into. Can anyone shed some insight into what this project involves or installation instructions? :shades:
  • 16ue16ue Posts: 6
    I am also interested in knowing how to do that even though I have the GT with fog lights. I am adding protective films to the lights, both front and rear and including the fog lights. For the front, they are for protection as I had cracked fog lights on all my other cars including a BMW 528 and an ML 320 with the sport spoiler. The protective films are from lamin-x and they have exact cut-outs for CX-9. I have already put on the rear lamp assembly and I chose the smoke version to darken it and hid some of the chrome. From the back, my CX-9 definitely looks more sporty and less chrome-y (if there is such a word). For the fog lights, I ordered the yellow tint but I need to get to the whole lens in order to properly install the film so I would like to get some installation as well as de-installation instructions.
  • 16ue16ue Posts: 6
    I came across this site and they sell a full line of Gentex mirrors, which seem to be identical to those available as Mazda parts. It includes ones with homelink as well as the one with the backup camera. I was actually shopping for a mounting mechanism for my wireless park-asist system and this website also sells a mounting bracket that will fit any Gentex mirrors.

    By the way, if anyone has the homelink mirror option, that unit uses 3 wires: a switched +12v (which also powers the meters controlled by a10A fuse), a direct 12v (which also powers the interior controlled by a 15A fuse), and a ground wire. You can therefore tap power for gadgets such as radar detectors.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Hi, All:
    You may find useful installation guides here (including the auto-dimming mirrors)
    The Gentex mirror is becoming widely used by many automakers.
    The one on Prius is obviously from Gentex as well.
    However, each model will need a different installation kit depending on things like
    rainsensing, etc.
    Yes, two power lines are needed. The auto-dimming needs the 12V ignition. The homelink needs the constant 12V (works even when the ignition is off).
  • pulleydogpulleydog Posts: 61
    Just an FYI - I purchased both the interior Homelink mirror and the external mirrors with turn indicators from and each came with detailed Installation Instructions. I would be surprised if the Fog Light Kit didn't include instructions. Whether they are easy to install or not, is another question.
  • caliche67caliche67 Posts: 27
    How do you install the Homelink? I see no wires on these.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    See the link below to access the PDF installation guides from Mazda.
    A Homelink/Autodimming mirror has three wires to connnect.
    - ground - connect to body frame
    - +12 ignition (switch on for power) - for autodimming
    - +12 constant (always on) - for homelink
  • sellstar1sellstar1 Posts: 19
    Has anybody found an aftermarket replacement for the CX 9 Sirius Radio? I looked at and found it for $320 or so but that is still way beyond what the market brings for "normal" Sirius installed radios.

    I'm in my "don't travel much" season right now but want to be able to install prior to hitting the road again in the fall. Any input would be helpful.

    thanks for the info on the cargo mats and mazdaparts!

    My 2007 has about 21K miles on it now and running beautifully.
  • My cargo cover is very difficult to pull out and when I do it is all wrinkly especially where it flares out to conform to the shape of cargo the back when fully extended. It has stress creases on both sides. Being that the material seems to be a heavy type of paper rather than vinyl, I know at some point it is going to rip.

    The dealership has replaced one and the second one is the same. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  • rdawgrdawg Posts: 15
    I just installed a Curt hitch on my CX-9 for a hitch bike rack. It bolted on really easy, I put the bike rack on, but when I folded the arms out the rack arm bracket just barely clears the Mazda emblem on the hatch. Phew! I added a rubber pad between the rack the the hatch, just in case, there's about an inch of clearance. I even slid the hitch as far forward as the mounting holes would let me when I installed the it.

    I have used the rack a couple of times and it has not hit the door. Just an fyi incase anyone else installs one.
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    If you got the second row, you should have gotten the third, also.
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